Taxis to and from Bordeaux Airport (BOD)

Bordeaux Airport is an international airport which has one, multi-level terminal building. The terminal is in an L-shape and is relatively easy to navigate. Within the building there is Hall A and Hall B, with the arrival areas on the lower levels and the departure areas on the upper levels. The airport has a few different transportation options for passengers traveling to and from the airport. Besides the bus services, there are many taxis outside the arrivals area.

The airport is situated reasonably nearby Bordeaux city. The airport’s distance from the city is only 10 km, or 6 miles, therefore a ride by taxi is approximately 30 minutes to the center of Bordeaux, and costs around €25.00 to €30.00.

There is quite a large variety of reputable taxi companies at Bordeaux Airport, and these include: Taxis De Merignac, Taxis Girondins, Taxis Tele, Allo Bordeaux Taxi, Taxis 33, Aquitaine Taxis Radio, Aero Taxi and Taxi Phone. Taxis can be hired from directly outside the arrivals area of the airport, or you can make a reservation by contacting any one of these companies. Their contact numbers are as follows: Taxis De Merignac - +33 5 5697 1127; Taxis Girondins - +335 5680 7037; Taxis Tele - +335 5696 0034; Allo Bordeaux Taxi - +335 5631 6107; Taxis 33 - +335 5674 9506; Aquitaine Taxis Radio - +335 5686 8030; Aero Taxi - +335 5640 1753 and Taxi Phone - +335 5629 1025.

Although taxis are always the most expensive type of travel available, many people find taxi services to be convenient and efficient. They are especially useful if you are carrying heavy or large amounts of luggage, as sometimes it is not easy to cope with luggage on buses. Taxi fares are determined by various factors, which do not only include the miles traveled. Charges are added to the fare for luggage loaded, traveling at night or on Sundays and holidays, animals and for a fourth passenger. It is wise to check if the taxi you are traveling in has a meter or not. Usually a meter is the device which notes the miles traveled during your taxi journey. If the taxi does not have a meter, the taxi fare should be discussed with the driver before you leave the airport.

When traveling to the airport by taxi, taxi ranks can usually be found at all the main train and bus stations within the city, as well as at any major public or tourist location. The train stations in Bordeaux include the Gare St. Jean (main train station), La Place de La Victorie and La Place Gambetta. Taxis can also be called to collect you directly from your location, but be aware that the taxi driver includes the miles from his current location in your taxi fare. Therefore, there are already charges applicable when the taxi arrives to collect you. The extra money is sometimes worth it for the convenience, but if you would rather save money, then catch a taxi directly from one of the taxi ranks.

Smarter forms of travel can be arranged by limousine from Bordeaux Airport, as there are a few local companies which offer chauffeur driven transport. Unlike a taxi, limousines are usually a service which is booked in advance.

The airport offers transport services by a variety of companies for disabled people and people with reduced mobility. Some of these companies include Age d’or Services, Alipes, Allo Chauffeur, API, Mobibus, Munier, Partenaire Insertion, Transadapt Services, Transports Gill and Transmobils. API though is not able to offer transport to those individuals in wheelchairs.

There is also a car-pooling opportunity from the airport, where drivers and passengers can occasionally, or even on a regular basis, travel together. This option can be convenient and cost-effective. More information can be obtained from the websites at or

Passengers wanting to travel by taxi from BOD can find out more information at the Airport Information areas, located in both of the Halls, as well as in the departures area of Hall B. During the period of 16 June to 13 September there is a Tourist Office available in front of the airport’s Terminal B. They are open from Mondays to Saturdays, between the hours of 09:00 and 13:00, and again between 14:00 and 18:00.