Trains to and from Biarritz Airport (BIQ)

Biarritz Airport is a French airport of medium size, handling approximately a million passengers per annum, and is located nearby the large towns of Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne, along the south-western coastline of the country. For this reason, the airport’s official name is the Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport, and it is also recognised by its airport code of BIQ. Another name for the airport is the Parme Airport, due to its location on the grounds of Parme. Transport options for passengers include by bus or taxi, but there are no airport trains available, as the airport does not have its own train station. However, a few train stations are located nearby, for those who would like to continue their journey by rail.

The airport consists of a single terminal building, which is modern and well equipped with facilities for arriving and departing passengers. Within the terminal (which is capable of handling up to 1.4 million passengers per annum) there is a cash point, a restaurant and bar, a number of shops selling a variety of items, such as newspapers, magazines, clothing and accessories, Wi-Fi connections, a post box, a tourist information office and a general information desk, which is open from 08:00 to 22:00, seven days a week. The airport is also fully equipped for the comfort of disabled passengers, with adapted toilet facilities and pavement ramps. Although there is no Biarritz Airport train station, passengers can easily make the journey to one of two nearby train stations by using the buses available from just outside the arrival areas of the terminal building.

The local bus service which connects all areas within the towns of Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne, and which operates several routes to and from the airport, is known as the Chronoplus urban transport network. One of these buses should be taken if you want to reach either the Biarritz train station or the Bayonne train station. They are available at regular intervals throughout the day, and the journey will only cost about one Euro, as all their routes are priced the same. A single ticket is valid for one hour, and is available for purchase from the bus driver.

The Chronoplus line C bus travels from Biarritz Airport to the Biarritz train station, at La Négresse in about ten minutes, as the station is located just 2 miles, or 3km from the town centre of Biarritz. This station is operated by the main railway company of France, known as SNCF, and is on the main high speed TGV line from Paris. Passengers who wish to travel between Biarritz and the famous city of Paris can either choose to ride on the faster TGV train service, which will cover the distance in just five hours, or on the overnight Lunea train, which takes a little longer, but is somewhat cheaper. Journeys to various other destinations are available as well, from the Biarritz train station, including to San Sebastián just past the Spanish/French border. Travelling to Spain is quite popular from the airport, as Biarritz is located just 11 miles, or 18km from the border of this country.

The Biarritz train station is fairly well equipped with facilities. Its passengers can stop for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants, or connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi access points. There are public telephones available, as well as a tourist office in the main hall of the station, from where maps and brochures can be found. At the station there are no left luggage services or banks and currency exchange services. The station is located along Av. du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and it’s about a half an hour to forty minutes walk to the centre of town. However, local buses are frequently available from the station, and the Number 2 bus takes passengers to the town centre. The local buses depart from just outside the train station exit.

Passengers who need to reach the Bayonne train station will take the Chronoplus line 14 bus, and the journey will take approximately half an hour. Tickets may also be purchased on the bus, from the driver.

Train tickets for the French TGV railway services should always be booked in advance, and can be reserved up to three months before your time of departure. The TGV trains run to all major cities in France and northern Spain, and are a very convenient and fast way to travel. They run at speeds nearing 200mph, and feature comfortable interiors with plenty of legroom. From Paris, TGV trains take passengers to Lyon in two hours, to Marseille, Grenoble and Bordeaux in three hours and to Nice in just under six hours. When travelling by train in France, always ensure that you validate your train ticket at one of the yellow machines on the station platform before departure. Fines will be issued to passengers without a valid ticket, or for tickets that have not been stamped.

Although no airport train station, passengers arriving in Biarritz by plane can still easily continue their journey by rail, and will find the bus services from the airport to be efficient, comfortable and affordable. Further information regarding the airport and the airport train and bus services can be obtained from the staff members at the information desk within the airport’s terminal.