Lille Airport Taxis (LIL)

Lille Airport is commonly referred to as the Lille-Lesquin Airport, or simply as the Lesquin Airport, and is allocated the official airport code of LIL. It is an important international airport in France, with over a million passengers per annum, and handles almost 38,000 tons of cargo every year. In terms of passengers, it is ranked as the twelfth largest French airport, and for freight movements, it is the fourth busiest in the country. The airport is located approximately 7km, or 4 miles south-southeast of Lille city centre. Although public buses are available, Lille taxis are a popular form of transport as well, and travel to all nearby areas. Taxis are, however, more expensive than the airport’s bus services.

Lille is a city in northern France, and its location nearby the border of Belgium renders it as an important city for business and commerce. It is also just north of the French capital city, Paris, and quite nearby northern coastal towns, such as Dunkirk. The airport, and Lille, is situated in amongst a dense urban road network, which makes it easily accessible. In Lille, there is the Euralille, which is one of the largest business districts in the country. The airport of Lille is therefore an important gateway for both tourists and business professionals, and has a single terminal building from where all arrival and departure flights are handled. There are also terminals for private and business aviation flights and for cargo operations. The passenger terminal is well equipped with a variety of facilities, in order to ensure the comfort of all persons visiting, or on flights to and from the airport. Buses take passengers to the train stations, and are a cheap way to travel, but taxis are quicker, and there are a number of taxi companies available.

The taxi rank at Lille Airport can be found nearby the arrival area, within easy walking distance of all facilities, and there are almost always taxis available, ready and waiting for arriving passengers. However, should there be no taxis outside, passengers can go to the information desk, and ask them to call one. Taxis can travel to hotels, private homes or business centres in all nearby areas, including the city centre of Lille, Lesquin, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Wattignies, Haubourdin and Faches-Thumesnil, or a little further to Tourcoing and Roubaix, located on the north-eastern side of the city. In the alternative direction, taxis bring passengers to the airport in time for their departure flight, and can be called to collect you from any location. The taxi will leave you at the drop-off point esplanade, which is located directly opposite the public hall of the airport, from where departure proceedings are handled. This area is only fifty metres from the check-in desks.

Several taxi companies offer their services to and from Lille Airport, and they include:

  • Taxi Anny (06 07 62 66 29),
  • Taxi Jean Luc (06 14 36 72 21),
  • Taxi Mario (06 75 03 75 18),
  • Taxi Bertrand (06 70 71 05 12),
  • Taxi Guillaume (06 88 53 06 31),
  • Taxi Gares (03 20 06 64 00),
  • Taxi Rihour (03 20 55 20 56),
  • Taxi Union (03 20 06 06 06).

Although taxis are usually available, these companies can be called in advance, and a reservation for their services can be made. Be careful to only use the services of the official Lille Airport taxis, as other companies may not be permitted to transport passengers to and from the location of the airport.

French taxis, and those from Lille, are equipped with meters which record the distance the vehicle travels in kilometres, and the taxi fare is calculated accordingly. Make sure that your taxi has a meter, and that it is turned on and in working condition. There are set tariffs for each kilometre travelled, depending on the time of day, day of the week and the total distance travelled. Taxis are cheaper during day time hours, from 07:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Saturdays, and more expensive during the night, early morning hours and on Sundays and public holidays. There may also be additional charges applicable, such as those for luggage loaded, animals transported in the taxi and for more than four adult passengers. The meter may start at a small fee as well, and airport surcharges could be an additional cost.

It is recommended to always discuss the average cost of the journey with your taxi driver before leaving the airport, and to find out the average charges for journeys to your particular destination, in order to avoid being overcharged. Sometimes, the information desks have the rates available for popular destinations served by taxis.

An alternative option to a taxi is a private transfer, from one of the many companies which offer private forms of transport. Their vehicles are usually of various sizes, and their services should always be booked in advance. They can usually provide child seats for babies and younger travellers, and may have special vehicles equipped to handle passengers in wheelchairs. Taxis may provide special vehicles as well. Services for disabled travellers are best reserved in advance.

Contact Lille taxi companies for further information, or find out more details from the airport information desk within the terminal.