Getting to Basel Airport

The Basel Mulhouse Airport is assigned three official IATA codes, due to its interesting location along the borders of France and Switzerland, and France and Germany. These codes are BSL for Basel, Switzerland, MLH for Mulhouse, France, and EAP is the international code. It is also commonly known as the EuroAirport, and serves the cities mentioned, as well as Freiburg, in Germany. The airport is located in France, in the commune of Saint-Louis, and handles over four million passengers per annum. Basel directions, for those travelling in their own vehicle, are relatively easy to follow, as a few main roads and motorways link directly to the terminal building.

The official name of the airport is the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, due to the cities it serves, and it is found at the following approximate distances from these three areas: Basel – 6km, or 3.7 miles, Mulhouse – 22km, or 14 miles and Freiburg – 70km, or 43 miles. The airport is particularly nearby Blotzheim, Hésingue and Bartenheim, and in the Alsace region of France. On a larger scale, the airport’s location can be described as to the east of Dijon, Besançon and Montbéliard, and to the south of Strasbourg, Sélestat, Colmar and Mulhouse. It is also north-east of Bourg-en-Brasse, Macon and Lyon, and south-east of Metz and Nancy. The main road leading past the Basel-Mulhouse is the A35, and since that all cities in France are connected by an excellent road network, passengers from all areas should be able to reach the EuroAirport without any problems.

Directions from Mulhouse, France

The Autoroute A35 is the large road leading to the EuroAirport from Mulhouse, and passes the city on its eastern side. Roads such as the D66 and D201 provide a connection to the Autoroute from the city. The A35 passes areas such as Rixheim, Habsheim, Ditwiller and Lanser, Bartenheim and Blotzheim before reaching the airport. It also provides access from cities further north, such as Strasbourg, Sélestat and Colmar. Similar to many other major Autoroutes in France, the A35 can become extremely busy during rush hour traffic times, and passengers are advised to leave plenty of time for their journey. An alternative route to use is the highway D201, which can be accessed by turning off the A35 at Bartenheim. The D66 also runs alongside the A35 on its eastern side. Travelling time to the airport from Mulhouse is approximately half an hour, from Colmar fifty minutes and from Strasbourg about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Directions from Belfort and Montbéliard

From these two cities, the A36 runs to Mulhouse, from where a connection to the A35 can be made. Travelling time from Belfort is about an hour, while from Montbéliard, it will take just over an hour to reach the airport. The A36 also continues further south-west to Beaune, passing Besançon and Dole along the way.

Directions from Basel, Switzerland

Since that Mulhouse Airport is shared between the countries of France, Switzerland and Germany, it has a special customs road free from French border restrictions, that leads into the city of Basel. Passengers and other visitors can therefore easily access the airport from both of these countries, without passing any form of border control procedures. The A35 connects with the E35, which leads south through the city of Basel, and north, into Germany. Travelling time from Basel to the airport is about five minutes, while from Freiburg, it will take about fifty minutes. The airport is also about an hours drive from Zurich, Berne and Lucerne.

Passengers arriving at Basel Airport will find many parking options, within a close proximity to the air terminal, and a large passenger building which is divided into a French section and a Swiss section. Similar parking facilities are provided on both sides, with places best for short stays, and areas meant for long term parking. Departing passengers may also be dropped off outside the terminal. In general, the facilities are spread out over the first, second and third levels of the terminal, with level 2 as the arrival area and level 3 handling all departure proceedings. At the airport, there are cash machines and currency exchange services, a variety of shops and restaurants, a lost property office, tour operators, kids corners, internet corners, Wi-Fi connections for laptop computers and public telephones. Duty-free shops are found in the departures area, and a full-service restaurant on the fifth floor. Business travellers can reserve a meeting room capable of welcoming up to fifty guests, along with equipment, such as overhead and slide projectors and televisions. There are no left-luggage services. The airport is fully accessible to disabled passengers.

It is quite possible to reach your departure flight from Basel by public transport, as various bus services are available. The Distribus No.11 brings passengers to the airport from the railway station in Saint-Louis, and the BVB bus Line 50 travels from the Basel SBB Railway Station. There is also a German bus service which runs from Freiburg. Although no airport train station, passengers can easily take these buses to the airport if arriving in the city by train. From Mulhouse, it is best to catch the train to the Saint-Louis Railway station, then the No.11 bus. Taxis are available to both the French and Swiss sectors of the airport, from all nearby destinations.

Further details regarding driving directions are available from the information desk at the airport, open from 05:30 to midnight, seven days a week, or online, at