Nimes Airport (FNI)

Nimes Airport, also known as Nîmes-Alès-Camargue-Cévennes Airport (FNI), is a regional airport located in the south of France. It serves the region of Languedoc-Roussillon and is situated approximately 9 kilometers southeast of Nimes. It is named after the nearby towns of Ales, Camargue, and Cevennes.

It serves as an important gateway to the region, allowing travelers to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Camargue and Cevennes and the historic city of Nimes and its surrounding areas. It offers various domestic and international flights, primarily operated by low-cost carriers. It connects several European cities, including London, Brussels, and Marrakech.

Nimes Airport has a single terminal building that handles both arrivals and departures. Facilities at the airport include car rental services, a restaurant, a bar, and a duty-free shop. There are also parking facilities available for both short-term and long-term stays. The airport is easily accessible by road, with several highways connecting it to surrounding cities and towns. Public transport options, such as buses and taxis, provide convenient access to and from the airport.

Transfer Services at Nimes Airport

Ground transport options in this hub include bus, taxi, and car rental services. The airport is served by bus lines that provide transportation to the nearby cities. Bus tickets can be purchased at the airport's information desk or ticket machines. Taxis are available outside the arrivals terminal for those who need a more direct route to their destination.

In the arrivals hall at both terminals, car rental options are also available from major car hire companies such as Avis, Europcar, and Hertz. All these ground transport options make it easy for passengers arriving at Nimes Airport to get around quickly and conveniently without worrying about long wait times or expensive fares.

Rental Car Services at Nimes Airport

You can find various well-known international and local car rental companies here. These may include major providers such as Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and Sixt. Each company typically has a designated rental car desk or office within the airport terminal.

It's recommended to book your rental car in advance, either through the rental company's website or by contacting them directly. This ensures that a vehicle will be available upon arrival and allows you to compare rates and options in advance.

The rental car desks are usually located in the arrivals area of the airport terminal, making them easy to find. After completing the necessary paperwork and payment, you will be directed to the rental car parking area adjacent to the terminal, where you can pick up your vehicle.

Rental car companies may offer additional services such as GPS navigation systems, child car seats, and insurance options (collision damage waiver, liability coverage, etc.). These services incur an additional cost, so you should inquire about them when making your reservation.

See and compare all rental car companies at Nimes Airport.

Taxi Services at Nimes Airport

The approximate fare for a taxi ride from Nimes Airport to the city center is around €20 to €25, depending on the exact distance and any additional charges such as luggage or waiting time. It's important to note that fares may vary slightly depending on the time of day (some services have higher rates during night-time) and any specific requirements you may have. Additionally, confirming the fares with the taxi company is always a good idea to avoid surprises. See more information about taxis at Nimes Airport.

Train Services at Nimes Airport

The cheapest way to get from the airport is to hop on a bus which costs about €2 and takes 30 minutes. The quickest way to get from Nimes Airport to the train station is to take a taxi for around €30.

Train Station, known as Gare de Nîmes in French, is centrally located in the city, making it easily accessible and well-connected to other parts of Nimes. It is situated just a short walk from the city's historic center. It is surrounded by amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. More information about train services near Nimes Airport.

These trains connect to various destinations within France, such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Montpellier. The train station also offers convenient access to public transportation options, including local buses and taxis, allowing travelers to easily reach their final destinations within Nimes and its surrounding areas.

Bus Services at Nimes Airport

Public bus service operated by Tango (Nimes' local transportation company) connects the airport to the city center, including stops at the train station and other key locations. The fare for a one-way ticket is around €2. You can purchase tickets directly from the driver upon boarding.

Shuttle bus services provide transportation to nearby cities and tourist destinations. The fares for these services depend on the destination. For example, a shuttle bus from the airport to Avignon could cost around €20, while a bus to Montpellier could cost around €30. It's best to check their current fares and schedules with specific shuttle bus operators. More information about buses to and from Nimes Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Nimes Airport

Many hotels near Nimes Airport provide complimentary shuttle services for their guests. You should check with your hotel in advance to inquire about shuttle availability, schedule, and any possible fees.

Generally, hotels have designated pickup points directly at the airport terminal or nearby. Some hotels may have a dedicated shuttle bus or van that operates regularly. Others may require a prior reservation or on-demand service.

