Lourdes Airport Taxis (LDE)

Lourdes Airport handles under five hundred thousand passengers per annum, and is therefore one of the smaller France airports, however, it is international, and there are a few airline companies offering scheduled flights to various destinations. There are also many charter airline companies which fly to the airport during the busier seasons. The airport is located halfway between the cities of Tarbes and Lourdes, and is also known as the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport, with the airport code of LDE. It primarily serves these two cities, as well as many other towns in the Hautes-Pyrenees department. Lourdes taxis are available for the transport of arriving passengers, and even though they are more expensive, are often considered over the bus services. Taxis are a quicker way to reach a following destination, and are a more private form of transport.

The airport of Lourdes is a modern and well organised establishment, important for many international tourists, corporate individuals and pilgrims, who visit the area for its religious attributes, as it is the largest Marian pilgrimage centre in the world. The Grotto in the city is said to have had appearances by Mary, the Mother of God, and is therefore a very significant place in terms of the Roman Catholic faith. The terminal building of the airport has two levels, and is relatively small and easy to navigate. Facilities for departing passengers, such as duty-free stores and restaurants/bars are found on the upper level, and the baggage reclaim facilities are found on the ground floor, for arriving passengers. Car hire companies are available in the arrival areas as well, but sometimes passengers prefer to simply take a taxi to their residence, hotel or place of business. Taxis are found just outside of the arrival area.

Taxis are almost always available at Lourdes Airport, and are a most efficient way to reach your next destination. However, should there be no taxi available, go to the information desk and ask a staff member there to call one for you. A taxi can also be reserved from one of the official companies authorised to provide transport services from the airport. It is recommended to always use one of the official Lourdes taxis, in order to receive the best customer service and to avoid being overcharged. Their vehicles will also be in good condition, and the drivers should provide honest services. Transport offered by unofficial individuals in the arrival halls should be declined, and perhaps even reported to airport security personnel.

The phone numbers of the authorised taxi services are as follows:

  • Juillan – 05 62 31 10 10,
  • Lourdes – 05 62 42 08 08 or 05 62 46 14 61,
  • Tarbes – 05 62 34 32 36.

Taxi services at the airport may offer special vehicles for disabled passengers as well, i.e. cars which are able to accommodate someone who is in a wheelchair. Special services are recommended to be booked in advance.

Lourdes Airport is located very nearby to a number of towns besides Lourdes and Tarbes, and to these areas a trip by taxi could be practical. Nearby areas include Ossun, Juillan, Pontacq, Montaut, Argelès-Gazost, Campan, Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Lannemezan and Barbazan-Debat. Areas a little further include Pau, which is about forty kilometres from the airport. Toulouse is about 150km northeast of Lourdes, and Bayonne is about the same distance to the west, at the coastline of south-western France. A taxi for such distances will be very expensive, and therefore a train will be a better option. TER trains travel to Bayonne, and TGV services go towards Toulouse. A taxi to Lourdes or Tarbes will cost approximately 20 Euros, and the drive will take approximately ten minutes, depending on to where in the city you are going. Taxis are generally a faster transport service than a public bus, and many people prefer to arrive directly at their next destination, rather than at a bus stop or station. Taxis may also be easier for those with small children.

Lourdes taxis will record the distance travelled on a meter, and the cost of the journey will be calculated accordingly. Metered taxis can be cheaper than those which have set fares, but it is important to ensure that the meter is in working condition, and that the driver does not take an unnecessarily long route. It is best to find out the average cost of your journey before approaching the taxi driver, and to discuss all possible additional costs involved before leaving the airport. There could be small costs added for luggage loaded, animals in the vehicles or for more than four adult passengers. Keep in mind as well, that the tariffs per kilometre are also higher on Sundays and public holidays, and during the hours between 17:00 and 07:00 on weekdays and Saturdays.

Further information for the Lourdes taxis is available at the general information desk of the airport, found nearby the arrival area. The airport can also be contacted at +33 (0)5 62 32 92 22.