Buses to and from Basel Airport (BSL)

Basel-Mulhouse Airport is commonly referred to as the EuroAirport, and has a very important and unique location in France nearby the borders of Switzerland and Germany. The location therefore serves the nearby cities in three different countries, namely, Basel in Switzerland, Mulhouse in France and Freiburg in Germany. The airport is also allocated three official IATA codes – BSL, MLH and EAP, its international code. It is a large establishment, handling over four million passengers per annum, and is served by many airline companies. Public transport is offered by the Basel Buses, which run to various destinations nearby the airport. Buses are an excellent way to reach your next ‘stop’, as they are reliable and cost effective.

The airport of Basel-Mulhouse is located in the commune of Saint-Louis, completely on French soil, but has a unique customs road which leads to the city of Basel, providing passengers from this country a passage to the airport which is free from border restrictions. There is one large passenger terminal for arrival and departure flights, and it is divided into two sections, one for French operations and the other for passengers travelling to and from Switzerland. The airport is also operated by both French and Swiss authorities. On the Basel-Mulhouse buses, passengers can travel to Basel, Saint-Louis and Freiburg, and private shuttle buses provide transport to Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg in the country of France. The bus stops can be found outside the arrival areas of the airport.

The Line 50 Bus

The Line 50 bus is operated by the BVB, or the Basel Bus Company, and is frequently available from the airport for transport to the SBB/CFF train station in the city of Basel. This is the main railway station of the city, and also has a French section for SNCF connections. The BVB bus leaves from just outside the Swiss arrivals area at Basel-Mulhouse Airport, and the duration of its journey is about twenty minutes, depending on traffic conditions. From the Bahnhof SBB passengers can connect to trains which travel all over the country, and there is a direct connection to the exhibition centre in downtown Basel and on to the Badischer Bahnhof, which is the German railway station in Basel.

The BVB Basel transport system was founded in 1895, and is now the largest partner in the TNW Transport Network, which consists of more than 160km of bus and tram lines in the greater Basel Area. The company transports over 126 million passengers per annum, and operates 122 tram motor coaches on 8 tram lines and 91 buses on 12 bus lines. The city centre of Basel is connected by bus and tram to many nearby regions, including Binningen, Bottmingen, Muttenz, Riehen, Prattein, Bottmingen and Birsfelden. Tram lines 6 and 8 operate with lower-floors, which allows them to be accessible to persons in wheelchairs, and all buses are equipped with special wheelchair ramps. Their drivers are also willing to provide their assistance.

Single tickets for a one-way trip from Mulhouse airport can be purchased from the bus driver, and to the airport, from ticket machines, the BVB Customer Centre or at the SBB train station. Younger travellers, between the ages of 6 and 16, will benefit from a reduced fare rate. Further information for the Line 50 bus at the airport is available online, at http://www.bvb.ch, or the company can be contacted at +41 61 685 14 14, (Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00).

The Saint-Louis Bus

The French Distribus No. 11 travels from the airport to the railway station in Saint-Louis, departing from the French side of the airport terminal. From the railway station, passengers can take a Basel commuter train to the Basel SBB station, or a train to nearby Mulhouse, located just 22km north of the airport. Further details are available at http://www.distribus.com.

The Freiburger Reisedeinst Bus

This bus travels from the airport to Freiburg and Neuenburg in Germany. A one-way ticket to Freiburg will cost an adult about €22.00, while a round-trip ticket for adults is about €38.00. To Neuenburg, the ticket prices are €13.00 for a one-way trip, and €22.00 for a round-trip journey. Children between the ages of 6 and 16 pay half price. There are also special fares available for groups of travellers, and for families. The tickets can be purchased from the coach driver, and the company’s website can be found at http://www.freiburger-reisedienst.de.

Private Basel-Mulhouse Airport Buses

A few private bus and shuttle companies offer transport to and from Basel airport, and their services should be reserved in advance, at least 72 hours before travel is needed. Stiefvater-Reisen offers daily shuttle services between the airport and the Europa Park, and their contact details are as follows: http://www.stiefvater-reisen.de/europapark, telephone number: +49 7621 9276-0. Two companies also offer transport to Strasbourg in France, and they are the Alsace Navette Aéroport and the Strasbourg Navette, while Aerotrans is a transport company which travels to Colmar. The websites for these companies can be found at http://www.alsace-navette.com and http://www.strasbourg-navette.com, and Aerotrans can be contacted at +33 (0)3 89 79 50 56.

When travelling by public transport in Basel, passengers may receive a mobility pass. This is for all passengers who have confirmation that they are staying at one of the hotels in Basel, including the youth hostel. The Mobility Pass, received upon check-in at your hotel, allows unlimited free travel in the city and suburbs, including to and from the Mulhouse airport, for the duration of your stay. Passengers with written confirmation of their hotel booking can therefore travel for free from the airport or railway station to their place of accommodation.

The Basel Buses provide a very important service for their passengers, especially because there is no train station on the airport grounds as of yet. Further details regarding public transport is available from the information desks.