Biarritz Airport Taxis (BIQ)

Biarritz Airport is located approximately 5km, or 3 miles from the large town of Biarritz, and is also nearby the towns of Anglet and Bayonne, along the south-western coastline of France. Biarritz is known to be the last major seaside resort of the country before the Spanish border, and its airport handles around a million passengers per annum, many of which are local and international tourists. The airport has the official code of BIQ, and is a modern establishment with a variety of facilities and transport options. Biarritz taxis take passengers to all nearby destinations, and are a convenient and quick way to travel. Although more expensive than buses, taxis are often preferred by business professionals and by families who need a faster way to their residence or hotel.

The Parme Airport, or the Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport, has a single terminal building and one runway. It is served by the airline companies of Air France, Ryanair and EasyJet, and passengers arrive from destinations which include London, Manchester, and Rotterdam, as well as other airports in France, such as Marseille, Nice, Geneva and Lyon. The transport services, including the Biarritz Airport taxis, are found directly outside the arrival area, and are therefore convenient for the use of all passengers. Taxis are available at the airport throughout its opening hours, which are from 05:30 to 23:00 during the week, on Saturdays from 05:30 to 22:30 and on Sundays from 06:00 to 23:00. A sign at the exit of the building indicates the taxi rank location.

All passengers at French airports are recommended to use only the official airport taxis from the rank in the dedicated area, usually outside of the arrival hall. Especially at larger airports, there could be unlicensed taxi drivers who offer their services to unsuspecting arriving passengers, and these services should be declined. Passengers who are unsure of which taxis to use could confirm their transport with the staff members at the information desk. The information desk is open from 08:00 to 22:00, seven days a week. It is also usually possible to book a taxi in advance, but seldom necessary, as taxis are always available at the taxi rank. Keep in mind, official taxi drivers will always be waiting at their vehicles, and will not be approaching passengers in the arrival halls.

Taxis at most France Airports, operate on a metered system, which means that the taxi fare is calculated according to the distance travelled. Each taxi should be equipped with a metre, and a list of the costs involved should be displayed somewhere inside the vehicle. Always ensure that your taxi’s metre is turned on, and in working condition. However, be aware that the metered rate charged will not include additional fees for luggage loaded, more than four adults transported and the costs of transporting animals. There will also usually be an airport surcharge for all journeys commencing from airport locations. Your Biarritz Airport taxi driver should be willing to explain all costs involved, and it is recommended to discuss the fare before leaving the airport. At many airport locations, the average charges for journeys to the most popular destinations are displayed at the information desk.

From Biarritz Airport, passengers travelling to central Biarritz in a taxi will pay approximately €12.00 for the journey, and a trip to central Bayonne will cost around €15.00. Taxi fares are lower during weekday hours, between 07:00 and 17:00, and more expensive during later evening hours and over weekends and public holidays.

At the airport, there are also private transfer companies available for arriving passengers, and they are an alternative to the conventional taxi at the taxi rank. The services of a private transfer company will need to be booked in advanced. Prices for this journey will be similar to that of a taxi, but may be more or less expensive, depending on the number of passengers who require transport, and the final destination. A private transfer is a good option for families with young children, as child seats can often be requested. Some popular destinations by private transfer from the airport include St Jean de Luz (€45), Hossegor (€75), San Sebastian (€115), Hendaye (€70), Le Vieux Port Camping (€120) and the Labenne Sylvamar Camp Site (75). The prices indicated are approximate, and for four people.

Biarritz taxis, although more expensive than the local and regional bus services, are a convenient way to travel, and passengers can expect good and friendly service from the drivers. The airport is fully accessible to disabled passengers, and taxis specially equipped for persons with reduced mobility may be arranged as well. It is best to arrange any special service or vehicle in advance of your arrival at the airport.