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The airport is found to the southwest of central Nantes, and is the largest airport in western France. It is therefore an important gateway for a variety of passengers, and is served by several airline companies, for example, Air France, EasyJet, Transavia and Iberia. The airport has the official code of NTE, and is also known as the Nantes Atlantique Airport. Its facilities are extensive and include a wide range of car parking areas. Nantes parking lots are reasonably priced as well.

The airport is located approximately 8km, or 5 miles from the city centre of Nantes, and serves the Pays de la Loire region of France. The airport is found particularly nearby the areas of Bouguenais, Bouaye and La Montagne, as well as nearby the city’s peripheral ring motorway, known as the N844, or E3. Motorists driving to Nantes will find the airport to be easily accessible from all major cities and towns in the region, and nearby regions, and that the airport offers extensive parking facilities for their needs.

Major motorways from all directions link to the city’s ring road, from where the D85 and D823 lead to the airport. The journey from central Nantes will be just ten to twenty minutes depending on traffic, while from other areas it could be up to or just over an hour drive. Angers is located to the east of Nantes, and the airport from here is accessed by the A11, while motorists travelling from La Roche-sur-Yon in the south will take the A83. The N165 leads to Nantes from Vannes to the west of the city, and the N137 connects Nantes to areas such as Rennes in the north. Although the road networks are very good, they can be busy at times, therefore always leave sufficient time for travelling to the airport, and for finding suitable Nantes Airport parking.

There are approximately 4,000 car parking spaces at the airport, all arranged into various parking lots, known as P0, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6. Within these areas, there are short-term and long-term parking options available, and spaces for the parking of disabled drivers, or for drivers who are transporting a disabled person. Spaces for the disabled are located in the P2 parking area, which is just opposite the main entrance of the terminal building. These are specially allocated spaces, available for use only by persons with a disability badge that can be displayed on the vehicle. It is very important that no other person occupies these spaces, as a disabled person will require easy access to the terminal building. The terminal is also specially equipped to welcome disabled passengers, with elevators for easy access to the upper floor levels and suitable toilet facilities for wheelchair users. The counters of facilities such as the airport information desks are also usually lowered for such passengers.

The P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 airport parking areas are best used for short-term stays, as they are more expensive than the other two areas available. They are also located closer to the terminal building. P0 and P1 are the long-stay parking areas of the airport, and are priced a little cheaper than the other areas. However, passengers who will be leaving their car at the airport for a month or longer may consider arranging an ‘abonnement’ parking pass, which will be less expensive than the ordinary parking rates. The parking pass can be sent to the customer by mail. In the majority of the parking lots, the first half an hour of parking is available free of charge. Rates are then charged for each hour of parking, and thereafter for each day of parking.

The parking areas of Nantes Airport include both covered and uncovered areas, with the covered areas such as P4 a little more expensive. Parking areas at airports are usually under video surveillance, and may have security guards, however, the parking areas are used at the passenger’s own risk, as airport authorities cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss suffered within the airport parking lots.

Smaller France Airports allow passengers to be dropped-off at the terminal entrances, and these areas can be referred to as the ‘drop-off zones’. They are not meant for parking, and should only be used for a minute or two whilst passengers exit the vehicle and off-load their luggage. The driver should preferably remain in the vehicle, and should never leave the car unattended for any reason. A third person should be present to assist a passenger with off-loading if necessary, so that the driver can stay behind the wheel. Since that the airport offers a free thirty minutes of parking in most of the parking lots, it is recommended to rather park the vehicle and offload passengers and their luggage from the parking areas. This also allows more time for farewells, or to wait for arriving passengers.

The Nantes Parking areas are adequate and available for all customers of the airport, and some of the spaces can be pre-booked as well.   
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