Buses to and from Rodez Airport (RDZ)

Rodez Airport is found nearby the city of Rodez, and is one of the smaller French airports serving the southern regions of the country. It is located in the Aveyron department, but also serves towns in the Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Lot, Gard, Hérault, Lozère and Cantal departments. Under two hundred thousand passengers use the airport each year, and it is relatively well equipped with facilities. However, there are limited options for transport available, as there are no Rodez Airport buses. Smaller airports often don’t have railway stations, but most have some form of bus service. Rodez however, has only taxis available for their arriving passengers, or a vehicle can be hired instead. Buses are only available in the city of Rodez.

The airport, with the code of RDZ, and otherwise referred to as the Marcillac Airport, is located approximately 12km, or 7 mile north of Rodez, and consists of a single terminal building and one main runway which handles the majority of take-offs and landings. Three airline companies are present at the airport, and they are Ryanair, Air France and Hex’Air, with flights to and from London-Stansted, Dublin, Lyon, Paris and Castres. The terminal is accessible to disabled passengers, and is easy to navigate. It was also recently extended to allow for the future growth of the airport. Rodez is expected to have an additional hundred to two hundred thousand passengers per annum in the near future. Perhaps as the airport becomes more popular, a regular bus service will be operated, but as of yet, there are no Rodez Airport buses, and by taxi is the only way to get to the city, unless a car is rented.

Since that the airport is so nearby to Rodez, a taxi will only cost between fifteen and twenty Euro for a trip into the city centre. The price will vary depending on your destination, as the taxi operates on a metered system, and the taxi fare is therefore calculated accordingly. Taxis are available from the taxi rank just outside of the airport’s arrival area. A taxi can be used to travel to the Gare de Rodez, which is the Rodez Train Station, or to the bus station for connections to the public transport options of the city. Buses are quite a popular way to move around the town, as they are cost efficient, well organised and relatively comfortable. Although a private vehicle can be driven directly to your destination, it is sometimes preferred to arrive by bus, to avoid general driving struggles and parking payments.

Rodez has an excellent bus service, known as the SATAR Agglobus, which was established by the Urban Community of Greater Rodez. The buses serve the eight municipalities of the agglomeration, that include Druelle, Onet-le-Château, Rodez, St. Radegonde, Sébazac, The Monastery, The Primaube-Luc, Olemps and Contest. The Agglobuses provide transport between these areas, as well as within the city of Rodez. There are 21 buses which are operated by 49 drivers serving the some 55,000 inhabitants of the eight municipalities, and a demand transport service. From 2012, the buses are expected to travel distances of over 934,000 miles per annum.

The buses in Rodez have lower floors and are equipped with a ramp PRM to facilitate the ascent and descent of disabled persons, or persons with reduced mobility challenges. Each bus is also equipped with a special space for those in a wheelchair. There are handrails for the passenger’s assistance, and these areas are marked with inscriptions. Furthermore, TAD is the city’s public transport service which can be booked with a reservation. You are able to request when and where the bus will come and collect you, and can be a convenient service for many visitors and local residents. On the day of travel, be in possession of a Agglobus ticket, or a subscription which accepts the service. All reservations must be made before seventeen hours of the required service.

Similar to many other French towns and cities, the Rodez buses charge the same fare for a single trip, regardless of the destination. For a solo ticket, one Euro is charged, and each of these tickets are valid for an hour after they have been stamped. If you plan to travel more often, a booklet of five, ten or fifty tickets are even cheaper. Annual passes, school passes and youth passes are available as well, but are more applicable to the residents of the city. Children under the age of five travel for free. Bus tickets can be purchased from many popular retailers, for example, the Dario Augusto Bakery, the La Mascotte Bakery, SPAR Bourran, SPAR St Eloi, Tobacco Press and the Pascual Bakery. They are also available at the main Agglobus space, at 3 Place d’Armes, and from various retailers in the other municipalities.

All tickets will need validation upon entering the bus. A machine is provided which will stamp your ticket. Always enter the bus at the front and exit from the rear doors, and keep in mind that the bus will not stop at all bus stops - you will need to signal the driver when you want to get off the vehicle.

Although there are no Rodez buses available, visitors will still find plenty of transport options within the city, and that the buses provide an excellent way to move around the area. Buses travelling longer distances are also available to further towns and cities. Further details regarding the Agglobuses can be found at http://agglobus.grand-rodez.com.