Getting to Lille Airport

Lille is the twelfth largest airport in France, in terms of passenger traffic, and the fourth busiest for cargo operations in the country. Over a million passengers pass though the airport on a yearly basis, and almost 38,000 tons of cargo are handled at the airport’s facilities. It is served by several prominent airline companies, which offer flights to local and international destinations, and is well equipped to meet the needs of its passengers. Due to its location, it is otherwise known as the Lille-Lesquin Airport, and has the official code of LIL. Lille directions are relatively simple to follow, as there are many main roads leading towards the airport and Lille.

The airport is located approximately 7km, or 4 miles south-southeast of Lille city centre, and in the Nord department of the country. It is particularly nearby the areas of Wattignies, Faches-Thumesnil, Lesquin, Villeneuve-d’Ascq and Seclin. Lille is a very important city in France, and is found in the north of the country, very nearby the borders of Belgium. It is the capital city of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, and the principle city of the Lille-Métropole. Lille and its airport is to the north of Paris, Amiens, Saint-Quentin and Arras, and directly south of Bruges, in Belgium. To the north-west is Calais and Dunkirk, along the coastline, and south-east of Lille is Valenciennes. Reims is also in the nearby vicinity, as well as Metz in the east and Rouen in the west. Other important cities in Belgium which are nearby Lille airport are Kortrijk, Ghent, Bruxelles Brussel, Tournai and Mons.

Lille Airport is situated at the heart of a dense motorway network, and is just minutes away from many of the important locations mentioned. Major Autoroutes lead from Lille in all directions, linking the city and its airport to all areas in Northern France and beyond. In general, France has an excellent road network, and all airports are connected to several major cities by highways or Autoroutes.

Directions from the city of Lille

Lesquin, and the airport, is approximately a ten minute drive from the city centre of Lille, on the A1 Lille-Paris Autoroute. From this direction, motorists will turn off the A1 at exit 20b, marked as the Airport Lesquin. The airport is generally well signposted from all directions. From the north as well, the N227 provides access from Villeneuve-d’Ascq, and the A22 runs past Tourcoing, and from cities in Belgium, such as Ghent, Waregem and Kortrijk. Lille Airport is about a fifteen minute drive from Kortrijk, and about a forty-five minute drive from Ghent.

Directions from the northern coast

From cities such as Dunkirk, the road to follow is the A25. Along the way, motorists will pass Bergues, Steenvoorde, Bailleul and Amentières. Travel to the A1, and head south towards the airport. The A26 also leads from Calais in the north to Arras.

Directions from the south

The A23 from Valenciennes and Belgium leads directly to Lesquin (exit No. 1), and the A1 from Paris provides access from Arras, Lens, Douai and Carvin. It is also known as the E17. From this road, motorists will take the exit Lesquin. Other important roads in the vicinity include the A26 from Reims, Laon and Saint-Quentin to the A1 at Arras, and the N25 from Amiens to Arras.

Although the airport is easily accessed by road, allow plenty of time for the journey, as all major roads in France can become congested, especially during peak traffic hours. There could also be unexpected road delays along the way. Leave sufficient time for finding parking in one of the airport’s four parking areas, and for checking-in your hold baggage. Some parking areas are within walking distance of the terminal, while others have a shuttle bus for transport. However, passengers can also travel to the airport by bus or taxi. The airport buses are available from the Euralille shopping centre, between the two main railway stations of the city, and taxis bring passengers to the airport from all nearby areas. There is no train station at the airport.

The airport is a very efficient establishment, and can be described as a ‘fifteen-minute’ airport, with minimal transfer and waiting times. The single terminal building is well organised, and all facilities are clearly indicated, making it easy for a traveller to quickly complete his/her arrival or check-in procedures. There are also express check-in facilities available for Air France passengers. Facilities include shops and restaurants, a business centre, WiFi internet access in the airport hall, waiting areas, boarding lounges, public telephones, information desks and car hire companies. The business centre can be accessed from both the arrival and departure areas, and is open from 06:00 to 22:00 on weekdays, and from 10:00 to 18:00 over weekends. It has rooms suitable for up to forty delegates, and they are equipped with items which include overhead projectors, wall charts, telephones, WiFi, personal computers etc. They also offer nice views over the runways. Passengers with disabilities are welcome at Lille-Lesquin Airport, as there are facilities in place in order to ensure the comfort of such passengers. Further assistance can be arranged with the airport company concerned as well.

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