Depending on the hotel, you may need to reserve a seat on the shuttle in advance or upon arrival. Some hotels also provide instructions on requesting a shuttle pickup, such as contacting them directly upon arrival or using a designated phone at the airport.

Rideshare Services at Nimes Airport

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are available for transportation to and from the airport. These services provide a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional taxis or public transportation.

Please note that ride-sharing service prices may vary depending on demand, distance, and time of day. It's always a good idea to check the fare estimate on the app before requesting a ride. Additionally, follow the rideshare service's specific instructions for meeting your driver at Nimes Airport.

Parking Services at Nimes Airport

The airport offers various convenient and secure parking options with 24/7 surveillance. Short-term parking is ideal for those just passing through the airport for a few hours or less and provides designated spaces close to the arrival/departure buildings. Long-term parking offers discounts for extended stays and free shuttle services to the terminal building on request.

See more information about short and long term parking at Nimes Airport.

Other Services at Nimes Airport

For passengers with disabilities, Nimes Airport is equipped with facilities to ensure easy accessibility. From wheelchair ramps and designated parking spaces to accessible restrooms, they will accommodate the needs of every traveler.

Stay connected throughout your time at Nimes Airport. Reliable Wi-Fi connections are available. Whether you need to catch up on work emails or browse the web, you can stay connected from the moment you step foot in the terminal until it's time for departure.

When collecting your baggage, rest assured that the baggage claim areas are well-organized and efficient. Clear signage will guide you toward the correct carousel, ensuring a hassle-free experience when retrieving your belongings.

Suppose you find yourself in need of information or assistance during your visit. In that case, its friendly staff at the information desk corners are always ready to help. They can provide directions, answer airport facility questions, or recommend nearby attractions.

Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited inside Nimes Airport. Designated outdoor smoking areas are available where smokers can indulge while respecting the comfort and health of fellow travelers.

Traveling with little ones? We've got nursing mothers covered. Our specially designed nursing stations offer privacy and comfort so moms can comfortably tend to their babies' needs.

Need some cash before jetting off? ATMs are conveniently located within Nimes Airport premises for quick access to funds. We also offer banking services for those requiring more comprehensive financial assistance.

Disabled Passengers at Nimes Airport

Nimes Airport strives to ensure that all passengers, including those with disabilities, have a seamless and comfortable travel experience. The airport provides a range of services and facilities to accommodate the needs of disabled passengers.

It also offers designated parking spaces near the terminal entrance for disabled individuals. These spaces are conveniently located and easily accessible. Ramps and elevators are in place inside the terminal building to assist passengers with mobility challenges.

The airport provides wheelchair assistance upon request. Trained staff members can assist disabled passengers from check-in through security screening and boarding processes. It is recommended that travelers inform their airline or travel agent in advance if they require this service.

Wi-Fi at Nimes Airport

The airport provides free Wi-Fi throughout its terminals, so you can easily connect your devices without any hassle. The network is fast and stable, ensuring you can get online quickly and stay connected at the airport.

Select "Nimes Airport Wi-Fi" from the list of available networks on your device to connect to the Wi-Fi network. You will then be prompted to enter a password which can be obtained from information desk corners or displayed in various areas around the terminal.

Baggage Claim at Nimes Airport

Nimes Airport has efficient and well-organized baggage claim areas to make this process as smooth as possible. Once you disembark from the aircraft, follow the signs directing you to the baggage claim area. The airport staff ensures that all bags are promptly unloaded and transported to their designated carousel.

Upon reaching the baggage claim area, clear display screens indicate which carousel corresponds with your flight. You can then proceed to wait near your assigned carousel until your bags start making their appearance.

Information Desk at Nimes Airport

When traveling to a new destination, it's always helpful to have access to reliable information. At Nimes Airport, information desk corners are staffed with friendly and knowledgeable personnel ready to assist passengers with questions or concerns.

Whether you need directions to your gate, information about transportation options, or recommendations for nearby hotels and attractions, the airport's information desks are your go-to resource.

Smoking at Nimes Airport

Smoking restrictions at Nimes Airport are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. As a responsible airport, it has designated smoking areas where smokers can indulge in their habit without causing inconvenience to non-smokers or violating any regulations.

These designated smoking areas are clearly marked throughout the airport, making it easy for smokers to find a suitable spot to light up. However, smokers must be mindful of others and dispose of their cigarette butts properly.

