Low Cost Biarritz Airport Parking

Biarritz Airport is a France Airport that is served by several popular airline companies, including Air France and Ryanair, and handles almost, or just over, a million passengers per annum. The airport is located just 5km, or 3 miles from the large town of Biarritz, which is the last major holiday resort area before the Spanish border, along the south-western coastline of the country. The airport is otherwise referred to as the Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport, or the Parme Airport, and has the official code of BIQ. Passengers will find the Biarritz car parking area to be adequate, and can park at the airport for reasonable rates, for any length of time.

Motorists driving and parking at the airport can reach the airport via a number of main roads and highways. It is well connected to all the nearby towns, such as Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne, as well as to further locations, for example, Bidart, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye, nearby the border. The main access roads of the airport are the D810, running from Bayonne and Anglet, and the D260, from Biarritz. The A63 is another major road passing the airport, and comes in from southern and northern areas, while the A64 provides access from the east. Upon arrival, motorists can follow the signposts to the various parking areas.

Biarritz Parking consists of four parking lots, and some of these are better used for short-term parking, while others for stays of a longer time period. They are named P0, P8, P2 and P3, and are all within walking distance of the airport’s terminal building. P3 is the short-term car parking area at the airport, and it is located closest to the terminal. Its parking rates are quite expensive, therefore motorists are only advised to use this area for a few hours at most. However, the first half an hour of parking is for free, which allows an adequate amount of time for dropping off departing passengers or for awaiting arriving passengers. After the first half hour, motorists will pay €1.50 up until an hour of parking, €2.50 for two hours, €3.20 for three hours and thereafter, €5.00 per hour.

Just outside the terminal, are the P0/P8 parking lots, and these areas offer the first half hour of parking for free as well. The rate for parking here are the same as for P3 up until three hours of parking, but is less expensive thereafter. Between three and twelve hours will cost about €5.40, between twelve and eighteen hours €7.20, between eighteen and twenty-four hours €9.50 and for between twenty-four and thirty-six hours €14.90. From thirty-six hours to forty-eight hours, parking will cost €18.20, and after forty-eight hours, €7.10 per day. This parking lot is therefore ideal for short to medium-length parking stays.

P2 is the most economical car parking area at Biarritz, as parking of one to two days here will only cost €13.80. Thereafter, each day of parking is charged at €4.80. This parking area can be considered as the long-term parking lot of the airport. It is furthest from the terminal, but no buses are required in order to reach the check-in areas. For passengers with heavy luggage loads, there are luggage trolleys available, which can be ‘hired’ for a one Euro deposit. Upon return of the trolley, the Euro is refunded.

Passengers who are more frequent users of the Biarritz Airport parking lots can buy season tickets, and have unlimited access to the facilities. A month of parking in P0 or P8 can be purchased for €110.00, while for P2, a month will be €76.00. Parking can also be purchased for three months, six months or a year in either parking area.

The parking areas are similar to those found at most airports, with an entry ticket received from machines at the entrance to the areas. This ticket must be kept somewhere safe, as it will be needed to pay for the parking period and to exit the parking lot. Payments are made at the automatic machines located just inside and outside of the terminal building. They usually accept cash or credit cards. There is also an information desk for the parking areas inside the terminal.

At smaller France airports, parking for the drop-off of departing passengers on the road passing the terminal is usually possible, but this area should not be used for lengthy parking stays. Motorists may stop only for a minute or two, whilst their passengers exit the vehicle and take their belongings. The driver is recommended to remain in the vehicle, and may not leave his/her car unattended for any reason. Motorists should consider using the half an hour of free parking for dropping off passengers instead, as it helps to reduce traffic past the entrance of the building. For disabled passengers, there are eleven dedicated parking spaces available, and they are located with the easiest access to the terminal building in mind. Disabled visitors or passengers will also find the terminal to be completely accessible, with pavement ramps, adapted telephones and suitable toilet facilities.

The Biarritz Parking areas should be used at the motorist’s own risk, but are most convenient for anyone departing from the airport, and in need of a place to leave their vehicle. Further information is available from the airport, during their hours of operation.