Poitiers Airport Parking

Poitiers Airport is a small establishment in the country of France, serving the city of Poitiers, as well as other towns in the Vienne department of the country. Only around a hundred thousand passengers use the airport every year, but it is nonetheless an important gateway for tourists and business professionals. It is otherwise known as the Poitiers-Biard Airport, due to its location in the town of Biard, and has the official airport code of PIS. Poitiers Airport parking is available for passengers and visitors driving their own vehicles, and it is a paid parking area. The airport car park is available for all lengths of stays, and is considered as reasonably priced.

Poitiers Airport, just 2.4km, or 1.5 miles west of the city centre of Poitiers, is nearby a number of prominent cities in western France, and is linked to all nearby areas by major motorways. The A10 Autoroute is the largest road in the vicinity of the airport, and provides access from cities to the north and south-west of Poitiers. In the north, Tours is about 100km from the airport, and Châtellerault is a little closer. Niort is 65km to the south-west, and La Rochelle is just over an hour’s drive from the airport. Passengers can easily reach Poitiers Airport from the south as well, from the city of Angoulême, on the N10 road. Limoges is about an hour’s drive from Poitiers Airport, and Châteauroux is just to the north-east. Motorists who arrive at the airport from these areas and others will find an adequate number of parking spaces available, and from the parking areas, easily be able to walk to the airport’s facilities.

The Poitiers Airport Car Parking Areas

Poitiers Airport may be considered to have two parking areas, although one set of parking rates is charged for both. They are named as the P1 and P2 areas, and have recently been extended to allow for additional spaces for visitors and passengers. In February 2007, a new car park was opened with an extra 250 parking spaces, which now enables the airport to handle a total number of 400 vehicles. All parking spaces at the airport are within walking distance of the single terminal building, and therefore, no further transport will be required upon arrival in order to reach the check-in facilities. At larger airports, buses often need to bring passengers to the terminals as the car parks are a few kilometres away.

The P1 Poitiers Airport car park is for short term stays, and is ideally used by persons who will only be at the airport for a few hours, or a day at most. P2 is the long-term car park, and can be used for a few days or even a few weeks. In both car parks, the first half an hour of parking is offered free of charge, which is a useful amount of time for dropping off departing passengers or waiting for arrival flights. However, passengers can also be dropped off outside of the terminal building, provided that the vehicle is not left unattended in the area, and is not ‘parked’. The driver should remain behind the wheel, and should stop only for a minute or two to allow passengers to offload their luggage. The free parking at airports is available to encourage drivers to rather park their vehicle than stop at the terminal entrance, to avoid traffic past the building.

For both the P1 and P2 car parks, the following tariffs will be applicable: Less than an hour – €1.00, less than two hours – €2.00, between two and four hours – €3.50, between four and six hours – €4.50, up to eight hours – €6.00, up to ten hours – €7.00, up to twelve hours – €8.00, up to eighteen hours – €9.00 and up to twenty-four hours – €10.00. Two days of parking will cost €15.00, and three days will cost €20.00. Longer stays will be charged as follows: Four days – €25.00, five days – €30.00, six days – €35.00, seven days – €40.00 and eight days – €45.00. Each day thereafter will cost an additional €5.00.

At Poitiers Airport, there may also be special offers for passengers who are departing on charter flights, for example, €23.00 for up to eight days of parking, and €38.00 for between nine and sixteen days of parking. The special offer is available for the P2 car park. A car park voucher can be obtained from the travel agent, and can be presented when checking in at the airport before departure. Persons who use the airport car park on a more regular basis may benefit from a subscription, available for durations of one month, three months or six months. Currently, a one month subscription will cost €77.00 and a three month subscription will cost €193.00. Parking for six months will cost €355.00. A person who has subscribed for airport parking will receive a magnetic card to keep, and will be able to access the car park for unlimited periods of time. A parking pass can be purchased from the information desk.

Disabled passengers can park their vehicles in one of the six special parking spaces reserved as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible.

Once ready to leave the airport, simply insert your parking ticket into one of the payment machines nearby the terminal building, and cash or credit cards are usually accepted. It is best to pay only when you are leaving, because just a few minutes are allowed for exiting the car park area.

Contact the information desk for further details regarding Poitiers Airport parking, at the following telephone number: +33 (0)5 49 30 04 40.

Map of Car Parks at Poitiers Airport

Map of Car Parks at Poitiers