Dole Airport (DLE)

Dole-Jura Airport (French: Aéroport de Dole-Jura) (IATA: DLE), also known as Dole-Besançon-Dijon Airport (Aéroport de Dole-Besançon-Dijon), is an airport serving Dole, a commune in the Jura department in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region in eastern France.

Dole Airport is about 7 km southwest of Dole and southeast of Tavaux. It was formerly known as Dole-Tavaux Airport. It is used for general aviation and commercial airline services.

Transfer Services at Dole Airport

A train service departs from the airport and stops at Dole Station in the middle of the city. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines on each platform, and the ride takes around 10 minutes.

Taxi stands are located just outside the terminal building at Dole Airport, making it easy to get into town or other nearby locations. Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, etc., are only a few vehicle rental agencies available to passengers at the airport.

Rental Car Services at Dole Airport

Rental agencies offer customers various options, from compact automobiles to large SUVs. Terminals 1 and 2 are within easy walking distance of the airport's car rental facilities. Car rental fees change based on vehicle size, type, duration, and optional extras.

When renting a car at a location, most businesses accept all major credit cards as payment. Renting an automobile in France necessitates that drivers be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver's license. Additional pieces of identification, such as a passport or visa paperwork, may be requested.

Rental policies, rules, and regulations can be found on most companies' websites, so customers can familiarize themselves with them before making the trip to the Dole Airport counters to inquire about specifics like pricing and insurance.

See and compare all rental car companies at Dole Airport.

Taxi Services at Dole Airport

Taxis are available at all hours and offer reasonable rates to fulfill your travel needs. Your fare may change depending on the time of day, the distance traveled, and the amenities you choose. A taxi ride from Dole Airport to the heart of Tavaux normally costs roughly €50. However, this will vary depending on the time of day and the number of stops. See more information about taxis at Dole Airport.

Train Services at Dole Airport

Dole-Ville Train Station (Gare de Dole-Ville) is a French train station convenient to Dole Airport. About 5 kilometers from Dole Airport, you'll find the city's major train station. The following are some choices for getting from Dole Airport to the Dole-Ville Train Station. More information about train services near Dole Airport.

Bus Services at Dole Airport

Traveling to and from the airport by bus is convenient for visitors and locals. With its convenient links to the city's major hubs, the airport becomes a gateway to its sights and sounds. Travelers can schedule their trips in advance using the reliable Dole Airport bus service. More information about buses to and from Dole Airport.

The buses are pleasant and dependable, guaranteeing that riders will get where they're going without incident and on schedule. In addition, there are several different ticket packages available to individuals who are interested in making use of this handy service. Riders can easily reach where they need to go because of the service's frequent stops along highly traveled routes.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Dole Airport

From the airport, guests can catch a shuttle to any of the city center or neighboring Dole hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, and activities. Every 30 minutes, the hotel shuttle will pick you up from the terminal of your choice.

Passengers should follow the signage for their hotel shuttle services as they exit the terminal. Visitors to France may relax and take advantage of all this stunning city offers thanks to this easy mode of transportation.

Check out the available shuttle services, compare costs, and book a hotel room all in one convenient location.

Rideshare Services at Dole Airport

Many of the country's most popular tourist destinations are within easy driving distance of the airport. It serves as an excellent departure point for excursions all throughout France.

Visitors can get to wherever they're going quickly and effortlessly with the help of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Ridesharing is an inexpensive and convenient option for tourists to go around France at their own pace, typically costing less than using a cab or renting a car.

Parking Services at Dole Airport

There are many open, safe spots in the parking area for visitors' automobiles. Features such as dedicated parking, a free shuttle to the terminal, round-the-clock security, self-service ticket vending machines, and lower online prices are available.

Parking services at Dole Airport are available for long- and short-term stays to accommodate travelers and tourists. Pre-booking a parking spot at this airport is highly recommended for a stress-free trip.

See more information about short and long term parking at Dole Airport.

Other Services at Dole Airport

Once you enter Dole Airport, you'll be greeted with a wide range of services and amenities that cater to your every need. Need help to find your gate? Looking for information on local attractions? The airport's dedicated information desk offers guidance and ensures your travel experience is stress-free.

It also provides reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for those needing internet access. Stay connected with loved ones or catch up on work while waiting for your flight - no more worrying about being disconnected from the outside world.

Regarding baggage claim areas, the facility ensures efficiency and convenience. Clearly marked signs guide you effortlessly to the designated areas where you can retrieve your belongings without hassle.

Whether locating a specific shop or restaurant within the airport premises or seeking general directions, helpful signage throughout the facility makes navigation a breeze. You'll always feel safe and clear with their informative signposts strategically placed throughout the terminal.

Disabled Passengers at Dole Airport

Services for disabled passengers in this airport are designed to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. It is committed to providing accessible facilities and assistance for travelers with disabilities.

