Buses to and from Bordeaux Airport (BOD)

Bordeaux Airport is conveniently situated only 10 km (6 miles) to the west of Bordeaux, and is easy to access as it is just off the ring road that loops around the city. From the airport there are a few bus services which provide transport to the main railway station in Bordeaux, Bordeaux city center as well as other railway stations and tram connections.

The airport consists of a single, multi-level terminal building, which is divided into Hall A and Hall B. These two halls are connected by a covered walkway. The departures area of the airport can be located on the upper levels of the terminal, whereas the arrivals area is found on the lower levels of the terminal building. The bus stops at the airport can be found outside Hall B, on the arrivals level.

One of the main bus services at the airport is the Jet’Bus, which is also referred to as the Bordeaux Airport shuttle service. The Jet’Bus travels to Gare St. Jean, Bordeaux’s main train station, and it also travels via the city center. There are plenty of buses available throughout the day, as they leave approximately every 45 minutes from the airport. The first bus departure from the airport is at 07:45, and the last is at 22:45. Although the Jet’Buses are available every day of the week, the first bus to depart on Saturdays and Sundays is only at 8:30. The cost of travel for these buses is €7.00 per person for a one-way ticket, and €12.00 per person for a return ticket. For certain individuals the ticket prices are reduced to €6.00 for one-way and €10.00 for a return ticket. The reduced prices are applicable to persons aged 60 and older, people under the age of 26, and for families of three people or more. Children under the age of five travel for free. Groups of ten or more people traveling together must book seats on the Jet’Bus at least eight days in advance of the service required.

The above information is also similar for the Jet’Buses traveling from Gare St. Jean to Bordeaux Airport. From here buses also depart every 45 minutes, and the first bus leaves at 06:45, and the last bus leaves at 21:45. On weekends the first bus departs at 07:30. Traveling time between the train station and the airport is approximately 30 – 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

The second bus service at Bordeaux Airport is the Bordeaux Urban Community ‘Liane 1’. This bus now substitutes bus Number 49, and connects the airport to the ‘Bordeaux city center Quinconces’ and other railway stations, such as the ‘Mérignac Soleil’, ‘Mérignac Center’, ‘Barrière Judaïque’ and the ‘Gambetta square’. At the ‘Mérignac Center’ there are connections to Tram Line A, and at the ‘Bordeaux Quinconces’ there are connections with Tram Lines B and C.

Passengers arriving at Bordeaux who will be staying at a hotel could make enquiries with their chosen place of accommodation as to whether they provide complimentary shuttle services. Many hotels offer transport from and to airports, and this service is usually for free, although you may need to make a booking in advance.

Within the city of Bordeaux, the bus system is organized around the three main train stations. From these stations you can reach any destination in the city. The train stations are Gare St. Jean, which offers bus services to the city center and to northern areas of the city, La Place de La Victorie, which has buses that run to the city center, the main railway station and to north and southwest destinations, and La Place Gambetta, where the buses travel to La Victorie, the main train station, and destinations to the west, north and northwest of the city. Bus tickets can be purchased on the buses, but it is sometimes more economical to buy them from one of the TBC agencies or the tourism offices. There are TBC kiosks at all the main bus stations. Tourists can buy the Bordeaux Decouverte card, which allows unlimited bus travel for one to six days.

Tourists will also find the la navette du centre-ville buses to be very useful. These are small electric buses which are able to travel in the pedestrian areas of the city center. The navette buses do not stop at pre-determined locations. If you want to catch one of these buses, simply wave to the driver, and when you want to get off again, just ask him to stop.

Regional buses are mostly available from the bus terminal in Allées de Chartres, to the north side of the Esplanade des Quinconces, and Euroline provides coach transport to most European cities from the Rue Charles Domercq, nearby the Gare St. Jean.

Passengers should find the bus services relatively simple and easy to use, however, further information can be acquired at the airport’s information desks in both Hall A and Hall B, as well as in the departures area of Hall B. Between 16 June and 13 September the airport has a Tourist Office available to provide extra information required. The office is located in front of Terminal B.