La Rochelle Airport Taxis (LRH)

La Rochelle Airport is commonly referred to as the Laleu, due to its location, and is just 2.5km northwest of the La Rochelle city centre. It is an airport which receives tourists and business professionals visiting the Charente-Maritime department of France, and its passenger traffic is recorded at around 200,000 passengers per annum. Its traffic is expected to double by the year 2015. Although not a large French airport, it is well equipped with facilities, and considered to be a modern and efficient establishment. A few transport options are available as well, including the La Rochelle taxis and buses. Taxis are commonly used as they are a quick and convenient way to reach any nearby destination.

There is a single terminal building at the airport, which is used for all arrival and departure flights, and just outside the main building, passengers will find the taxi rank. Taxis are available for the arrival of each flight at the airport, but it is sometimes recommended to book their services in advance, especially during the busier season of the airport. Alternatively, should there be no taxis waiting, passengers could request assistance from the general information desk within the terminal. Staff here will then call a taxi company on your behalf. Taxis generally seat up to four adults, but there may also be larger vehicles available, which can accommodate up to eight passengers. At the entrance to the airport terminal, there is a taxi stand telephone for public use as well.

The La Rochelle Airport taxi companies are as follows, and their contact information is included as well:

  • Abeille Taxi – Tel: 05 46 41 55 55,
    Email:, Website:
  • Timing Moto – Tel: 06 98 01 71 53,
  • Mélitourisme – Tel: 06 48 22 87 32,
    Email:, Website:
  • Le Maître Voiturier – Tel: 05 35 54 03 67,
    Email:, Website:
  • Oxygene Transport – Tel: 09 75 95 06 56,
    Email:, Website:

Many of these companies have a couple of sizes of vehicles for hire, and are driven by experienced and well trained drivers who are able to speak English. They are also helpful, knowledgeable on the road network of La Rochelle and the surrounding areas, and are happy to accept any preferred route to a destination. The vehicles may also be equipped with a satellite navigation system. Passengers arriving at the airport are recommended to use only the services of the official La Rochelle Airport taxis, as any other company is not permitted to provide transport services from this location. It can happen that a customer is approached in the arrival area, and offered transport, and any encounter such as this should be declined. The incident could also be reported to the airport’s security officials. The official taxi services will be your best opportunity to receive excellent customer service, and a rate which is fair for your destination. Any complaints can be directed to the taxi company concerned.

Taxis in France, are metered vehicles, which mean that they will record the distance of the journey in kilometres. The taxi fare will then be calculated accordingly. There are usually two sets of tariffs used, one for kilometres travelled during daytime hours (07:00 to 17:00), on weekdays and on Saturdays, and another for night time hours and for travel on Sundays and public holidays. Cheaper rates per kilometre are available during the day time hours. Keep in mind that additional costs will not be included in the metered rate, such as those charged for luggage loaded, more than four passengers and animals transported in the vehicle. The taxi meter usually starts at a small minimum fee as well. At airports, taxis could also charge waiting fees and a mandatory airport surcharge. For clarity on which of these charges are applicable to your journey, it is best to discuss the details with your taxi driver, before leaving La Rochelle Airport. Further information is available from the information desk within the terminal as well. Sometimes airports also display the general taxi fares charged to popular destinations, and there could be set rates for certain areas as well.

The airport complies with standards to ensure the comfort of disabled passengers, and is equipped with facilities such as adapted toilet areas, pavement ramps, reserved parking areas and lowered pay phones. There are also public transport options for persons with reduced mobility. The company in association with this service is Odas Transport, and they can be contacted at 05 46 00 32 72. Their email address is, and further details are available on their website, at Special taxi services may be possible from the airport as well. Any special services should be reserved in advance.

Alternatively, passengers may book a private transfer, or contact their hotel to find out if they provide a free shuttle service to and from the airport. Contact the airport at +33 5 46 42 86 70 to find out more about the official La Rochelle taxi services.