Paris Charles de Gaulle Taxis (CDG)

CDG Airport is located approximately 25 km, or 16 miles from the city of Paris, which is famous for the Eiffel Tower and its many other attractions. This airport of Paris is the seventh largest in the world, with over 58 million passengers per annum, and is the second busiest airport in Europe. It therefore provides a vital gateway for tourists and business passengers into and out of France. There are many options for transport at the airport, which include by bus, and the RER and TGV trains, but passengers also often prefer the Charles de Gaulle taxis, as they provide a convenient and more private journey. Taxis are however, more expensive than other forms of transport at the airport.

The airport of Paris Charles de Gaulle is large, with three terminals and four runways. The airport covers a massive area of land, and is found across three départements and six communes, to the north-east of Paris. Terminal 1 is the main building of the airport, and was also the first to be constructed and used for commercial flights in 1974, when the airport opened for business. The terminal has multiple levels and seven satellite buildings. Arriving passengers will find the baggage reclaim area and customs on the fifth level, and for the taxi rank, should go to Exit 20 on the arrivals level. Terminal 2 is also an exceptionally large building at Charles de Gaulle, consisting of several sub-terminals. The terminal is mainly used by Air France, but also by a number of other airline companies as well. The taxi rank at Terminals 2A and 2C are found at Exit 6, and at Exit 7 from Terminals 2B and 2D. Passengers will find taxis at Exit 1 of Terminal 2E and 2F as well.

At the third terminal building taxis are found outside the arrivals area. This is a single building, and is used for low-cost and charter flights. All the terminals of the airport are connected by the CDGVAL, which is an automated light rail system. The CDGVAL is also linked to the remote parking areas of Charles de Gaulle, and the RER and TGV railway stations.

Taxis at Charles de Gaulle can be classified as Paris Taxis and Suburban Taxis, each covering the city centre of Paris and three or four bordering departments. The services of the Paris taxi include Hauts-de-Seine – department 92, Seine-Saint-Denis – department 93 and Val-de-Marne – department 94, while the Suburban Taxis cover the following departments: Essonne – department 91, Val-d’Oise – department 95, Yvelines – department 78 and Seine-et-Marne – department 77.

The following Paris Taxi Companies are found at CDG Airport:

  • Alpha Taxis (01 45 85 85 85), 
  • Les Taxis Bleus (0 891 70 10 10), 
  • Taxis G7 (01 47 39 47 39), and 
  • Taxis (01 42 70 00 42). 
Although taxis are always available from the airport, the numbers indicated for each taxi company can be called for a reservation. Suburban Taxi Companies include ABC Taxis, and their number for reservations is 01 43 83 64 00.

Passengers arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport are advised to use only the services of the official taxi companies which are authorized to provide their services from the airport. There can be many illegal transport operators offering sub-standard services from the arrival halls. Always decline any offer, and make your way to the airport taxi ranks, where the drivers will be waiting for passengers. Taxi fares in France, and Paris, are at a metered rate, which means that the customer is charged per kilometre travelled, and not a set rate. Additional charges may also be applicable to luggage loaded and for airport fees. Taxi fares are, in general, about 15% more expensive when travelling at certain times. These times include between 19:00 and 07:00 in the suburbs, and between 17:00 and 10:00 in Paris, as well as on Sundays and public holidays. Passengers can confirm the average price of their journey from the information desks within the arrival areas.

Some popular destinations and their average fares are as follows:

  • Villepinte Exhibition Park - €20.00, 
  • Stade de France stadium - €30.00,
  • Paris city centre - €50.00, 
  • La Défense district - €50.00, 
  • Paris Orly Airport - €50.00,
  • Versailles Exhibition Park - €52.00.
The mentioned fares are rates charged during daytime hours, and will be more expensive later in the evening and at earlier hours of the morning.

The taxi company G7 offers services and special vehicles for disabled travellers at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. This is known as their Horizon service, and is available twenty-four hours a day. The company can be contacted at 01 47 39 00 91, or from their website at It is always best to reserve specialized services in advance of your arrival at the airport. There are also numerous private companies which offer transport for disabled passengers, including Aetas, Airshop, Asa, Pam and Ataghatpap. The vehicles of these companies are equipped with access ramps, mooring points and seatbelts.

A trip to central Paris by taxi will take approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic, and should be a convenient and easy way to reach your residence, hotel or place of business. Taxis are usually quicker than buses, as they are a direct service, and are therefore often preferred by business travellers and families with small children.