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Charles de Gaulle is nearby the major city of Paris, in France, and is one of the largest airports in Europe. Over 58 million passengers pass through this airport on a yearly basis, and it consists of thee large terminal buildings and four runways. Due to its location alongside Roissy-en-France, the airport is often referred to as the Roissy Airport, and has the official airport code of CDG. Motorists can easily travel to the airport by a number of prominent highways, and will find the Charles de Gaulle parking areas to be extensive. Parking is available at numerous parking lots, and for short-term and long-term parking stays.

The buildings of CDG are known as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, and are all located at quite a distance from one another. Terminal 1 has multiple levels and seven satellite buildings, and is the largest and main passenger area of the airport. The second largest area is Terminal 2, consisting of several sub-terminals, referred to as 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F and 2G. The terminal 2G is separate from the main building, and is the latest addition to the terminal. Terminal 3 is located between the two larger terminals, and is a single hall dedicated to airline carriers offering low-cost and charter services.  The ParisaAirport and its terminals cover a vast area, and therefore motorists should be careful to park in an area which is nearby their terminal of departure. However, all the terminals are connected by the CDGVAL light rail system, available throughout the day and night. The parking areas of the airport can be divided into drop-off car parks, short-term car parks and more remote long-term parking lots.

Charles de Gaulle Drop-off Car Parks

Larger airports often do not permit traffic directly past the terminal buildings, and therefore offer drop-off areas which are located very nearby the facilities of the various airport buildings. The drop-off parking facilities at Charles de Gaulle Airport are ideal for stays of up to an hour, and are approximately only a minutes walk from their respective terminals. The first ten minutes of parking in these areas are free, and therefore provide some time for a quick farewell to departing passengers. €8.00 will be charged for an hours parking, for motorists who would like to escort their friends or family members to the check-in area. This is also the ideal place to park if you need to wait for arriving passengers. The drop-off areas are linked to Terminal 1, Terminal 3 and the terminals of 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D and 2G, and are open air car parks.

Short-term Car Parks

Parking areas which can be considered for short-term parking stays are located fairly nearby the terminals. They are less expensive to use than the drop-off car parks for a couple of hours, or a day or two’s worth of parking. Short-term car parks are available for the all the terminals of the airport.

For Terminal 1, the car park is known as P1, and is a covered parking area with a height restriction of 1.90 metres. There is also a length restriction of 5.50 metres and a width restriction of 2.20 metres. Motorists will follow the signs to Terminal 1, and then to ‘P1’, in order to reach the area. The parking lot is equipped with a video surveillance system to secure the entrances and exits, and is about a two minute walk from the check-in area of Terminal 1. The first ten minutes are free of charge, and a day’s worth of parking will cost €32.00.

Terminal 2’s short-term parking areas are known as Car Park PAB, Car Park CD, Car Park PEF and Car Park PG, with the letters referring to the sections of the terminal for which parking is ideal, for example, Car Park PAB is ideal for Terminals 2A and 2B. The parking areas of PAB, CD and PEF all provide covered parking spaces, and have the same restrictions in terms of height, width and length as the parking area at Terminal 1. Parking area PEF is located between the Terminals 2E and 2F, and the other two areas can be found by following the signs indicating Car Park PAB and Car Park CD. The first ten minutes of parking is free of charge, and the terminals are approximately a two minute walk from the car parks. The parking rates are also the same as for Terminal 1. Adjoining Terminal 2G, is the Car Park PG, and this is an open air parking lot. It is also very nearby to its terminal.

Terminal 3 has an open air car park as well, and motorists will follow the directions for Terminal 3, and at the second roundabout, follow signs for P3. The car park entrance is then found on the left of the roundabout.

Long-term and Reserved Car Parks

The two long-stay car parks are the PR and PX parking areas, and are both open air car parks. The long-stay areas serve all the terminal buildings, and are linked to the airport facilities by the free CDGVAL automatic light rail system. These parking lots are the most cost effective areas for motorists at Charles de Gaulle, with different rates depending on the number of days for which your vehicle stays. Seven to eight days of parking will cost €130.00, and nine to thirteen days will cost €150.00. Fourteen to nineteen days will be charged at €180.00, and between twenty and thirty days of parking will cost €220.00.

There is also another parking area at the airport which is only for reservations. It is a pre-pay service, and only excess rates are paid at the car park. The car park serves all the terminals, and spaces can be booked for up to thirty days. Reservations must be made at least six hours in advance of your arrival, or up to six months prior to your parking date.

Charles de Gaulle parking also includes plenty of reserved spaces for disabled drivers, and areas specially dedicated for the parking of motorcycles. Persons with reduced mobility are granted a fifty percent discount on parking fees on presentation of the entrance ticket, a disability card, a European parking card or a GIG GIC disability badge.

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