Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport (MLH)

The Airport IATA 3 Letter code for Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport is MLH. The name Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport is otherwise known as is EuroAirport. The GPS location for Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport is – 47.59000, 7.52917 which you can enter into your Smartphone/I phone to enable you to find your way to and from EuroAirport Airport.

You can see below selection of flight time’s destinations and which Airline flies from Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport.

DestinationWeekly FlightsDistance
Skopje (SKP)101,274 Km (791 Miles)
Tuzla (TZL)5931 Km (578 Miles)
Ohrid (OHD)41,267 Km (787 Miles)
Belgrade Nikola Tesla (BEG)41,029 Km (640 Miles)
Constantine (CZL)41,259 Km (782 Miles)
Nis (INI)41,211 Km (752 Miles)
Prishtina (PRN)31,196 Km (743 Miles)
Tirana (TIA)31,184 Km (735 Miles)
Algiers (ALG)31,256 Km (781 Miles)

Here you can see the busiest Airlines that fly from Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport are Wizz Air, Wizz Air Malta and Air Algerie amongst others. They cover 11 flight routes out the total of 11. The busiest being Wizz Air which covers a total of 29 flights a week form a total of 44 Wizz Air covers 66 % of all outbound flights out of Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport. Wizz Air offers flights from Basel Mulhouse Freiburg to the most popular destinations including Petrovec, Tuzla International, Nikola Tesla, Constantine The Great International and Ohrid.

You can see below a selection of nonstop flights covered from Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport with approximate times

AirlinerDestinationFlight Time (Est)
Wizz AirSkopje (SKP)2 Hours 19 Minutes
Wizz AirTuzla (TZL)1 Hour 54 Minutes
Wizz AirBelgrade Nikola Tesla (BEG)2 Hours 1 Minute
Wizz AirNis (INI)2 Hours 14 Minutes
Wizz AirOhrid (OHD)2 Hours 18 Minutes

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Visitor Information - Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport

Airport Information

Address, contact details, lost and found, location map etc...

Airport Name
Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
Phone Number
+33 3 89 90 31 11
Lost & Found Services
+33 (0) 3 89 90 31 11
Airport Address
68300 Saint-Louis, France
Location Map
Map of MLH Airport
Drive on the Right
Electricity / Voltage
Electric Outlet Adapter
  • Free Amendments
  • Free Cancellations
  • No Card Fees
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