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Getting to and from Tours Airport (TUF)

Tours Airport is also known as the Tours Val de Loire Airport, as it serves various towns and cities in the Loire Valley region of France, and has the airport code of TUF. It is only a small French airport, with around 120,000 passengers per annum, and is served by the airline companies of Ryanair and Flybe. Ryanair is the main carrier available. The airport has the usual facilities of a small establishment, is able to welcome disabled passengers and offers various ground transport options. Tours Airport directions are easy to follow by persons arriving in private vehicles, and there are parking spaces. Directions for Tours Airport can be found online, or can be requested from the airport.

Tours is quite a popular city found in the Centre region of France, and is the largest of the area, however, it is not the regional capital. The nearby city of Orleans serves as the regional capital city. Tours is a commune which forms part of the Loire Valley region, and it’s airport is located in the two communes of Tours and Parcay-Meslay. The airport is also in the department of Indre-et-Loire, and is approximately 6km, or 3.2 miles north-northwest of Tours city centre. It is surrounded by the areas of Parcay-Meslay, Rochecorbon, Notre-Dame-d’Oé and Mettray. Towns surrounding the city of Tours and it’s airport include Château-Renault, Amboise, Saint-Aignan, Saumur and Neuillé-Pont-Pierre. On a larger scale, Tours can be described as south/southwest of Alencon, Chartres, Paris and Orleans, southeast of Le Mans, east of Nantes and Angers, west of Vierzon and Bourges and to the north of Bordeaux, Limoges and Poitiers. Many of these cities are within a hundred kilometres of Tours Airport.

The airport’s access road is the D910 and the larger roads in the nearby vicinity include the A10 and the A28.

Tours Airport directions from the north, northwest and northeast

The A28 and the A10 are the main roads leading to Tours Airport from these directions. Le Mans is approximately 70km from the airport, and the A28 is used from this city. It runs directly to Tours, and passes the areas of Château-du-Loir and Saint-Paterne-Racan along the way. At the end of the A28 motorists must connect to the A10, and head south for a few kilometres. From the A10 motorists should take the link to the D910 road, via the E60, and then continue to the airport. The airport is at Exit 20, and there are adequate signs that indicate the direction of the airport.

The A10 is the main road that can be taken from cities as far as Paris, which is about a two hour drive from the airport. The A10 leads south to Orleans, and then from Orleans to Blois and from Blois to Tours.

Tours Airport directions from Tours and the south

The airport road of the D910 can easily be accessed from the city roads of the D801 and the Av. André Maginot from La Petite Arche. Head north on the D910 and take Exit 20 for the airport terminal. The best route to the airport from areas further south of Tours is the A10, which connects Tours to Poitiers and Châtellerault. These two cities are about a hundred kilometres from Tours Airport. The A10 passes through the city of Tours to the east of the city centre. An exit is available onto the D801, from where the D910 can easily be accessed. Motorists could stay on the A10 as well, exiting onto the E50, and then the D910.

Tours Airport directions from the east or west

The A85 is the largest road heading towards Tours from these directions, and is a route that can be followed from Vierzon to the east and from Angers in the west. The A85 passes the southern side of Tours, and provides a link to the A10 that heads north towards the airport. Angers is about 96km from the airport.

All main roads of France can become busy and congested at times, and it is therefore best to leave in plenty of time for your departure flight at Tours Airport. Parking is available at the airport free of charge, and there are plenty of spaces for the parking of private vehicles. There is a single terminal building at Tours Airport, with an arrivals area and a departure area. Facilities within the building include a restaurant, a few shops, cash machines, a bureau de change, an airport lounge with a few business services, public telephones and airport information desks.

Passengers departing from Tours Airport can also travel by bus or taxi. Taxis will cost only between 12.00 and 20.00 Euro from the city of Tours, and are available from other areas as well. The buses are called the ‘Blue Wire’, and there is a service to the airport from the Tours Train Station. The bus’ times correspond to the flight schedules of the airline company of Ryanair, as they depart two hours before departure flights. There is no train station at the airport, therefore the airport buses provide a valuable link between the airport and railway services of the country.

Tours Airport directions in more detail are available online at, or passengers can contact the airport at the following telephone number for further information: +33 (0)2 47493700.

If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Tours Airport.

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