For those who require mobility assistance, the airport offers wheelchair service upon request. Trained staff members can assist passengers in navigating the terminal and boarding their flights. Additionally, there are designated parking spaces near the terminals for people with reduced mobility.

Dole Airport also provides accessible restrooms throughout the premises, with necessary amenities for individuals with disabilities. These facilities have been designed keeping in mind accessibility standards.

Passengers who are visually impaired or deaf can avail of special services such as braille signage and visual aids, as well as hearing loops installed at various areas within the airport.

The airport ensures all passengers access information equally. Its information desks have trained personnel who can communicate using sign language.

Wi-Fi at Dole Airport

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can easily access the free Wi-Fi network by selecting "DoleAirport" from their device's list of available networks. The quick and hassle-free connection process allows travelers to get online within minutes.

In addition to being accessible throughout the terminal building and boarding areas, the airport also provides charging stations where passengers can conveniently power up their devices.

Baggage Claim at Dole Airport

Baggage claim areas are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient process for passengers. Upon arrival, you'll find clearly marked signs directing you to the designated baggage carousel for your flight.

The carousels are spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to accurately display which flight bags are arriving. This helps avoid any confusion or mix-ups.

Information Desk at Dole Airport

The information desk provides multilingual assistance for international travelers requiring translation or language support. They ensure that all passengers receive personalized attention and prompt service so that their journey is smooth and hassle-free.

In addition to providing general airport information, the staff can assist with lost items or misplaced luggage. If you've accidentally left something behind on your flight or in the terminal area, stop by the information desk for assistance locating your belongings.

Smoking at Dole Airport

Upon entering the airport, you'll notice marked designated areas where you can smoke before or after your flight. These areas are conveniently located outside the terminal building; ensuring non-smokers are not exposed to second-hand smoke.

The airport authorities have taken this step to ensure all passengers and staff's comfort and well-being. By implementing these restrictions, they aim to create an atmosphere where everyone can breathe fresh air without inconvenience.

So if you're a smoker planning to travel through Dole Airport, familiarize yourself with the designated smoking areas. Respect these rules and be mindful of others who may not share your habit.

Lost and Found Section at Dole Airport

Dole Airport has a dedicated Lost and Found section to assist passengers in retrieving their lost items. This service strives to provide peace of mind by safely returning lost possessions to their rightful owners. Located conveniently within the airport premises, the section is a central hub for handling inquiries about misplaced items.

If you find yourself missing an item, it is advisable to report the loss as soon as possible. The more detailed information you provide about the lost object - such as its description, approximate time of loss, and your contact details - the better the chances for recovery.

Restrooms at Dole Airport

The restrooms are conveniently located throughout the airport, making it easy for passengers to find them anywhere in the terminal. They are clearly signposted and marked with universally recognized symbols, so their location is clear.

The facilities include spacious stalls with locked doors for privacy, sinks with running water for hand washing, and air dryers or paper towels for drying your hands.

There are designated accessible stalls available for people with disabilities or those who require extra space.

Nursing Mothers Station at Dole Airport

The nursing mother's station has comfortable seating, soft lighting, and temperature control to ensure a relaxing environment. It also offers power outlets for those who need to use electric breast pumps. Privacy screens are available for added comfort and discretion.

Moms can use this facility before or after their flights to tend to their babies' needs in a peaceful setting. Whether it's feeding time or expressing milk, the nursing mother's station provides a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

ATMs at Dole Airport

With the availability of ATMs, passengers can easily access cash to meet their immediate needs. These machines are strategically placed throughout the airport, ensuring that travelers have easy access no matter where they are.

It also offers various banking services to cater to different needs. Whether you need to exchange currency or want assistance with your finances, dedicated banking facilities are available for your convenience. Friendly staff members are on hand to assist you with any queries or transactions you may require.

Currency Exchange at Dole Airport

The currency exchange services at Dole Airport are operated by reputable financial institutions, ensuring you receive fair rates and reliable service. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, assisting with any questions or concerns regarding the exchange process.

While exchanging money at the airport is convenient, it may only offer the most competitive rates compared to banks or local exchanges outside the airport premises. If obtaining optimal rates is your priority, consider comparing options beforehand and plan accordingly.

Food and Beverages at Dole Airport

The airport features several cafes and restaurants where travelers can grab a quick snack or enjoy a full meal. Coffee shops serve freshly brewed coffees, lattes, and other specialty drinks for those seeking a caffeine fix.

Sit-down restaurants offer local and international cuisine if you want something heartier. The options cater to various tastes, from French classics like escargots and coq au vin to burgers and pizzas.

Travelers with dietary restrictions will be pleased to know that some establishments offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. This ensures that everyone can find something delicious to satisfy their hunger.

In addition to the cafes and restaurants, vending machines are scattered throughout the terminal for those needing a quick snack or beverage on the go.

Shopping at Dole Airport

This hub offers a range of shopping options for passengers looking to indulge in a little retail therapy before their flight. From convenience stores to luxury boutiques, there is something for everyone.

