Trains to and from Bordeaux Airport (BOD)

Although Bordeaux Airport is a relatively large international destination, handling over three million passengers per year, there is no actual train station on site. However, passengers can easily reach the main train station in Bordeaux by transport services offered by buses and taxis.

Passengers who would like to reach the Bordeaux train station, Gare St. Jean, should catch the Jet’Bus available outside Hall B, on the arrivals level of the terminal building. This bus leaves the airport every 45 minutes, and operates every day of the week. The first bus departs at 07:45 and the last bus leaves at 22:45. On Saturdays and Sundays the first bus departure is at 08:30. The journey by bus to Gare St. Jean is a 30 – 40 minute ride, depending on traffic conditions, and a usual one-way ticket costs €7.00. A return ticket is €12.00. For persons aged 60 and older, those under the age of 26, and for families of more than three, the ticket prices are reduced to €6.00 per person for a one-way ticket and €10.00 for a return ticket. Children under the age of five travel for free. Larger groups of passengers (ten people or more) should make a reservation for the Jet’Bus at least eight days in advance.

The Jet’Bus can also be taken from Gare St. Jean to the airport. The buses also leave every 45 minutes, and the first bus departs at 06:45. The last bus leaves the station at 21:45. On Saturdays and Sundays the first bus only departs at 07:30.

The Bordeaux Urban Community ‘Liane 1’ bus travels to the city center as well as to the other train stations in Bordeaux, such as the La Place Gambetta. This bus also travels to the ‘Mérignac Center’, where there are connections to Tram Line A, and the ‘Bordeaux Quinconces’, where passengers can find Tram Lines B and C.

Gare St. Jean is located only 3 km from the city center of Bordeaux, and is one of the major railway stations in the south-west of France. It is operated by the RFF/SNCF, and was established in 1898. This train station was built by M Toudoire and S Choron, and today handles eleven and a half million passengers per year. When looking at the station from the front, it looks as though it is divided into three parts. The mid-section is the station buffet, while the other two sections are the arrival and departure halls. These three sections are parallel to the platforms. Gare St. Jean has three lines which belong to the SNCF TGV Atlantique, the Corail Intercités and Téoz, and the TER Aquitaine. In total there are fifteen tracks.

Bordeaux train station is the main railway interchange in Aquitaine. It is well connected to Paris, Sète, Toulouse, Matabiau and Spain. Trains arrive at the station every day from Bayonne, Nantes, La Rochelle, Poitiers and Biarritz. It is also very quick to travel to many of the major French cities from Bordeaux, as there is the extremely speedy TGV service available. This service will take you to Paris in about three hours, traveling at speeds of nearly 300 km/h. Since the arrival of this speedy service the Gare St. Jean train station has been renovated and upgraded with modern equipment. However, it has mostly kept its original features.

Within the train station there are a few cafes and vending machines, as well as lockers for storing baggage. There are also washrooms which are ‘pay per use’ and pay phones available. These phones need a phone card from the local telecom, or a universal phone card. Gare St. Jean is extremely busy, and it is recommended that you arrive at the station early, especially if you need to make reservations or have enquiries, as the information center can have long queues. It is wise to make a reservation for the trains traveling to Barcelona, as these trains are usually quick to fill up.

Passengers arriving at Bordeaux Airport who would like to continue their journey by train can purchase one of the Eurail Passes available. There is the Eurail Selectpass and the Eurailpass. The Eurail Selectpass is applicable if you are only traveling to a few specific countries. The Eurail Selectpass Saver is available for groups of travelers, and the Eurail Selectpass Youth is for individuals under the age of 26. The Eurailpass covers travel for 17 European countries, and is also available at a discounted rate for younger travelers.

Travel enquiries can be made at the information desks in the airport, which are available in both Hall A and Hall B. From 16 June to 13 September there is also a Tourist Office available outside Terminal B.