Low Cost Basel Airport Parking

Basel Mulhouse Airport is located within easy driving distance of two large cities, in two countries. It is located on French soil, but operated by both Swiss and French authorities, as it is positioned so nearby the Swiss border. The airport is approximately 22km, or 14 miles southeast of Mulhouse, and 6km, or 3.7 miles from Basel, Switzerland. It is also found in the commune of Saint-Louis, in the Alsace region. The airport serves the two cities mentioned, as well as Freiburg, in Germany. The Basel-Mulhouse parking facilities are extensive, as it is an airport handling over four million passengers per annum. Various areas at the terminal provide suitable places for short and long term parking arrangements.

Due to its unusual international status, being one of the only airports which is jointly operated by several countries, its is recognised by three official codes: BSL for Basel, MLH for Mulhouse and EAP, as an international code. The airport is found alongside the A35 Autoroute, which leads directly to Mulhouse and areas beyond. It is also equipped with a special customs road with no French border control restrictions that leads to the city of Basel. The terminal itself is also segregated into French and Swiss sectors, and there are parking areas for passengers arriving at either side. Passengers may park on either side, but there is no border crossing facilities for vehicles at the airport, only for pedestrians, through the departure area on Level 3. The parking areas are similar for both French and Swiss passengers, and are available at reasonable parking rates.

Basel Airport Parking on the French Side

On this side of the terminal, there are three short-stay parking areas, and three long-stay parking lots, and options for motorists who will only be staying for very short periods of time at the airport. At Mulhouse airport, departing passengers can be dropped off outside the front of the terminal, and in this area, the driver must stay with his car at all times, and may not wait for arriving passengers here. The ‘drop-off’ zone is found by following the signs indicating the terminal, and then ‘Depart (Abflug)’. Motorists who would like to simply collect an arriving passenger already waiting at the curbside, can follow the terminal signs and then ‘Arrivee (Ankunft). Alternatively, very nearby to the terminal building, is the ‘minute stop’ parking area, where parking is allowed for a maximum of two hours. There are parking meters for these spaces.

The short-stay parking lots of Basel-Mulhouse Airport (French side) are named as F1, F2 and F3, and are found fairly nearby the facilities. F1 is a covered parking area with 410 spaces found beneath the terminal, and F2 is a open air car park with around 350 spaces available, and next to the F1 parking lot. F3 is another open air car park with about 640 spaces, and is located about 200 metres from the terminal building. It is also the cheapest short-stay car park at the airport, with an hour of parking charged at €2.60, one to three hours at €4.60, three to twelve hours at €7.70 and twelve to twenty-four hours at €10.20. Each additional day will cost €10.20, and only €6.00 per day from the fifth day of parking. The short-stay parking lots are recommended for use of up to five days.

The long-stay car parks at the airport should only be used for stays of four or more days, as one lump sum is charged for the first four days, irrespective if you have only been there for only a day or two. Parking areas F5 and F6 are both open air car parks, with around 2,350 spaces between them. F5 is approximately 400 metres from the terminal, while F6 is about 500 metres from the airport’s facilities.

Mulhouse Airport Parking on the Swiss Side

Similar parking options are available on the Swiss side of Basel airport for motorists who would like to simply drop off departing passengers, collect arriving passengers or stay for up to two, as ‘Minute stop’ areas are available. The short-stay car parks for Swiss passengers are named as S1 and S2/S5. These parking areas should be used for periods of up to five days. S1 is covered, beneath the terminal, with 410 spaces, while S2/S5 is an open air car park, located next to S1. It has 700 spaces available. For long-term parking, the areas of S2/S5, S3 and S4 can be used. S2/S5 is approximately 100 metres from the terminal, S3 is about 600 metres from the terminal and S4 is about 700 metres from the airport’s facilities. There are over 2000 car parking spaces in total between these three areas. The parking lot S12 is currently reserved for staff members of the airport.

The following car parks have dedicated spaces for disabled persons: F1 (four spaces), F2 (six spaces), F3 (ten spaces), F5 (ten spaces), F6 (ten spaces), S1 (four spaces) and S2/S5 (seven spaces). Vehicles parking in these spaces should prominently display their official disabled person license plates. There are no transport services from the car parks of the airport, therefore, anyone in need of assistance should contact CGS, the service provider for persons with disabilities, in advance of departure.

Passengers can pay for their parking periods at Basel-Mulhouse Airport at the automatic pay machines, in cash, or by the credit cards of Eurocard/Mastercard, VISA and American Express, or at the exit barrier, by credit card only. There is also a central pay desk available in the arrival hall, open from 06:00 to midnight. Payments are made in Euros or in Swiss Francs, depending on the side of the airport for which the parking payment is made. Parking of any inhabitable vehicle, such as a caravan or camping car, is not permitted.

The Basel Parking areas are accessible twenty-four hours a day, and are most convenient for the use of all passengers at the airport.