Basel Tourist Activities

Basel-Mulhouse Airport is located in western France, nearby the border of Switzerland and Germany, and therefore has a unique location serving cities in three major European countries. Although completely on French soil, the airport is directly linked by a customs road free from border restrictions to the city of Basel, in Switzerland. The Airport (BSL / MLH), or the EuroAirport, is about 22km, or 14 miles from the attractions in the city of Mulhouse, and just 6km, or 3.7 miles from Basel, one of the most visited cities in Switzerland, especially for its variety of fairs and events held throughout the year. Mulhouse, similar to most other French cities, is a charming destination for a lovely holiday, with numerous museums, parks, a zoo and other attractions worth exploring.

Mulhouse, in the Alsace region of France, is an area particularly well known for its amazing collection of forests which are found nearby the city. The nearest is the Hardt Sud Forest, and is a well-loved area by locals and tourists. Lovely walking trails are found amidst its greenery which are enjoyed by ramblers and hikers throughout the year. A couple of rare plant and animal species can be found within as well. Mulhouse has a long connection to textiles, and the Museum of Textile Printing is a good place to visit if you would like to find out more about this trade of the city. Mulhouse has long since been at the forefront of the country’s textile industry, and has produced a magnificent quantity of textiles for export over the years. The museum consists of thousands of examples and exhibits, and mainly focuses on information relating to the industrial side of the textile trade from the 1800’s. The community of Mulhouse has also been quite famous for producing more creative articles, such as ceramics, and a delightful museum in this regard is the Ceramics Museum, found at 25 Rue Josué. It has a wide variety of works by French artists, but also a number of items from ceramicists around the world.

For families with children visiting this city in France, there are plenty of Mulhouse attractions which could appeal to the younger generation. The Mulhouse Zoo in particular is one of these attractions, and although not a very large establishment, is a very beautiful and wonderful place to visit. More than 1,200 animals from 190 different species call the zoo home, and are ready to welcome their visitors. Some of the animals are even endangered species, and the zoo, therefore, helps to protect and preserve them. A variety of beautiful trees, plants and flowers can also be admired at the Mulhouse Zoo. The Miniature Car Museum, along with the Fire Brigade Museum and the Francais du Chemin de Fer Museum, are other favourites for younger travellers. The most amazing collection of intricately designed little vehicle models are found on display at the Miniature Car Museum, and this collection is one of the largest and most diverse of its kind in the world. There are also many toy cars on display. The museum is found alongside the National Automobile Museum, which has a fine collection of real-sized cars from even as far back as 1878. There are over four hundred and fifty cars for inspection, from over a hundred different manufacturers.

The Fire Brigade Museum is as it sounds, a museum dedicated to the men and women of the city who save lives, and has a few full sized fire engines on display, as well as a number of other artefacts and instruments used by firemen. The Francais du Chemin de Fer Museum is located in a railway station no longer used by the city, and is dedicated to SNCF, the country’s national railway company, still currently responsible for the majority of railway transport in France. A few full sized SNCF locomotives which were used in the past are well worth the visit, and a couple of the historic carriages can be entered and explored. Information is available about the past and present national railway system.

Other museums found in or nearby Mulhouse include the Electropolis Museum, focussed on electricity and its uses in the modern world, the Fine Art Museum, with a good selection of works from French and other European schools of painting, the History Museum, for all information relating to the history of Mulhouse, and the Wallpaper Museum, displaying a truly remarkable selection of the most decorative and opulent wallpapers ever made. Mulhouse attractions also include the Botanic Gardens, at Rue de Bois, just south of the zoo, the Municipal Theatre and the National Ballet of the Rhine. The Botanic Gardens are a peaceful retreat from the city, while many wonderful performances are held at the nineteenth-century Municipal Theatre. Its full program consists of musical events, recitals and stage plays of all nature. The National Ballet of the Rhine is one of the most respected in the world, dedicated to the fine art of Ballet.

Passengers arriving at Basel-Mulhouse Airport, and heading for the city of Basel, will be greeted by its tremendous diversity in attractions. The city is found alongside the River Rhine, and here a boat trip is an essential part of a tourist’s itinerary. The boats are without motors, and therefore create a very peaceful journey past many of the city’s best-loved attractions. The Basel City Zoo has a huge collection of animals, and at the St. Jakob Arena, ice-hockey matches and other events are held. The city is also home to a large number of interesting museums, such as the Puppenhausmuseum, with the world’s largest collection of teddy bears and other toy items, the Museum Jean Tinguely with fantastic animated mechanical works and the Antikenmuseum, with one of Europe’s largest collections of antiques.

Basel is well known for is vibrant springtime carnival, the Basler Fasnacht, and its trade fairs have been a major draw card for the city for many years, attracting crowds of thousands. BaselWorld is the International Watch and Jewellery fair held in Basel, and is the world’s biggest trade fair of its kind, while the Basel Herbstmesse in Autumn has the most attractions, from rollercoasters to food stalls. There is also the Basler Weihnachtsmarkt, or the Christmas market, held from the last week of November to later in December each year.

Further details regarding Mulhouse attractions and Basel attractions can be found at the tourist desks in the airport, or from the tourist information bureaus in the cities.