Buses to and from Nantes Airport (NTE)

Nantes Airport is located approximately 8km, or 5 miles to the southwest of the Nantes city centre, and is considered as the largest airport in the west of France. It is well known as the Nantes Atlantique International Airport, or as the Aéroport Nantes Atlantique in French, and has the official airport code of NTE. It is an airport of medium size, equipped with all facilities required by its passengers, and those in need of transport, will find several bus services available. The Nantes buses are special links which form part of the city’s public transport network, and are a very convenient way to reach the airport, or to travel from the airport.

The airport consists of four halls within a single terminal building, which handles all domestic and international arrivals and departures. The terminal is shaped like an ‘L’, and down the longer side are the Halls 1 to 3, while the shorter side of the terminal, connected at a right angle by a lobby area, is where Hall 4 is found. Passengers will arrive on the ground floor of the terminal, but will depart from the upper levels of Halls 1 to 3. Hall 4 is just a single-storey building. Passengers who would like to travel by buses to the city centre or the city’s railway station will find the buses outside the arrival area of Hall 1. The buses are known as the Navette Tan Air, and is an express shuttle bus service linking the airport to a variety of useful destinations within the city of Nantes.

The Navette Tan Air Bus service

The most convenient and cost effective form of transport from the airport is by the airport shuttle bus referred to as the Tan Air Shuttle. This bus service forms part of Nantes Tan public transport network, but operates at a slightly higher fare than the standard network of buses and trams. However, besides a taxi, it is the only way to travel to the city centre, as there is no railway station on the airport’s site. In front of Hall 1, passengers will find the bus stop of the Tan Air Shuttle, and in just twenty minutes, can travel from the airport to the main railway station of the city, or in twenty-six minutes, can reach the city centre of Nantes.

The Tan Air Shuttle is available from Mondays to Saturdays between the hours of 05:30 and 23:15, and a bus is available approximately every half an hour. The buses generally coincide with the flights that arrive at the airport, as well as those that are departing. On Sundays and public holidays, the shuttle bus is available between the hours of 06:15 and 23:15, but is available only every hour. Passengers can, of course, travel in the alternative direction, to the airport from the railway station or bus station in the city centre between the same hours, and the buses are available at the same frequency, ensuring that you arrive at the airport in plenty of time for your departure flight. The Nantes Airport bus service is available throughout the year, apart from on the 1st of May, when there are no services available.

Passengers can purchase Tan Air shuttle bus tickets from the driver of the bus, and they will cost around 7 Euro. From the bus driver, tickets can also be paid for by credit card. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased online, from the Tan website at http://www.tan.fr or at the bus station. The ticket is valid for an hour of travel starting from the time you board the bus, and can be used on the tram network as well, within this time frame.

The Bus 37

Another bus that offers services from the airport is the Tan local bus 37. This bus departs from a bus stop just adjacent to those of the Tan Air Shuttle buses at the airport, and travels to Neustrie, for connections to Line 3 of the Tan tram system. The city of Nantes features the third busiest tram network in France, with over 200,000 passengers per day. The busiest line is Line 1, running between Bellevue and Haluchère in the east. It also passes through the city centre. In general, the tram network of Nantes has 83 stations on three lines, with many trains circulating on a track of 43.5 kilometres in length. It was also the first tram network in France to be recreated since the deletion of the old tracks built before or just after the Second World War.

Buses to other regions in France

A variety of additional bus companies offer transport services from the airport to other regions in France. Rapid’s Anjou SARL and Dispo Chauffeurs travel to Angers, Trasport Duprat is available to La Roche-sur-Yon and the Atlantique Voyages Air takes passengers to Niort and Poitiers. Cities in the departments numbered 14, 27, 50, 61 and 76 are served by Albion, Oxygène Transport serves those in departments 17 and 85 and passengers can reach department 35 by Bellidays. During the school holidays only, the company Locamust serves the La Baule/Saint-Nazaire areas. Some of the websites of these companies can be found at http://www.albion-voyages.com, http://www.oxygene-transport.com and at http://www.bellidays.com.

The airport information desks within the terminal can also provide further details with regards to the Nantes bus services.