Montpellier Airport Taxis (MPL)

Montpellier Airport is officially named as the Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport, and it has the IATA airport code of MPL. It is found in southern France, in the Languedoc Roussillon region of the country, and only about 7km from the city centre of Montpellier, one of the most famous coastal cities of France. The airport is the largest in the region, and also the tenth largest in the country, and an important gateway for millions of tourists and business professionals. Due to its close proximity to the city centre, by taxi is a good way to travel from the airport, and will not be too expensive. Taxis will also take departing passengers to the airport in time for their flight, from all nearby destinations.

The airport, in the Hérault department of France, is quite a large airport serving over 1.1 million passengers per annum. It has excellent facilities, which include a business centre, shops and restaurants, cash machines and information desks, and several options for transport. There are airport buses available, but many passengers find taxis to be more private, and a much quicker form of transport from the airport. The Montpellier Airport taxis are found just outside of the arrival hall exit, at gate A. As you come out of the baggage reclaim area, head for the exit doors straight ahead of you, and you will notice the airport taxis all lined up outside the building. There are almost always taxis available, especially at times of arrival flights, however, should there be none upon your arrival, simply go to the airport’s information desk and ask one of the staff members to call one for you. Passengers may also call a taxi in advance of their arrival at the airport, and make a reservation. The number to call is 04 67 20 65 29.

By taxi is a popular way to travel to areas within the city of Montpellier, and are often used by business professionals who need a faster form of transport than the airport buses. A taxi is also able to drop you at your precise destination rather than just at a bus stop or station. Passengers can ask the taxi to take them to their place of residence or business, or to any other location in the city. Taxis are popular amongst families with small children as well, since that buses can sometimes be hard to negotiate with luggage and tired children! A taxi will quickly whisk you away to your hotel, and have you settled in, in no time at all. Taxis may not offer special child seats for babies or toddlers, but you could find out from the airport if this service is available.

A trip by taxi to the city centre of Montpellier will take approximately twenty minutes, depending on traffic conditions, and will cost between 20 and 30 Euro, depending on your final destination.

The price of the taxi ride is determined by the total number of kilometres travelled, and a couple of additional costs may be added as well. All taxis in France, including the Montpellier Airport taxis, are metered, which means that they have a device with records the length of the journey in kilometres. The meter should be turned on and in working condition. Additional costs could include those for luggage loaded, animals in the taxi and for more than four adult passengers in a single taxi. There could be a minimum charge at the beginning of the journey, and surcharges for trips commencing at airport locations. These costs are not usually too expensive, just a few extra Euro. Passengers should remember that taxis are also more expensive during later evening hours and early morning hours, on Sundays and on public holidays. Their rates per kilometre are cheaper during working hours (07:00 to 17:00), Monday to Friday.

Passengers taking a taxi from the airport are recommended to always discuss the price of the journey with their driver before leaving, or to find out the average cost of the journey before approaching the taxi driver. The taxi drivers operating from airports in France are generally considered to be honest, friendly and reliable, but there have been cases when the customer is overcharged. Your taxi driver should be willing to explain all charges applicable to your journey, and most drivers are able to speak English, however, it is also wise to learn a few words in French. Passengers should also not accept any offers for transport from persons in the arrival halls of the airport, and only use the official Montpellier taxis which will be waiting in the taxi rank.

A similar service to taxis are private transfers, which are available from various companies at all airports in France. A private transfer may be similar in price to a taxi, or even less expensive, depending on the number persons travelling. A private service will need to be reserved in advance.

Contact the information desk for all further information regarding Montpellier taxis.