Basel Airport Taxis (BSL)

The Basel-Mulhouse Airport is located approximately 22km, or 14 miles southeast of Mulhouse, France, as well as just 6km, or 3.7 miles northwest of Basel, Switzerland. It is one of few airports in the world which is operated by two countries, and is therefore considered as a Swiss and French destination. Although completely on French soil, the airport is connected to Basel by a customs road, and Swiss and German passengers are allowed access without any border restrictions. Public transport is available in the form of buses, and the Basel Taxis are ready to take passengers to their next destination as well. Taxis can be expensive, but are a very convenient way to travel.

The EuroAirport, is allocated three official IATA codes, due to its unique location, and the wide variety of countries it serves. These codes are listed as BSL (Basel), MLH (Mulhouse) and EAP, which is the airport’s international code, less frequently used. There is one large terminal building at the airport, which is divided into various areas, most notably, the French side and the Swiss side. Departing or arriving passengers with valid travel documents can pass from one side to the other in the departures area. However, both sides of the building are fully equipped for the needs of their passengers, and public transport options and taxis are available from both arrival areas. Taxis are therefore able to provide transport for passengers to all nearby areas in France, Switzerland and Germany.

The official Mulhouse airport taxis will be found waiting at the taxi ranks, and are available twenty-four hours a day, especially during the times at the airport when the majority of flights are due, between 04:00 and midnight. Airport authorities recommend that only the official taxi companies be used, as they are fully licensed and permitted to provide transport for the airport’s passengers. No other services should be accepted from the arrivals area, unless it is a pre-arranged private transfer from a respectable transport company. In larger airports in particular, unlicensed drivers may wander the arrival halls, looking for passengers. Their services may not be of high quality, and their vehicles underinsured. Passengers also stand a risk of being overcharged by unlicensed taxi drivers.

The official taxi companies authorized to operate from Basel airport in the French sector, as well as their telephone numbers, are the following:

  • Taxis Marti (+33 (0)3 89 69 92 11),
  • Taxis Simon (+33 (0)3 89 44 14 60,
  • Taxis Francky (+33 (0)6 85 21 17 78),
  • Taxi de la Thur (+33 (0)3 89 60 32 24),
  • Taxis des 3 Frontières (+33 (0)3 89 70 00 28),
  • Les Berlines de l’Aéroport (+33 (0)3 89 57 21 68),
  • Acenetaxis (+33 (0)6 80 01 87 89),
  • Taxis Perolla (+33 (0)6 87 69 33 45)
  • Taxi Schmitt (+33 (0)6 12 38 31 33).

Although taxis are usually always available, passengers are welcome to call in advance and make a reservation. The information desk at the airport will also be able to provide assistance with calling for a taxi.

From the French sector of the airport, a taxi journey will cost passengers approximately 45 Euros to Mulhouse and 110 Euros to Freiburg in Germany. Basel-Mulhouse Airport is located in the commune of Saint-Louis, and this area is therefore a much shorter distance away, and will only cost a few Euro by taxi.

In the Swiss sector, the taxi companies and their telephone numbers are as follows:

  • Airport Taxi (+41 (0)61 325 27 00),
  • Taxi am EuroAirport (+41 (0)61 325 29 00),
  • Taxi-Zentrale AG Basel (+41 (0)61 222 222),
  • Taxiphon-Genossenschaft Basel (+41 (0)61 444 44 44),
  • 33er Taxi AG (+41 (0)61 333 33 33).

A taxi journey from this side will cost 40-50 CHF to Basel, and approximately 320 CHF to Freiburg.

In both France and Switzerland, taxis are metered vehicles, which means that they are equipped with a device that records the length of the journey, in kilometres. The taxi fare is then calculated accordingly. The fare rate per kilometre during daytime hours, usually from 07:00 to 17:00, Monday to Saturday, is less expensive than the night time hours, and those charged on Sundays and public holidays. For example, while a taxi to Mulhouse costs 45 Euros during the day, it will cost 60 Euros at night. There may also be additional costs not included in the meter rate, such as charges for luggage loaded, a mandatory airport surcharge, animals in the vehicle and more than four adults per taxi. There is usually a minimum charge at which the meter starts as well. All charges can and should be discussed with your taxi driver before leaving the airport. The drivers are generally able to speak multiple languages (English, French and German), and will be happy to explain the charges.

Many of the passengers arriving at this airport location are business travellers who find the Basel Taxis to be a very convenient form of transport. They are generally quicker than the bus services, more private and will always be able to drop you directly at the doorstep of your place of business, hotel or residence. A trip by taxi can be charged as a single journey, or as a round-trip journey as well. Taxis are also convenient for families with small children, as buses and bus stations can be hard to navigate with tired little ones in tow. Staff at the information desks can provide further details in regards to the Basel Taxis.