Taxis to and from Brest Airport (BES)

Brest Airport is a public airport in the country of France, and is found in the department of Finistère, nearby to the city of Brest on the north-western coastline. The airport is also in the commune of Guipavas, hence its former name of the Brest-Guipavas Airport. It is now the Brest Bretagne Airport, with the official airport code of BES, and is served by the airline companies of Air France, Ryanair, Flybe, EasyJet and Vueling, amongst others. The airport is modern and well constructed with the needs of passengers in mind, and there are various transportation options available, for example, Brest Taxis. Taxis are a quick and convenient way to reach any destination, and are a more private service than the buses.

The airport consists of a brand new terminal building which took four years to build, and was completed in December of 2007. The airport, although currently handling only around a million passengers per annum, now has the capacity for between 1.4 and 1.8 million passengers each year. Arriving passengers will find the terminal to be well equipped with facilities for all their needs, including free Wi-Fi connections, shops and restaurants, cash points, a post box and even a special waiting area for unaccompanied children on departure or arrival flights. When ready to leave the airport, passengers can travel by bus or taxi, as there is no airport train station. The taxis are found in the taxi rank, in front of the airport. There is a drop-off lane to the left, a bus lane in the middle and the taxi lane is found to the right. It is also within easy walking distance of the airport’s facilities.

The Brest Airport taxi company has a fleet of fifty vehicles that run to and from the airport, available for long or short trips, and therefore, passengers will always find a taxi available once they are ready to leave for their next destination. However, a taxi service may also be booked in advance of the passenger’s arrival. Staff at the information desk of the airport can provide assistance.

It is recommended to only use the services of the official airport taxi company, as they are licensed for operation to and from the airport. It can happen that unlicensed taxi drivers offer their services to passengers within the arrival halls of the airport, and these offers should be declined, as there is a risk of being overcharged by unofficial drivers, or a risk of travelling in a vehicle that is not sufficiently insured and of sub-standard quality. The official taxi drivers will be waiting for passengers at their vehicles in the taxi rank, and will not be found in the arrivals area.

Since that the airport is only 10.2km, or 6.4 miles from the city centre of Brest, a journey by taxi to locations within the city will cost between €15 and €30, depending on the time of day and the final destination point. Taxis in France, and at Brest Airport, calculate their fares according to a meter, which is a device that records the length of the journey. A certain rate per kilometre travelled is charged. In addition to the metered taxi fare, customers will also pay a small charge for luggage loaded, animals to be transported or for more than four adult passengers in a taxi. The meter may also start at a minimum set rate. Keep in mind that a taxi will be less expensive during daytime hours, from 07:00 to 17:00, Monday to Saturday, and more expensive during night-time and early morning hours, on Sundays and on public holidays. Passengers are advised to discuss the charges with their driver before leaving the airport. The driver should be willing to explain any additional charges applicable to the journey, the rate per kilometre charged and should also have the various charges displayed somewhere within the vehicle.

Although buses are, in general, a much more affordable form of transport, taxis are a preferred way to travel by many people, for various reasons. Persons in a hurry will find taxis to be a much quicker service, and the convenience of being dropped-off at the door of your residence, hotel or place of business is well worth the extra few Euros. Taxis are therefore particularly popular amongst business passengers. They are also often chosen as a form of transport by families with young children, as a taxi is far easier to negotiate than a bus when small children are involved.

An alternative, but similar option to a conventional taxi, is a private transfer. Various companies are available for private transport from all airport locations, and are a trustworthy way to reach your next ‘stop’. Brest private transfers will be similar in cost to a taxi, but the price will mostly depend on the number of passengers in need of transport. Private companies and taxis may also be able to arrange a child seat for babies and small children travelling in their vehicles, and a special car can usually be arranged for a disabled traveller. Additional or special services should always be reserved in advance.

Brest taxis are available twenty-four hours a day, and will provide a hassle-free way to reach the city of Brest, or any other nearby area. The areas of Gouesnou and Guipavas are also very nearby the airport, and Landerneau, Bohars, Guilers and Plouzané are a little further. Contact the airport information desk for all further enquiries.