Bergerac Airport Taxis (EGC)

Bergerac Airport handles under 400,000 passengers per annum, and is one of the smaller airports that serve the mid-western region of France. This area is known as the Aquitaine region, and the airport falls under the Dordogne department of the country. It is also particularly nearby the city of Bergerac, and is commonly referred to as the Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, or even as the Bergerac-Roumanière Airport, due to its location alongside Roumanière. The Bergerac Airport taxis are one of the only forms of transport available from the airport, as there are no bus or train services. Taxis, although quite expensive, provide a quick and convenient way to reach any nearby destination.

The Bergerac Airport is very easy to navigate, as it simply consists of one large terminal building, which offers facilities for departing passengers on the one side and an area for arriving passengers on the other. All facilities are within easy walking distance of one another, including the car parking area and taxi rank. The Bergerac Airport taxis can be found directly outside the arrival area, and there are almost always cars available for the transport of passengers. Since that no buses offer routes to or from the airport, by taxi is a very popular way to travel, unless the passenger has arranged his/her own rented car. Taxis are also always the most convenient way to reach the train or bus station in the city of Bergerac, should you wish to continue your journey by public transport.

The Bergerac Airport taxis can be contacted at +33 (0) 5 53 23 32 32, however, an advanced reservation is not usually required. Passengers are recommended to only use the official Bergerac Airport taxis for their transport, but since that this is only a small airport facility, there should not be too many encounters with illegal taxi drivers. In the larger of the France Airports, they can be a problem. A taxi is the only way to reach the main bus and train station of Bergerac, and this journey will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes, at the expense of around fifteen Euros. The roads in and around Bergerac are mostly free from congestion, and are easy to travel, which makes catching a taxi from the airport even more convenient.

Passengers arriving at Bergerac Airport often take a taxi to various other destinations as well, as it is just simply more convenient than trying to work out a bus or train schedule from the city. The following is a list of the more popular areas nearby Bergerac, and their approximate taxi fare:  Bourdielles - €40.00, Gensac - €115.00, Domaine de Peyrecaty - €100.00, Périgueux - €15.00, Monflanquin - €140.00, Villeneuvre-sur-Lot - €150.00, Faux - €90.00, Laverdac - €160.00, Douzillac - €63.00, Grand Brassac - €100.00, Sarlat - €110.00, La Bugue - €72.00, Allemans du Dropt - €54.00, Saint-Martial-de-Nabirat - €120.00, Belves – between €120.00 and €130.00, and to Cahors or Douelle, between €140.00 and €150.00.

The taxi fares mentioned above are for travelling during weekday hours or on Saturdays, and may not include additional costs for heavy luggage loaded or more than three adults in a taxi. There will also be extra charges for animals travelling in a taxi, and a mandatory airport surcharge fee will be applicable to the journey. Taxis are more expensive on Sundays and public holidays, and also during later night hours and early morning hours, usually between 19:00 and 07:00. In France, and in the Dordogne region, taxis operate on a metered system, and therefore the taxi fare is calculated per kilometre travelled. Your taxi should be equipped with a meter, and this device should be turned on and in working condition. However, it is also always recommended to discuss the average fare with your driver to your destination before leaving Bergerac Airport.

Although many of the Bergerac Airport taxi operators speak English, it is wise to learn a few words relating to their service in French as well. This will also make you seem less vulnerable to overcharging. Another recommendation is to find out the average taxi fare to your destination from the airport’s information desk before approaching the taxi driver. You will then know if the price estimated by your driver is reasonable. At many airports in France, the taxi fares are displayed for the convenience of their passengers.

Bergerac Airport taxis are ideal for all kinds of travellers, including families with small children and business professionals, but there may also be private transfer companies available from the airport, which offer services that will need to be reserved in advance. Prices for private transfers could be similar or even less expensive than a taxi.