Toulon Airport Taxis (TLN)

Toulon Airport is a medium-sized establishment in southern France, and is an important gateway for the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region of the country. The airport serves the city of Toulon, as it is approximately 23km from this city, as well as many other towns in the Var and other surrounding departments. The official code of TLN is used for the airport, and it is also known as the Toulon-Hyères or as the Hyères Le Palyvestre. It is positioned just 3km from Hyères. A popular way for arriving passengers to travel is by Toulon taxi. Taxis are generally always available, and provide a private and convenient from of transport.

The Airport consists of quite a large terminal building, spanning an area of around 11,500 square metres, and is equipped with all the essential facilities required by its passengers. There are shops and restaurants, meeting rooms and a VIP lounge, ATMs and WiFi connections. The arrival area is on the ground floor, and passengers will simply walk the short distance from the airplane to the baggage reclaim facilities. Once ready to leave, passengers will find the Toulon Airport Taxis waiting at the taxi rank outside of the arrival area. Although buses are available from this airport, passengers often prefer the convenience of a quick and hassle-free taxi ride.

The official taxi company authorised to provide vehicles for transport at the airport is Taxis Radio Hyerois. No other taxi service should be used, and no offers for transport should be accepted in the arrival area, unless a private transfer has been arranged to meet with you. Unofficial taxi operators may not be able to offer the quality of service expected by their passengers, and they may not have official contact details should you have a complaint. There is also less risk of being overcharged when using the official taxi company available. The taxis to use will always be found in the taxi rank area in front of the terminal building, and their drivers will be waiting at their vehicles. Taxis Radio Hyerois have a fleet of twenty vehicles for the service of airport passengers, and operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Although taxis are generally always available outside the airport, especially at times when arrival flights are due, there is always the possibility that there are none. In this case, go to the airport information desk and ask one of the staff members to call a taxi on your behalf. Passengers may also reserve a taxi in advance of their arrival at Toulon Airport, by calling the taxi company themselves. Taxis Radio Hyerois can be contacted at 04 94 00 60 00, or their website address is An email address which can be used is

The Toulon-Hyères Airport taxis are easily recognisable by their blue taxi light, and their vehicles are of a high quality. All vehicles have air conditioning as well. In France, taxis are metered, which means that they are equipped with a device that will record the number of kilometres travelled on the journey. The taxi fare is then calculated accordingly. The rates charged per kilometre will depend on the time of day the journey takes place, and the day of the week the taxi is required. A lower rate is charged when travelling on weekdays and Saturdays between the hours of 07:00 and 19:00, while it is more expensive to travel later at night and on Sundays and public holidays.

There are also additional charges to be considered. Regardless of the length of the journey, the amount owed cannot be less than 6.20 Euro, and just less than a Euro is charged for each luggage item of a normal size. Skis, wholesale luggage and other objects will incur additional charges as well, and animals in the taxi will cost almost a Euro. Guide dogs are an exception. 1.26 Euro is charged for a fourth adult in the vehicle, and waiting charges are 19.10 Euro.

The journey by taxi to Toulon takes approximately twenty minutes and will cost around 40.00 Euro depending on the final destination chosen by the passenger. A taxi to Saint-Tropez from the airport will cost about 85.00 Euro. At the exit of the terminal building, at arrivals, there is a Taxi tariff chart, which could assist you with the amounts to expect for your taxi ride. Enquiries can also be made at the airport information desk. However, it is important to always discuss the fare with your taxi driver before leaving the airport, and to find out more about the additional surcharges that will be applicable to your journey.

From the airport, private transfers may also be possible to arrange, and are an alternative service to a conventional taxi. They could be priced similar to the airport taxis, but your charges will mostly depend on the number of passengers using the vehicle. A private transfer could be convenient for larger groups of travellers and for families, as they may offer equipment such as child seats for their vehicles.

Both private transfers and Toulon taxis are a most efficient way to travel, and will deliver you to the doorstep of your hotel, residence or place of business. Further details are available from the taxi company, or from the airport, at the following contact number: +33(0)825 01 83 87.