Low Cost Toulouse Airport Parking

At Toulouse Airport, there are five parking areas, each dedicated to various lengths of parking periods. The car parks situated further from the airport terminal building has a free shuttle bus service for transportation. Drivers will be able to determine if there are spaces available in the parking areas by looking at the general display board at the entrance to the airport area, as well as from boards at each car park entrance.

The older P1 car park has recently been closed (13 July 2009), and passengers will now use P2 as the new ‘day parking’ area.

Parking Area P0

This area is only used for parking periods of less than three hours. There are 255 spaces available, with a maximum height limit of 2.75m. The airport terminal is within easy walking distance from this parking area. The first 30 minutes of parking in P0 is free. This is the ideal area if you are only visiting Toulouse Airport to accompany or collect a passenger, attend a business meeting or would like to do some shopping within the airport.

Parking Area P2

This parking lot is now the new area for ‘day parking’ (parking of less than 24 hours), that has replaced the P1 parking lot. This area has a generous maximum height limitation of 4.00m, and there are 500 available spaces. The first 30 minutes of parking is free. P2 is located near to Hall C of the airport terminal, and is convenient for access to any area of Toulouse Airport.

P2 is not as close to the terminal as P0. It is about a 7 minute walk, unless you use the free shuttle bus. The shuttle buses operate between 4am and midnight, every 5 or 10 minutes.

Parking Area P3

P3 is a multi-storey parking garage with 2525 potential spaces available. Parking in this area is undercover. No shuttle bus is required to reach the terminal, as P3 is situated right next to the airport. The parking area is linked to the terminal by a covered walkway.

Special features of P3 include a display board at the entrance which shows the number of available spaces, and an electronic guidance system that will lead you to the closest available space. There are also spaces allocated for motorcycles. The maximum height limit for this parking area is 2.10m.

Special rates are applicable when you park here over the weekend.

Parking Areas P5 and P6

P5 and P6 are parking areas that are ideal for long-term parking periods. They are the most economical option for passengers going on holiday or lengthy business trips. In total, there are 3000 potential spaces available.

Both parking areas are a fair distance from the airport, and therefore require the free shuttle bus for transportation. P5 has a maximum height limit of 4.25, while P6 has no limitations.

Parking for Disabled Passengers

Parking spaces for disabled passengers can be found in the P3 parking area. The dedicated spaces are located in the best positions for easy terminal access.

There are also disabled parking spaces in the other parking areas, and the free shuttle bus is wheelchair accessible.

Paying for Parking at Toulouse Airport

Passengers can pay for their parking at the cash machines near the terminal exit, or by credit card in the machines at the exits of the car parks. Cash or credit cards may be used at the machines in the terminal. American Express cards are accepted.

The parking tickets have machine-readable bar codes. Simply place the ticket in front of the machine to find out the price that is payable.

Passengers or visitors to Toulouse should be able to easily navigate the parking areas and quickly find a suitable parking space. All the parking areas are open 24-hours a day.