Perpignan Airport Parking

An airport is found just outside of Perpignan city, in southern France, and is also nearby the commune of Rivesaltes, hence its official name of the Perpignan-Rivesaltes Airport. The airport is distinguished from other similar establishments by the IATA code of PGF, and can also be referred to as the Llabanère Airport. The airport is found in the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales, and in the famous Languedoc-Roussillon region of the country, which is popular for a variety of attractions. The airport’s facilities include an adequately sized parking area for the number of passengers it serves, and Perpignan Airport parking is provided at reasonable rates for passengers and visitors.

The airport is easily accessed from the number of main roads and motorways in its nearby vicinity, which include the A9 Autoroute, the D900 and the D117. Large cities to the north of the airport include Avignon, Nimes, Montpellier, Beziers and Narbonne, and from these areas the A9 south is used to reach the airport. The A61 provides access to Narbonne from Toulouse and Carcassonne. From Perpignan, the airport is just a fifteen to twenty minute drive, as it is located just 5km, or 3 miles northwest of the city centre, and the A9 and D900 roads are the easiest routes to use. Many passengers also travel from areas south of Perpignan, such as Elne and Argelès-sur-Mer. Main roads leading from these areas to the A9 include the D618 and the D612. Passengers driving their own vehicles to the airport will find parking just outside of the terminal building, and are able to leave their vehicles in the area for any length of time.

Airport Parking

There are two parking areas at the airport, but P2 is only used for the parking of vehicles that belong to the car rental companies present at the airport. Vehicles parked in this area without a rental contract will be charged €21.30 per day. The other parking area is P1, and is for the private vehicles of passengers and visitors of the airport. It is signposted as ‘Parc Auto’, and is located just opposite the terminal building. Perpignan Airport parking is therefore very convenient, as no further form of transport is required in order to reach the check-in areas, as is the case at larger airports around the world. Perpignan handles only around 400,000 passengers per annum, and is therefore one of the smaller airports of the country.

The parking area is for both short and long-term stays, and the parking area has just one set of parking tariffs. It is used at the motorist’s own risk, which means that any accident or incident of theft that occurs within the car park cannot be held against the airport authorities. However, often airport car parks are guarded in some way, or are at least monitored by surveillance cameras. Most are considered to be reasonably safe. In total, there are 780 parking spaces at the airport.

At the car park entrance, you will receive a ticket, and this is used for payment of the time spent in the car park once you return. A fine could be issued if the ticket is lost. Although many small airports once offered free parking, most are now paid areas, however, passengers can park for the first fifteen minutes for free. Thereafter, an hour will cost €1.60, two hours will cost €2.20, four hours will cost €3.80, six hours will cost €5.30 and eight hours of parking will cost €6.10. €6.80 will be charged for parking of twelve hours, and eighteen hours of parking will cost €8.30. Twenty-four hours of parking at the airport will cost €10.60. Between five and seven days of parking is charged at €21.30, and seven to eight days of parking will incur a cost of €28.90. Each day thereafter will cost an additional €3.00. Passengers who make frequent use of the airport’s parking facilities may consider purchasing a subscription for a month, four months or for a year. A set amount is paid, and the motorist is not liable for any further parking costs.

Within the Perpignan Airport car park there are eight spaces that are specially reserved for drivers or passengers with disabilities. These spaces are located as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible, and should only be used by those who are entitled to their convenience. The airport terminal is accessible to disabled persons as well, as it is equipped with suitable toilet facilities, pavement ramps and elevators.

Once you are ready to leave the airport, parking payments can be made at various points within the terminal. There are automatic payment machines at the exit of the terminal, which accept cash or credit cards, or a cheque can be used at the information desk in the arrival hall. At the exit of the car park, only cards can be used.

Although the first fifteen minutes of parking is free, motorists may still like to avoid parking at the airport, and to simply drop off departing passengers at the entrance of the airport building. The road past the terminal is not a parking area, and should only be used for a minute or two to offload passengers and their luggage items. The driver should stay behind the wheel of his/her vehicle, and should not leave the car unattended for any reason.

Contact the information desk for all further Perpignan parking enquiries, at +33 4 68 52 60 70.

Map of Car Parks at Perpignan Airport

Map of Car Parks at Perpignan