Suppose you're looking for last-minute travel essentials or forgotten toiletries. In that case, the airport has several convenience stores where you can stock up on snacks, drinks, and other travel necessities. You'll also find a selection of newspapers, magazines, and books to keep you entertained during your journey.

For those who enjoy fashion and luxury goods, the hub boasts several boutiques where you can find clothing, accessories, and jewelry. In addition to fashion and convenience stores, the airport also features duty-free shops offering tax-free prices on fragrances, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco products, and more.

Pet Relief at Dole Airport

The airport provides dedicated areas for pets to relieve themselves before or after flights. These designated spaces have waste disposal facilities, making it convenient for pet owners to clean up after their pets.

The airport staff is trained to handle any situations involving pets. They are knowledgeable about local regulations regarding traveling with animals. They can guide documentation requirements or any procedures that must be followed.

Ticketing Services at Dole Airport

This facility ensures all passengers a smooth and hassle-free experience regarding ticketing services. It also provides multiple options for purchasing tickets, making it convenient for travelers.

Passengers can buy their tickets online through various airline websites or travel agencies. This allows them to compare prices and find the best deals before arriving at the airport. Additionally, self-service kiosks are available at the terminal, providing another quick and efficient way to purchase tickets.

For those who prefer a more personal touch or need assistance with their bookings, ticket counters are staffed by friendly and helpful agents. These professionals are knowledgeable about different airlines' schedules and can provide guidance on choosing the most suitable flights.

History of Dole Airport

Dole-Jura Airport (IATA: DLE), also called Dole-Besancon-Dijon Airport (Aéroport de Dole-Besancon-Dijon), serves Dole, a town in the Jura department of the Bourgogne Franche Comté region in eastern France.

You'll find Dole Airport near the central between Dole and Tavaux to the southeast. Dole-Tavaux Airport was the previous name for this location. Both private pilots and commercial airlines make use of it.

About Dole, France

The German Luftwaffe's Air Intelligence Training Regiment 302 used the airfield as a base of operations during France's occupation of Germany in World War II. In the spring of 1944, the United States Army Air Force launched attacks against it multiple times.

The United States Army Air Forces IX Engineer Command made the necessary repairs to the airfield when it was seized by the Allies in early September 1944. It reached the point where military troops could utilize it in battle. By September 15th, the field had been prepared. Dole/Tavaux Airfield, or Y-7 Advanced Landing Ground, was its official name.

German alert pads at both ends of the main runway are all left now of the airport's World War II past. Northeast of the airfield lies what looks to be a weapons storage facility and some crumbling concrete wartime taxiways.

Dispersal taxiways and the remains of an aircraft maintenance station with covered hangars built in the woods may be seen in some agricultural fields south of the main runway. The taxiways are currently being narrowed to the width of rural roads.

Weather in Dole, France

Dole is often mild and pleasant. The city has an oceanic climate with warm summers, cool winters, and plenty of yearly rain. In summer, temperatures can reach the upper 20 degrees Celsius; in winter, they generally stay around 10 degrees Celsius. However, temperatures can drop below freezing for short periods during winter months.

Rainfall occurs all year round but is most common from October to March, when it rains almost daily. Snow is rare in Dole but does occur occasionally during the coldest months of December to February. Sunshine levels are also moderate, with day lengths usually ranging from 11-12 hours a day throughout the year.

Useful Contact Details in Dole, France

The first thing to do in the case of an emergency is to dial 112. This number connects you to the national police or fire service, depending on your location and type of emergency.

If you are in Dole, France, then phone 112 and tell them your situation so that help can be dispatched immediately. It is important to remain calm when calling for assistance and provide as much detail as possible so that appropriate resources can be sent quickly.

Alternatively, if a medical emergency requires urgent medical attention, call 15, which will connect you directly with the local ambulance services, which can respond rapidly with specialized teams trained to handle emergencies.


Centre Hospitalier Dole

Address: Louis Pasteur Hospital Center Avenue Léon Jouhaux CS20079 39108 Dole Cedex

Phone: 03 84 79 80 80

Fax: 03 84 79 80 82


Dole de Jura Police Station

Address: Municipal Police, 23 Avenue G.Pompidou, 39100, Dole, France


Dole Airport Airport Contact

Address: Rue de Dole, 39500 Tavaux, France

General Phone: +33 3 84 72 04 26

Lost and Found Phone: +33 3 84 72 04 26

Information Desk Phone: +33 3 84 72 04 26

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz.

Plug: C, E

Currency: Euro, €

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Dole Airport

Visitor Information - Dole Airport

Airport Information

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Airport Name
Time at Airport
Phone Number
+33 3 84 72 04 26
Location Map
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No. of monthly flights
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Popular Airlines at DLE
  • Ryanair
  • United Eagle
  • Albinati Aeronautics
Top Routes
  • Geneva
  • Fez
  • Marrakech
  • Porto

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36.46 km / 22.65 miles
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