Toulouse Departures

Toulouse Airport handles both domestic and international flights from many different airline companies. The airlines fly to many major European cities and to other international destinations, such as African and Canadian countries. Some of the airlines that operate from Toulouse include Air France, British Airways, easyJet, Air Malta, KLM, Lufthansa, Corsair, Germanwings and Tunisair.

There is one terminal building, which is a two-storey structure divided into Halls A, B and C. Each hall serves departure flights from it’s upper level, and airline arrivals from the lower level.

Passengers are recommended to arrive at least 1 hour before a national flight departure, and at least 2 hours before departure of an international or charter flight. Allow sufficient time to find adequate parking at the airport. Some of the further car parks require travel by a shuttle bus to reach the terminal, therefore a little extra time is needed. The latest check-in time is shown on your airline ticket.

Certain airlines offer an online check-in service, or the possibility to check-in directly from a dedicated kiosk at the airport. These services are a wonderful way to save time and avoid queuing. You will be able to choose your seat and go directly to the departure gate if you do not have any hold luggage. Passengers with luggage must drop off their items at the luggage counter. Individuals may only use these options if they have an electronic ticket, are not traveling with infants and have no special requests or requirements.

An online check-in can be completed anytime from 24 hours before your departure, and at the kiosks, anytime from 5 hours before scheduled departure. Print your boarding card once you have checked-in.

Passengers require only an identity card for some destinations, while for others a passport is needed. Only an identity card is needed for areas within the European Union, areas inside French overseas territories, and for certain foreign countries that are part of a tour package only, such as Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Hungary and Senegal. For other destinations, a valid passport is required by French citizens. Your travel agent or airline will be able to provide more extensive details.

Luggage requirements vary between the different airlines, but in general, one item of cabin luggage is allowed per passenger with a maximum weight of 5kg, and a 20kg luggage weight is permitted for checked luggage in economy class, 30kg in business class, 40kg in 1st class and 15kg for charter flights.

The airport has many facilities including banking and currency exchange services, a post office, photocopiers, Wi-Fi internet access and baby-changing rooms. The airport has a fully equipped business center and VIP lounges, such as the exclusive ‘Croix du Sud’ Lounge. Disabled passengers will find the airport easy to navigate and with all the special amenities and assistance that may be required.

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