The airport staff actively monitors these smoking areas to ensure they remain clean and free from fire hazards. Smoking anywhere else within the terminal building or near entrances/exits is strictly prohibited.

Lost and Found Section at Nimes Airport

The Lost and Found section is a valuable service for passengers who may have misplaced or lost their belongings during their journey. This section serves as a central hub where lost items are collected and stored until they can be reunited with their owners.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of losing something at Nimes Airport, don't panic. Head over to the Lost and Found section and provide them with all the details about your missing item. The dedicated staff will do their best to assist you in locating it.

It's worth noting that not all lost items are immediately found, but rest assured that the team at Nimes Airport makes every effort to track down missing belongings. They keep thorough records of all reported losses and diligently search their database for potential matches.

Restrooms at Nimes Airport

The restrooms are conveniently located throughout the terminal building, making it easy to find one no matter where you are. They are also spacious and equipped with all the amenities to ensure comfort during your visit.

There are separate facilities for men and women, each featuring multiple stalls and sinks. This helps minimize waiting times and ensures everyone can use the restroom efficiently.

Some restrooms include baby changing stations for parents traveling with young children. These dedicated areas make it easier for families to attend to their little ones' needs hassle-free.

Nursing Mothers Station at Nimes Airport

These stations provide a comfortable and private space for breastfeeding or expressing milk. Located in convenient areas throughout the airport, these stations are equipped with comfortable seating, baby changing tables, and electrical outlets for breast pumps. The rooms are clean and well-maintained, ensuring a hygienic environment for both mother and child.

ATMs at Nimes Airport

Several ATMs from various banks offer local and international card acceptance inside the terminal building. These ATMs are strategically placed in easily accessible locations so passengers can quickly and efficiently handle their monetary requirements.

In addition to ATMs, Nimes Airport also provides full-service banking facilities where travelers can avail themselves of various services such as currency exchange, money transfers, and even opening bank accounts. The friendly staff at these banking counters are trained to assist customers with all their financial needs while ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Currency Exchange at Nimes Airport

The currency exchange desks at Nimes Airport are staffed by knowledgeable professionals who can assist you with any questions or concerns. They can guide you through the process and help you understand the rates and fees involved.

In addition to cash exchanges, some currency exchange services at Nimes Airport offer other financial products such as traveler's checks and prepaid cards. These options provide added convenience and security during your travels.

It is recommended that travelers check the operating hours of the currency exchange desks before their arrival or departure to ensure they can access these services when needed. Additionally, comparing rates and fees between different providers before deciding is always a good idea.

Food and Beverages at Nimes Airport

Food and beverage options at Nimes Airport are diverse and cater to every traveler's taste buds. Many choices are available whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal.

Several cafes and kiosks offer sandwiches, salads, pastries, and other light bites for those seeking a grab-and-go option. These establishments provide a convenient way to satisfy hunger pangs before or after your flight.

From traditional French cuisine to international flavors, these eateries offer something for everyone. You can savor local specialties or indulge in familiar favorites - yours.

Grab a refreshing soda or bottled water from one of the vending machines scattered throughout the terminal. Or, if you need something stronger, head to one of the bars serving alcoholic beverages.

Shopping at Nimes Airport

The airport features a range of shops catering to various needs and preferences. Some gift shops offer traditional items from the region as souvenirs or local products. From locally-made crafts to culinary delights, you can find something unique to take home as a memento of your trip.

Suppose you need last-minute travel essentials or forgot to pack something important. In that case, convenience stores are stocked with toiletries, snacks, and other travel necessities. These stores make it easy for travelers to pick up any forgotten items without having to leave the airport.

Fashion enthusiasts will also find plenty of options at Nimes Airport. Clothing boutiques are offering trendy apparel and accessories from renowned brands. Whether you're looking for designer labels or casual wear, you can browse a selection of stylish outfits.

Pet Relief at Nimes Airport

You'll find designated areas for pets to relieve themselves before or after flights. These areas are equipped with waste disposal bins and bags, making it easy for you to clean up after your pet. The airport staff regularly maintains these areas to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Suppose you need clarification on the location of the pet relief area. In that case, information desks are scattered throughout the airport, and the staff members will assist you in finding the nearest pet relief station.

