Trains to and from Bergerac Airport (EGC)

Bergerac Airport is one of the smaller France airports, and mainly serves the city of Bergerac, and other nearby areas, such as Périgueux. The airport handles around 300,000 passengers per annum, and although small, is reasonably well equipped for its passengers. It is also known as the Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, or as the Bergerac-Roumanière Airport, due to its close proximity with the area of Roumanière. Transportation options, however, are limited, as there is no Bergerac Airport train station, and no airport bus available. A taxi is needed for transport from the airport in order to reach Bergerac train connections.

Bergerac Airport is located approximately 3km, or 1.6 miles to the south-west of the city, and is particularly nearby the areas of Le Penaud, Saint-Christophe, Villac, La Boule and Les Blanchiers. The airport serves the Aquitaine region of France, and is found in the Dordogne department of the region. The city of Bergerac is situated to the west of Bordeaux, one of the larger cities in France, to the south of Périgueux, and to the north of Agen and Toulouse. Bergerac Airport is small, but a significant gateway to the mid-western area of the country, and is a popular arrival point for passengers from the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, public transport from Bergerac Airport is virtually non-existent, and there is certainly no train station on the airport site. Taxis are about the only option for transport to and from the airport, unless a hired car is organised.

In order to reach the Bergerac train station, the short trip by taxi will cost between fifteen and twenty Euros, and will take between ten and fifteen minutes, depending on traffic conditions, but there are usually no congestion problems. The address of the Gare de Bergerac is at Avenue du 108e Régiment d’Infanterie, Bergerac 24100, and information regarding the train services is available by telephone, at +33 5 53635380. The train station of the city is also nearby the main bus station, for easy transfer between the two modes of transport. Buses are often taken to areas when there are no trains available, or to areas which are not linked by a train service to Bergerac.

Railway connections to Bergerac, and subsequently the Bergerac Airport, are not extensive, but there are a few which are useful. The Bergerac train station is on the direct route from Bordeaux to Sarlat, and therefore served by the line TER Sarlat/Bordeaux. Trains that run this route are of the slower regional variety, and travel along the River Dordogne, stopping at all the stations en-route. Most trains are available in the mornings and evenings, during commuting times, and a couple run around midday. Each day of the week, there are two trains to Bordeaux, four trains to Libourne and three trains to Sarlat. Passengers travelling to Sarlat will find one train available in the morning, and two in the early afternoon.

From the larger train stations of Bordeaux, a greater variety of destinations are offered, and the high speed TGV trains are available to the larger French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Nice. Périgueux to the north of Bergerac can be reached by the bus services of the Dordogne region, and this town also has a railway station, from where there are daily trains to Paris. At most of the larger train stations of France, Eurostar connections are also available, for travel to destinations within all countries of Europe.   

The majority of train services in France do not require a reservation, and tickets can be purchased on the day of travel, from the train station ticket offices or online, from the official SNCF website at However, tickets for the TGV high speed trains will need to be purchased in advance. All tickets will require validation in the orange punching-machines at the stations, before boarding the train. Passengers found without a valid and ‘punched’ train ticket could face a heavy fine. Various rail passes are available for passengers who plan to travel more extensively, and discounts are offered for younger travellers, senior travellers and for persons with reduced mobility, and with sight or hearing impairments.  

SNCF has a website dedicated to their services in the Aquitaine region as well, found at, and further information for travellers with disabilities can be found at Although no Bergerac Airport train station, passengers could still find out further information regarding the railway services offered in Bergerac from the information desk of the airport.