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Montpellier is one of the larger airports in France, with over 1.1 million passengers every year, and is recognised by its official IATA code of MPL. It is also officially known as the Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport, and is considered as the tenth busiest airport in the country as far as passenger traffic is concerned. The airport is very well equipped for the needs of its passengers, and it has extensive car parking areas for those arriving in their own vehicles. The airport car parks are reasonably priced as well, for both long-term and short-term parking stays.

The airport of Montpellier is located very nearby the city of Montpellier, in Mauguio, and is an airport in the southern Languedoc Roussillon region of the country. It serves the city of Montpellier, as well as many other areas in the Hérault department. The larger cities in the nearby vicinity include Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Beziers and Narbonne, and the main road nearest to the airport is the A9 Autoroute. The A9 provides access to the airport from the cities mentioned, as well as from Montpellier. Motorists will take the ‘Montpellier-Est’ exit (exit No. 29) in order to reach the airport from this road. From Montpellier, it is about a fifteen to twenty minute drive, from Beziers a fifty-five minute drive and from Nimes a forty minute drive. Once arriving at Montpellier Airport, the car parks are well signposted, and there are separate areas for short-term and long-term parking. In total, there are 2,400 car parking spaces available.

Parking for short-stay customers

Similar to most airports, motorists are able to drop off passengers and their luggage at the entrance of the terminal, in what is often referred to as the ‘drop-off’ zone. Vehicles are not allowed to park here, only stop for a few minutes to let passengers exit the vehicle. The driver may not leave the vehicle unattended, and is recommended to stay behind the wheel. A motorist may also not wait in this area for arriving passengers, but may collect someone who is already waiting at the curb. It is often rather recommended that one of the short-stay car parks are used for the delivery or collection of passengers, in order to reduce the amount of traffic past the entrance of the terminal.

The airport’s short-stay car parks are named P2 and P3, and they are located nearest to the terminal building. Although they are recommended for stays of only a few hours or days, passengers are welcome to use them for any length of time. For mid-term parking P3 is a little less expensive than P2, as a day will only cost €8.00 rather than the €11.00 charged at P2. One day to two days of parking will cost €26.00 in P2 and €20,00 in P3, and each day thereafter will be charged at €15.00 in P2 and €12.00 in P3. Passengers have access to baggage trolleys from all the airport parking lots.

Another option for parking at the airport is the P0 car park, otherwise known as the Car Hotel parking area. This is a fully guarded car park with valet parking services. The boarding area is just a few metres away as well. There are additional services at P0, for example, the cleaning of vehicles, and customers may request to have their car filled with petrol while they are away. Subscriptions are available for this area for €150.00 per month.

At the entrance of each parking lot a time-stamped ticket will be issued to the customer, and this ticket is needed in order to pay for your time of parking once ready to leave the airport. There are two automatic payment machines nearby the exit of the terminal, or motorists are able to pay by bank card at the exits of the parking lots. There is also a parking office on the ground floor of the P2 car park for all further enquiries.

Parking for long-stay customers

The airport’s long-stay car park is known as P4, and is located the furthest from the terminal building, however it is still only a short walk away, and no additional transport is required. This car park is recommended to be used if you are staying for longer than seven days. Since 2003, Montpellier Airport offers a fixed rate of just €18.00 for a parking period of between seven and fifteen days. This rate is only valid for the long-term parking area, and is available to passengers on all flights at the airport. Each pass can only be used once, and cannot be accumulated. The special parking pass is sold by travel agencies, airline companies, tour operators and at the parking office in P2.

The airport is equipped for the comfort of disabled passengers, with pavement ramps, lifts, specially lowered service desks and suitable toilet facilities. There are also specially reserved car parking spaces for disabled drivers, or for those transporting a disabled person. Within each parking area there are specially equipped spaces which can be used by persons owning the remote control unit, as well as other reserved spaces. In P2 there are twelve reserved spaces, of which 6 are equipped with the handipark system, and in P3 there are two spaces out of the four which are equipped. P4 has 15 reserved spaces, of which four are of the handipark system.

More information regarding the Hotel Parking area can be found at http://www.carhotel.info, or an email can be sent to car.hotel@wanadoo.fr. Their contact numbers are as follows: 04 67 20 86 46 or 04 67 65 31 96.  Airport parking enquiries can be made at the airport parking or information desks, or the airport can be contacted at 04 67 20 85 00.

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