Low Cost Lyon St Exupéry Airport Parking

At Lyon Airport, there is a huge amount of 10 264 parking spaces available. There are five different car parks. Your ideal parking area should be chosen according to the length of stay required. Some of the areas are near to the airport terminals, while others have free shuttle buses for transportation.

Drivers who do not wish to park for long periods can drop off their passengers at one of the two ‘quick drop’ points of Lyon Airport. Passengers can be dropped off outside terminal 2 or at the TGV Railway station. Parking in these areas is free for the first 20 minutes. Each extra two minutes thereafter is charged at Euro 0.50.

Parking Areas of P0, P1 and P6

Any one of these parking areas are recommended for stays of 0 - 3 days. They are all monitored car parking areas.

P0 is an indoor car park that is located under the terminal buildings. The terminals can be reached by using the elevator. The height restriction is limited to 1.90 meters.

P1 is also for short-term parking, located within walking distance of the terminals. It is an indoor parking area and has a height limitation of 1.90 meters.

The parking area of P6 can be found in front of the TGV Railway Station. There is a shuttle bus from the far end of the parking area that provides transportation to the terminals. The height limitation to this area is 2.7 meters.

The P2/P2 bis Parking Area

This parking area is situated near to Terminal 2, and no shuttle bus is required for transport. Passengers should use this area for a maximum of 24 hours, otherwise the fees could be expensive. Cars with a height of no more than 2.70 meters may enter the area. P2 is a monitored car park.

The P5 Parking Area

This is Lyon Airport’s only long-term parking area, and it is recommended for stays between 3 and 90 days. It is situated a bit further from the terminals next to the airport access road. A free shuttle bus is available for transportation.

Larger/higher vehicles should be parked in the P5 area. The height limitation is 3 meters, but if your vehicle is higher than this, a car park attendant can be called from the intercom, to open up for you. The intercom is on the car park entrance machine.

Parking for disabled/Reduced mobility drivers

Reserved disabled spaces are available in all the parking areas except for the long-term area of P5. The most convenient area for passengers in wheelchairs is the P0 car park, as it is close to the terminals. Persons with reduced mobility may find the ‘Quick Drop’ areas convenient. P6 can be used for access to the TGV Railway station.

Payments for Parking Areas

Visitors/ passengers have two convenient payment options:

  • The machine at the entrance to the car park can provide a parking ticket. Payments are then made in cash or by bankcard at the ‘Car Park Information Desk’. The desk is located in the Center-allée Ouest.
  • Payments can be made at the parking machines of the parking areas by inserting your bankcard when you enter and again upon exit.

Passengers may also subscribe to airport parking. Lyon Airport does not accept reservations for the parking areas, but does guarantee that there will be available parking spaces for all arriving visitors/passengers.

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