Low Cost Bergerac Airport Parking

Bergerac Airport is one of the smaller international airports of France, and is located just to the south-east of Bergerac city, in the mid-western region of the country. It is also known as the Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, or as the Bergerac-Roumanière Airport, and mainly handles passengers to and from the United Kingdom. The airport is served by airline companies such as Flybe and Ryanair, and is reasonably well equipped with various facilities. Bergerac Airport parking is provided in one area nearby the terminal building, and is a car park which requires a fee for its use.

Bergerac Airport is conveniently situated on the N21 national road, and just three kilometres from the city, therefore, motorists driving and parking at the airport will easily be able to reach their departure flight in good time. Traffic congestion in the area is seldom a problem as well, and from the city, the airport is just a ten minute drive away. The N21 also provides access to the airport from the south, from areas such as Agen, Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Castillonnès, and from areas further north, such as Périgueux. Other main roads leading to Bergerac Airport include the D936 from Bordeaux and the D660 from Lalinde. Motorists can also use the satellite navigation coordinates of 44°49′28″N 000°31′14″E in order to more easily find the airport, and will easily locate the Bergerac Airport parking area on the road leading to the terminal building.

Bergerac Airport Parking

The parking area of the airport is found adjacent to the single terminal building, which consists of a large hall with an arrival area on one side and facilities for departing passengers on the other. This building was recently extended and renovated to increase the airport’s capacity for passenger traffic, and is now able to handle up to 400,000 passengers per annum. There are a total of 535 car parking spaces available to customers with private vehicles, and these spaces can be used for short-term or long-term parking periods.

At many airports in France, there are separate parking areas for short-stays and long-stays, with different parking tariffs, but at Bergerac Airport, since it is such a small establishment, there is just one set of rates for the use of the single parking area. Passengers may also use this area for as long as needed, but if leaving Bergerac for a particularly lengthy time, it may be better to arrive at the airport by taxi, as airport parking can be expensive.

The first half an hour of parking at Bergerac Airport is free of charge, and provides a most convenient amount of time for motorists to drop off departing passengers, or to wait for arriving family members, friends or colleagues. Many airports offer a free period of parking to help eliminate the need for vehicles to pass and stop at the front entrance of the terminal building, however, there is usually still a ‘drop-off zone’ available for a quick delivery of passengers at the front of the airport’s facilities. In this area, vehicles may not be left unattended, and the driver should preferably stay behind the wheel. Stopping in front of the terminal is also only allowed for a minute or two. Should the departing passenger need assistance with the offloading of luggage, a third person is recommended to accompany the passenger and driver.

An hour of Bergerac Airport parking will cost about €3.00, and up to two hours will be charged at €4.50. A stay between two and four hours will cost motorists €6.50, parking of between four and twelve hours will cost €9.50 and parking of between twelve and twenty-four hours will cost €12.00. Vehicles can be parked at Bergerac Airport for a number of days as well, and two days will cost  €15.00, three days - €18.00, four days - €21.00, five days - €23.00 and seven days will cost €27.00. Each day of parking thereafter will cost an additional  €2.00. Parking for a month at Bergerac Airport will cost around €60.00, and three months will be charged at €150.00. Passengers who make frequent use of the car parking area can also purchase parking for one year, for €550.00.

Once ready to leave the airport, there is a cash office for parking payments located in the departures hall, or passengers may use the automatic payment machine at the terminal exit. The machine will accept most major credit cards. Always keep your parking ticket somewhere safe, as a lost ticket will incur a fine of €100.00.

Bergerac Airport is well equipped for disabled passengers, and those in wheelchairs will find the terminal to be completely accessible, with clear walkways and adapted toilet facilities. There are also fourteen parking spaces dedicated to the use of a disabled person, which are conveniently located as nearby to the terminal entrance as possible. These spaces are clearly indicated, and should only be used by persons who are disabled, or those who are transporting a disabled person. It is best to also display your disabled parking badge when parking at the airport.

Further information regarding the Bergerac Airport parking area is available from the information desks within the terminal building, or staff at the airport can be contacted at +33 05 53 22 25 25.
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