Low Cost Toulon Airport Parking

Toulon Airport serves the city of Toulon, in southern France, and is located approximately 3km from the smaller town of Hyères. It is otherwise known as the Toulon-Hyères Airport, or as the Hyères Le Palyvestre Airport, and has been allocated the official IATA code of TLN. Over 500,000 passengers use the airport every year, and they fly on planes operated by Ryanair, Air France, Transavia.com and other airline companies. Toulon Airport parking is provided for these passengers, in two large areas. Various parking rates are provided for both areas as well, and are considered to be reasonable for French airport parking.

The airport of Toulon is found in the Var department of France, which is a department of the PACA (Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur) region of the country. It serves all towns and cities nearby, which include Carqueiranne, La Garde, La Valette-du-Var, La-Seyne-sur-Mer, Sanary-sur-Mer, Bandol and Saint-Cyre-sur-Mer to the east, La Crau, La Farlède, Cuers, Camoules, Le Luc and Brignoles to the north, and Cogolin, Saint-Tropez, Fréjus and Saint-Raphael to the north-east. South of the airport is the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the former island of Presqu’île de Giens, that is now a peninsula of the Hyères commune. The airport is approximately a forty-five minute drive from Saint-Tropez, a twenty minute drive from Toulon and an hour’s drive from Marseille, located further north-west of the airport. The major roads leading to the airport are the A8, A57, A570, N98 and the D197, while the airport is found along the D42, or the Boulevard de la Marine. Once arriving at Toulon, parking is found in front of the terminal building.

The Airport Parking Lots

Passengers departing from Toulon have a choice of two parking areas. One is more suitable for short-term stays while the other is cheaper for long-term stays. They are both located in front of the terminal building, and the parking spaces are within easy walking distance of the airport facilities. No further transport will therefore be required. In total, there are 1,000 parking spaces available between the P1 and P2 parking lots. There is a third parking area at Toulon Airport, known as P3, but this is only used for the vehicles of the airport car hire companies. P1 and P2 are open twenty-four hours a day, allowing passengers continuous access to their vehicles, and the parking areas may provide surveillance for security purposes. However, parking is done at the owner’s risk, and the airport authorities cannot be held responsible for any accident or case of theft which occurs in the parking areas.

P1 is best used for parking stays of less then sixteen hours. Short-stay in French is known as Courte Dureé. It is the closest area to the terminal building, and the first fifteen minutes of parking are free of charge. Thereafter, the following tariffs will be applicable: fifteen minutes to one hour – €2.80, one to two hours – €4.00, two to four hours – €6.00, four to eight hours – €7.00, eight to sixteen hours – €9.40 and sixteen to twenty-four hours – €11.70. Each additional twenty-four hours, or part thereof, will cost €13.00.

P2 (Longue Dureé) is best used for stays longer than sixteen hours, and here the first fifteen minutes are free of charge as well. Per day, parking in this area is charged at €10.00, and after six days, the rate is €9.00 per day. Passengers who use the airport parking lot more often can purchase a subscription, either for three months, six months or a year. Three months will cost €250.00, six months will cost €500.00 and a year’s worth of parking will cost €1,000. For these time periods, unlimited hours/days of parking is available. Another option for cheaper parking is available in P2, and is referred to as e-parking. A flat €20.00 fee is charged for any period of between three and sixteen days. This special parking package is only available for persons with an airline ticket, and e-parking must be reserved twenty-four hours in advance of the departure flight. E-parking can be booked online, at http://www.eparking-toulon.fr.

Additionally, disabled passengers are welcomed at Toulon Airport, and amongst other facilities made available for their comfort, there are several reserved parking spaces, located as nearby to the terminal as possible. They should only be used by persons with a disability, or by those who are transporting a disabled person.

Motorists may also use the ‘quick drop-off’ lane in front of the terminal entrance if they do not wish to park their vehicle. Only stop here for a minute or two at most, or just enough time to quickly offload passengers and their luggage items. The driver should remain behind the wheel, and should not leave the vehicle unattended for any reason. If possible, in order to reduce the amount of traffic past the terminal, the free fifteen minutes in the parking lot should be used.

Parking payments can be made at the machines at the exit of the car parks (by bank card only), at automatic kiosks found in the terminal’s arrival and departure halls (by cash or card), or at the parking till in the terminal building (cash, card or cheque). Further information regarding Toulon parking is available at a parking information point in the arrivals hall.