Low Cost La Rochelle Airport Parking

La Rochelle Airport is a modern establishment, but not a very large one, in western France, along the shores of the Bay of Biscay. It is also only about 2.5km from the intriguing city of La Rochelle, visited by many for its beautiful ‘Old Harbour’, and well preserved old town area. Sometimes the airport is referred to as the Laleu Airport, or even as the Ile de Ré La Rochelle, as it serves this island to the west of La Rochelle as well. It is distinguished from other airports by the official code of LRH. Motorists can easily drive to the airport, and will find the parking area to be adequate. Parking in this area is reasonably priced as well.

La Rochelle is a coastal French city, and a commune of the Charente-Maritime department. In France, it is a city located to the north of Bordeaux, to the south of Nantes, Angers and La Roche-sur-Yon, and to the west of Niort and Limoges. Poitiers is another important city in the vicinity of La Rochelle. The airport of La Rochelle is linked to all these cites either directly or indirectly by its main road, known as the N237. The D735 is also very nearby the airport, and this road crosses the bridge to the island of Ile de Ré. Motorists coming from Niort will take the N11, and from Bordeaux, the A10. The A83 and A87 provide access to the airport from areas north of La Rochelle. In general, France has an excellent road network, and driving to the airport is relatively simple from all directions. La Rochelle Airport parking is also provided for motorists who will need to leave their vehicles at the airport for a while.

The Airport Car Park

This French airport is not very large, with only around 200,000 passengers per year, and it therefore does not have a very large terminal building, or the need for extensive car parking areas. However, it does provide a very convenient car park just a few metres from all passenger facilities. There is no need for further transport from your vehicle to the airport terminal, which is the case at many of the larger airports found in Europe, and around the world. La Rochelle is ‘cosy’, and considered as very convenient. The airport’s car park was created in 2006, and was extended in 2008, to include a further 200 parking spaces. The airport now has well over 250 car parking spaces available for private vehicles.

The parking lot is not undercover, but an open-air facility, and it is a paid-parking area. Many of the smaller airports in France used to offer free parking, but now all require payment. However, passengers may park at La Rochelle Airport for twenty minutes free of charge, which is a useful amount of time to drop-off departing passengers, or to wait for arriving passengers. Using the car park is recommended above stopping outside of the terminal entrance, as it will help to reduce traffic past the building. However, motorists may drive past the terminal and stop for a minute or two to offload passengers and their baggage items. Cars in front of the terminal may not be left unattended, and the driver should stay in the vehicle. Cars may not stop for arriving passengers here unless they are already at the curb-side. For security reasons, all visitors, motorists and passengers are recommended to closely follow these few simple rules.

Parking rates at the airport are similar to other French airports, and are considered to be reasonable. However, parking at airports can become expensive if long-term parking is required. Passengers therefore often consider taking a taxi, or catching the local bus service which travels to the airport. Buses leave for La Rochelle Airport from the centre of the city, from Place de Verdun, and taxis are available from all nearby destinations. There is no train station at the airport.

La Rochelle car parking rates are as follows: twenty minutes to thirty minutes – €1.20, thirty minutes to an hour – €1.40, one to two hours – €3.10, two to three hours – €4.10, three to four hours – €4.50, four to six hours – €5.00, six to nine hours – €6.00, nine to twelve hours – €8.00 and twelve to twenty-four hours – €10.00. Each day thereafter will cost an additional €6.00, and a week of parking will be charged at €39.00. For a month of parking at the airport, motorists will pay €127.00.

The terminal building is equipped to welcome disabled passengers, as it has adapted toilet facilities, pavement ramps and lowered public telephones. Persons with reduced mobility challenges may also contact their airline company and request special assistance for their departure flight. Within the parking area of the airport, there are a couple of reserved spaces for the use of disabled drivers only, or for those who are transporting a disabled person. These spaces are located as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible. When parking here, it is best to display your ‘disabled persons badge’ in the windscreen of the vehicle.

Payment for La Rochelle parking can be made at one of the two automatic pay stations. One is found in the airport terminal, and the other is just outside of the terminal, to the right-hand side. Credit cards can be used at this machine. Only pay for your parking when you are ready to leave the airport. Further information can be obtained by contacting the airport at +33 5 46 42 86 70.