Low Cost Brest Lesquin Airport Parking

Airport of Brest is found nearby the north-western coastline of France, and is just 10.2km, or 6.4 miles from the city centre. The official name of the airport is the Brest Bretagne Airport, and it is recognised by the code of BES. Formerly, it was the Brest-Guipavas Airport, due to its location in the commune of Guipavas. The airport serves Brest, as well as other areas in the Finistère department of the country. Brest Airport Parking is available for all passengers arriving in their own vehicles, and the parking lots of the airport are reasonably priced, for both long and short parking stays.

Travelling to the airport in your own vehicle is relatively simple, as several prominent highways and motorways surround the airport. The main access road of the airport is the D167, which is directly linked to the N12. The N12 is the road to follow from Brest city, as well as from areas further east, such as Landivisiau. Coming in at the south of Brest is also the N165, providing access to the city, and the airport, from areas such as Plougastel-Daoulas and Loperhet. Further down the western coastline are the cities of Quimper, Lorient, Vannes and Nantes, and these cities are all linked to the N165 as well. Areas particularly nearby Brest Airport are Gouesnou and Guipavas, linked to the airport by the D67, Kervao, Saint-Tudon, Kernoaz, Baralan and Kereller. Although the journey to the airport is only about fifteen minutes, always leave sufficient time for unexpected traffic delays, and for finding parking at the airport.

Brest Airport parking is today much more efficient than it was a few years ago, as included in the construction of the new terminal were more car parking spaces. The construction work was completed in December 2007, and added approximately 1,200 parking spaces to the original facilities. There are now some 2,500 spaces available, in three different areas. Some parking areas are under cover, while others are open-air car parks, and all are paid-parking areas. However, some areas are more economical for longer stays at the airport.

The P1 Parking Area

This area is referred to in French as the P1 Couvert area, which means that it is a covered parking lot. It has about 430 spaces available, and is spread out over two levels. Passengers have access to the terminal building from P1 by a lift and escalators, found on level 1, the ground floor. Passengers will enter the airport at the centre of the terminal building. The covered parking area of the airport is also the most expensive to use, and the following prices can be taken as a general guideline: 0 to 1 hour or 1 to 2 hours - €4.20, 2 to 6 hours – €8.30, 6 to 12 hours – €10.40, 12 to 24 hours – €15:50, 1 to 2 days – €27.90, 2 to 3 days – €40.40, 3 to 4 days – €52.80, 4 to 5 days – €65.30, 5 to 6 days – €77.70 and 6 to 8 days – €82.80.

Season tickets are available for purchase for all the car parking areas at the airport, and the cost of a ticket for the P1 parking lot is €830.

The P2 Parking Area

In French, this is the Proximité parking area, which means that it is the area that is closest to the terminal building. It consists of 820 parking spaces, and is found in front of the airport. Parking here has slight protection from the central alley, in the form of the tail of a manta ray. P2 is best used for short to medium stays, and its prices are as follows: 0 – 2 hours to €2.30, 2 to 6 hours – €4.30, 6 to 12 hours – €7.40, 12 to 24 hours – €10.70, 1 to 2 days – €18.10, 2 to 3 days – €25.60, 3 to 4 days – €33.00, 4 to 5 days – €40.50 and 5 to 6 days – €48.00. Parking in this areas is therefore about half the price of P1. A season ticket for P2 will cost €465.

The P3 Parking Area

P3 is known as the Economique, or Budget parking area, as it offers the cheapest parking rates at the airport. Parking is also free in this area for the first hour. There are 1,000 spaces available. P3 is furthest from the terminal, but still within walking distance, and the parking area is not under cover. A day of parking in this area will only cost €5.60, and ten days of parking is only charged at €28.40. A season ticket for P3 will cost €378.

There are parking spaces for disabled passengers, in two of the car parking lots. There are 10 reserved spaces in P1, on Level 0, and 12 spaces in P2, which are available for disabled drivers at the same price as the usual parking fees charged at P3 (persons liable for the discounted parking fares should go to the Parking Service before leaving the terminal). There is also a drop-off zone at the airport, which can be used by all motorists, and with four spaces for disabled passengers or drivers. The drop-off lane is situated in front of the forecourt of the terminal, on the third traffic and parking lane. The forecourt is therefore divided into three zones: The first is for public transport, the second for taxis and the third for dropping-off departing passengers arriving in private vehicles. In the drop-off zone, the driver will need to remain near his/her vehicle, preferably behind the wheel, and the car should not park for more than a few minutes at most. No car should be left unattended in the drop-off zone.

Parking payments can be made at any of the payment machines nearby the terminal exit, with either notes or coins. You will then have fifteen minutes to collect your vehicle and exit the parking area. Payments may also be made by credit card or a French bank card with a pin number at the parking lot exits. Further information regarding Brest Parking can be obtained by contacting the airport at the following details: Telephone number - +33 (0) 2 98 32 86 37, fax number - +33 (0) 2 98 32 86 14, email – service.parkings@brest.aeroport.fr.