Taxis to and from Toulouse Blagnac Airport (TLS)

By taxi is a popular way to travel from the airport to various locations. The airport is situated relatively near to the center of Toulouse, therefore a taxi ride to this area will only take about 10 minutes. If you are taking a taxi to the airport to catch your departure flight, always allow sufficient time for varied traffic conditions.

The airport has one main terminal building, and the taxi rank is just outside of the Arrivals Hall (exit from doors C or D).

It is recommended that passengers use the services of the taxis in the rank. At some airports there are ‘unofficial’ taxi operators who search for business in the Arrival Halls. These drivers are usually not licensed or allowed to fetch customers from the airport. Passengers who accept their offers stand the risk of being overcharged. Official airport taxis and their drivers will always be waiting in the taxi rank. These taxis can be recognized by the ‘taxi’ sign on the roof and their license number that is displayed on the vehicle. They will also always be metered taxis, and you will be able to see the charges displayed on the meter.

The cost of a taxi ride depends on numerous factors. Your exact final destination will determine the final metered rate that is charged per kilometer. The metered rate differs according to the time of day. Traveling between the hours of 7am and 7pm is cheaper than traveling at night. The higher night rate also applies to travel on a Sunday or public holidays.

There could be additional charges that won’t be displayed on the meter. These include extra charges for each item of luggage loaded, a fourth passenger or an airport pick-up charge. There could also be extra fees for long waiting periods in traffic, driving on snow or ice and animals that travel in the taxi, although a visually-impaired person’s guide dog always travels for free. Passengers are liable to pay any toll road fees for the journey.

As a general indication of the taxi fares from Toulouse Airport, the following destinations are mentioned. Traveling to the town center will cost approximately 22 euro, to ZI Colomiers, Sesquières or Mirail approximately 23 euro, and to ZI Labège, Le Palays, La Plaine or Eurocenter approximately 34 euro. These prices are for day-time traveling, and passengers can expect to pay a little more if they travel at night.

Although there are plenty of bus services available at Toulouse Airport which are less expensive than a taxi, a taxi is still a far more convenient option, especially if you have large or heavy luggage items. A taxi will also take you directly to the door of your hotel or business meeting. If you need transportation to your hotel, there are sometimes free shuttle buses available. Find out from your hotel if they offer this service before paying for a taxi ride.

Taxi is a convenient way to travel to the airport, as you will then not need to search for a parking space. The taxi drivers are also familiar with the route to the airport and know where to drop passengers off.