It's important to note that all pets must be kept on a leash or in an appropriate carrier outside the designated pet relief area. This is not only for their safety but also for fellow travelers' comfort and peace of mind.

Ticketing Services at Nimes Airport

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for passengers, Nimes Airport offers a range of convenient services and amenities. One such service is the airport ticketing services, which cater to the needs of all travelers.

Passengers can easily purchase or collect their tickets from dedicated ticket counters. The friendly and helpful staff are available to assist with any queries or concerns regarding ticketing procedures. Whether you're flying domestically or internationally, the airport ticketing services at Nimes Airport aim to provide efficient and prompt assistance.

About Nimes Airport, France

Nimes is a historic city located in the Occitanie region of southern France. It has a rich history dates back to the Roman era, and it is known for its well-preserved Roman monuments and architecture. Nimes is often referred to as the "Rome of France."

It is a fascinating city that blends its ancient Roman roots with a vibrant modern atmosphere. Its rich cultural heritage, impressive architecture, and proximity to beautiful natural landscapes make it a must-visit destination in southern France.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Nimes is the Roman amphitheater, known as Les Arenes. This theater is one of the best-preserved examples in the world. It continues to be used for various events, such as bullfighting and concerts. Another notable Roman monument is the Maison Carrée, a beautifully preserved temple now used as a museum.

It is also famous for its Roman aqueduct, the Pont du Gard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This impressive structure spanned the Gardon River and was part of the ancient aqueduct system supplying Nimes water. The city's historic center is characterized by narrow streets with elegant townhouses, charming squares, and bustling markets.

The Jardins de la Fontaine is a beautiful public garden at the historic center's edge, offering a peaceful escape with Roman ruins, fountains, and picturesque views. It is also known for its vibrant festivals, including the Feria de Nimes, which takes place twice a year and celebrates bullfighting and traditional music.

Nimes is also famous for its textiles, particularly denim (said to have originated from the word "de Nimes"). In addition to its architectural and cultural heritage, Nimes is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The nearby Camargue region is a vast wetland known for its unique flora and fauna, including wild horses and flamingos. The Cevennes National Park, located north of Nimes, offers stunning hiking trails and picturesque villages.

Weather in Nimes, France

It's worth noting that weather conditions can vary from year to year, so it's always a good idea to check the local forecast before your visit. Nimes offers pleasant weather throughout the year, making it an attractive destination for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Summers (June to August) in Nimes are typically hot and dry, with temperatures often exceeding 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). July and August are the hottest months, with average highs around 31-32 degrees Celsius (88-90 degrees Fahrenheit). Staying hydrated and seeking shade during the peak heat hours is advisable.

Autumn (September to November) brings milder temperatures and occasional rainfall. September can still be warm, with temperatures averaging around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), while November sees the temperature drop to around 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit).

Winters (December to February) are relatively mild compared to other parts of France. Average temperatures range from 5 to 12 degrees Celsius (41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit). Although snow is rare, it might occasionally occur. Rainfall is more frequent during this season.

Springtime (March to May) sees temperatures gradually warming up. March and April can still be cool, with average highs around 14-16 degrees Celsius (57-61 degrees Fahrenheit). By May, temperatures rise to around 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). Spring also brings some rainfall, but it is generally less compared to winter.

Important Contact Details in Nimes, France

For medical emergencies, you can reach the Service d'aide médicale urgente (Urgent Medical Aid Service) by dialing 15 or directly contacting your local hospital. It is also important to provide your exact location and any additional information that may help respond personnel.

Speaking French will greatly improve communication with authorities as they are more likely to speak French than English in this region of France. If an interpreter service is needed due to language barriers, some basic phrases in French are necessary when describing your situation on the phone so that help can arrive promptly and efficiently.


CHU Nimes

Address: Place du Pr R. Debré 30029 NÎMES CEDEX 9

Phone: 04 66 02 25 00


Commissariat de Police de Nîmes

Address:245 avenue Pierre-Gamel 30000 Nimes France

Phone: 04 66 27 30 00

Emergency: 17 / 112

Fax: 04 66 21 73 44

Nimes Airport Contact

Address: 30800 Saint-Gilles, France

General Phone: +33 4 66 70 49 49

Lost and Found Phone: +33 4 66 70 49 49

Information Desk Phone: +33 4 66 70 49 49

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz.

Plug: C, E

Currency: Euro, €

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Nimes Airport

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