Getting to Bergerac Airport

Bergerac Airport is one of the smaller airports found in France, and is located approximately 3km, or 1.6 miles from the city Bergerac. It is known by two other names as well, one of which is the Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, and the other is the Bergerac-Roumanière Airport, both due to the airport’s location in these areas and departments. The airport, although small, is well equipped for the needs of arriving and departing passengers, and is easily accessible by road. Bergerac Airport directions are simple to follow, as it lies on one of the main roads that lead into the city, and to various other nearby areas.

The city of Bergerac, and its airport, lie in the mid-western region of France, and is to the west of the larger city of Bordeaux. North of Bergerac is Périgueux and Angoulême, while to the south are the cities of Agen and Toulouse. Bergerac is also to the west of Brive-la-Gaillarde and Grenoble, another important city in France. The address of Bergerac Airport is the Aéroport de Bergerac Dordogne Périgord / Bergerac Airport, Route d’Agen, 24100, Bergerac, and staff at the airport can be reached at the following telephone number:  05 53 22 25 25. The main access road of the airport is the N21, which can be taken from Bergerac city, or from areas further north and south of Bergerac.

Bergerac Airport directions from Bergerac

Driving to Bergerac Airport from the city will take just ten to fifteen minutes, as traffic congestion is rarely a problem, and the main road to follow is the N21, which can be accessed from a number of roads in the city, such as the Rue Beaumarchais, the Rue Jean Macé, the Rue Louis Belin, Av. De Verdun, Av. Du Professeur Albert Calmette, Rue Guibeaud, Rue Jules Michelet, Rue Albert Garrigat and the Rue Clairat. The N21 crosses over the River Dordogne, and then heads south to the airport, passing it on its western and northern sides. The access road of the airport also passes Bergerac city on its eastern side, and travels through areas that include La Nauve, Saint-Lizier and Le Penaud. From all main routes, the airport is well signposted as the Aéroport de Bergerac Dordogne Périgord.

Bergerac Airport directions from Périgueux

Start from Périgueux on the D6021 south. This road leads to the N21, which passes Notre-Dame-de-Sanilhac, Grun-Bordas, Les Trois Frères and Le Tourron. At La Ribeyrie, the N21 is also known as the Route de Périgueux, and continues to the city of Bergerac, and to the airport. Lembras will be passed in this area, as well as Pombonne and Le Saut.

Bergerac Airport directions from the south

From Eymet, the D933 leads towards Bergerac city and the airport, and the N21 heads north from Castillonnès, and passes Plaisance, Saint-Perdoux, Colombier, Planque and Saint-Christophe along the way. The N21 also provides access to Bergerac Airport from Agen, further to the south.

Bergerac Airport directions from Bordeaux

The best road to follow from Bordeaux to Bergerac Airport is the D936. Nearby Bergerac city, turn onto the N21, and head for the airport. The D936 also continues into the city.

Roads leading towards Bergerac Airport from the east include the D19, passing areas such as Faux and Saint-Nexans, the D660 from Monpazier and the D703 from Lalinde.

Bergerac Airport consists of a single terminal building, with arrivals on one end and departures on the other, and all facilities are within easy walking distance. The car parking area has space for just over 500 vehicles, and is nearby the terminal. Within the airport, there is a cash machine, a multi-service store, a restaurant and various travel agencies, and the terminal is equipped for disabled passengers, with adequate toilet facilities and pavement ramps. There is also a nappy-changing area for travellers with infants. Bergerac Airport provides fast and friendly service, and the check-in queues are generally short, however, always arrive in good time for your flight.

If you don’t have your own vehicle, or are without a rented car, the only other way to reach the airport is by taxi, as there are no public bus services that travel to Bergerac Airport, and no train station in the nearby vicinity. Taxis are available on call from any location in or nearby the city. Bergerac Airport directions in more detail can be found online, at, and further information regarding the airport can be obtained from the information booth within the terminal.