Toulon to Orly

You have a selection of 2 airlines when departing Le Palyvestre to Orly. When flying from Le Palyvestre to Orly you will cover 689 Km (428 Miles) with the flight time at approximately 1 hour 37 minutes. The airport code for Le Palyvestre is TLN and for Orly it is ORY.

The cost of flights varies on the time and day you fly. With the advent of cheap no frills flights it may be worth booking in advance if possible to get the best deal to Orly France, perhaps late evening or midweek. It is always advisable to book as early as possible. With most airliners prices will go up the closer you get to the departure date.

The table below shows the amount of daily flights in operation from Le Palyvestre (TLN) to Orly (ORY).

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight
Air France111113109:3013:25

The most direct flights offered from Le Palyvestre to Orly France are by HOP! with around 2 flights a week. These operate from 09:45 with the latest flight being at 22:35. The most popular flight no is A5 7505, A5 7509 and A5 7693.

Please visit / for more information regarding booking a flight with HOP!.

Please see below the times of flights from HOP!. These times and frequency may vary at different times of the year please visit the website for more information.

DayFlight Times
Monday09:45, 19:30 and 22:35
Tuesday09:45, 19:30 and 22:35
Wednesday09:45, 19:30 and 22:35
Thursday09:45, 19:30 and 22:35
Friday09:45, 19:30 and 22:35

You may instead fly from Le Palyvestre and arrive at Orly by an alternative airport or airports. The summary of this is in the table below.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Toulon to Brussels Charleroi Brussels South0829 km (515 miles)1 hour 47 minutes

Please check before travelling to Orly that a travel visa is not required.