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Lille Airport is found in northern France, just south of the important city of Lille, and handles over a million passengers every year. It is an airport of significance for business and leisure travellers, and has a very strategic location nearby major business centres of the country, and the border of Belgium. The airport is commonly referred to as the Lille-Lesquin Airport, or as just the Lesquin Airport, and is recognised by its official airport code of LIL. This airport has all the essential facilities required by its passengers, including a selection of car parking areas. The car parks are most convenient for all airport passengers, and are reasonably priced for long or short stays.

The airport is located approximately 7km, or 4 miles from the city centre of Lille, and in Lesquin, hence its name of the Lille-Lesquin Airport. It is very nearby Wattignies, Faches-Thumesnil and Seclin, and motorists travelling to the airport will find many main roads providing excellent accessibility. From Lille, the capital city of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, the easiest route is the A1 Lille-Paris in a southerly direction, and then exit 20b, marked as ‘Airport Lesquin’. The airport can be accessed from Paris by the A1 north, from Dunkirk at the coast by the A25 and from Valenciennes by the A23. The A22 and A27 are roads leading from Lille into the country of Belgium, towards cities such as Tournai, Kortrijk, Waregem and Ghent. From all directions, the airport of Lille is easy to access, as it is located at the heart of a such a dense road network, and motorists travelling in their own vehicles will be greeted by plenty of parking options from which to choose. There are four Lille Airport parking areas, and they are ideal for various lengths of parking.

The Proximity Car Park

This is one of the three airport car parks which are within easy walking distance of the terminal facilities. It is located right next to the Arrivals/Departures lounge entrance, and has 195 parking spaces available. This parking area is ideally used for shorter stays, as it is one of the more expensive areas of the airport. One, two or three hours will cost ten Euro, and twelve hours will be eighteen Euro. Twenty-seven Euro is charged for a day, and a week is sixty-nine Euro. Two weeks of parking here is approximately €104.00, and each additional day thereafter is another €5.00. The Proximity car park is also referred to as P3.

The Privilege Car Park

P4 has 92 spaces available, and is found in the basement of the airport building. It is therefore the closest of the parking areas to the terminal check-in facilities. Access to the arrival or departure area can be obtained in just a minute by the use of stairs or the elevator. It is also an enclosed and covered car park, and here, passengers may book a parking space. For the other areas, there are no bookings permitted. The P4 area is the most secure parking lot available, as it is enclosed, and it has a night security guard, while the other parking areas of the airport are not guarded, but are monitored. P4 is also the most expensive parking area at Lille Airport, with €20.00 charged for an hour, two hours or three hours of parking, and €35.00 charged for a day. Two weeks of parking will cost motorists €120.00.

The Easy Car Park

This area is named as P2, and is the airport’s main parking lot, with approximately 1,120 spaces available. It is within a five minute walk from the arrival or departure areas of the terminal, and is located just opposite the airport. P2 is used for short to medium parking stays (ideal for parking of less than four days). The Easy Car Park is less expensive than the Proximity Car Park, and the first fifteen minutes are free of charge. Three hours of parking will cost €3.00, twelve hours will cost €14.00 and a day will cost €22.00. Two weeks of parking in P2 will be charged at just under a hundred Euro. Each day thereafter will cost an additional four Euro.

The Long Stay Car Park

The long stay car park is the cheapest option for passengers staying for longer periods at the airport, and is known as the P1 car park. It has 187 parking spaces, and is located a little further from the terminal building. The first fifteen minutes are also free in this car park, and a day will cost €22.00, two days - €27.50 and three days - €33.00. A week of parking will be around €42.00, and two weeks about €47.00. Each day thereafter is only an additional €0.50. Since that P1 is quite a distance from the terminal, free shuttle buses are provided for the transport of passengers and their luggage items.

Additional parking services at the airport include spaces which are specially reserved for disabled passengers in all the car parks. There are four spaces in P1, twenty-three spaces in P2, four spaces in P3 and two spaces in P4, and in the short-term parking lots, the reserved spaces are located as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible. There are also call points located in the airport entrance hall, from where help can be requested. In P4, car washing/cleaning services are available from a private company. There are no dedicated areas for motorcycle parking, but a normal space can be used in any of the four parking lots.

Parking payments are made in cash or by debit/credit cards at the automatic machines found on level two in the arrivals/departures lounge nearby the lifts, or on level 0 at the entrance/exit hall of the airport. Passengers may also pay by cheque at the information counter on level 2, or simply at the exit barrier of the car parks, in order to avoid queues at the ticket machines. Cards accepted at the exit barriers are Eurocard/Mastercard, Maestro, Carte Bleue CB, Visa and American Express.

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