Taxis to and from Marseille Provence Airport (MRS)

Taxis are available at Marseille Airport to all destinations in France and Europe. They are ready for passengers 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The taxi stand at Marseille Airport is located outside the exit of Hall 1.

Many people find that traveling by taxi is very convenient. Although the taxi fare will always be more expensive than the bus fare, a taxi will take you to the door of your hotel or business venue. If you have large or heavy luggage, it is also not so easy to ride on the bus. The taxi driver will be happy to load your bags into the boot of the car.

The taxi fares are usually charged by the kilometer and vary depending on the length of the journey. Taxis have a meter that measures the distance traveled. The first kilometer or two is often more expensive than subsequent kilometers. There are sometimes fixed rates from the airport to popular drop-off points. The taxi ride is more expensive if you travel after 7pm and before 7am. At these times, the night time fare is applicable. Taxis are also more expensive on Sundays and public holidays, and there is extra fees for each item of luggage loaded, and from the fourth person that travels in the Taxi. These extra charges will not show on the taxi meter, therefore always confirm the prices before leaving the airport.

The drivers of the taxi usually speak English, Spanish and Italian, therefore communication shouldn’t be a problem. Although it is useful to be able to speak a bit of French when calling for a cab, as sometimes the dispatchers don’t speak English.

Try to select one of the authorized taxi cabs. These are always parked in the taxi rank and have a license number on the sides of the car. They also have a ‘TAXI’ sign on the roof, and are always metered. Unauthorized taxi drivers often seek business from unsuspecting tourists in the Arrival halls of the airport. These taxis are generally not metered, and you could end up being overcharged.

In France it can be quite difficult to hail a taxi from the street, but it is allowed. The taxi is available if the ‘TAXI’ sign is fully lit, with the smaller lights underneath switched off. Taxis can be called in advance, just keep in mind that the metered fare will start from where the driver leaves to collect you, and not from your location.

A taxi is a convenient way to travel from Marseille Airport to Aix en Provence or visa versa. The trip is about 20 minutes. There are taxi stands at the Aix en Provence bus station (gare routière) and one at the Aix en Provence SNCF train station (gare SNCF).

A taxi from the airport would be the quickest way to reach most areas in Marseille.