Low Cost Rodez Airport Parking

Rodez is one of the airports serving the Midi-Pyrénées region in southern France, and is a small airport handling approximately 140,000 passengers per year. It is also known as the Marcillac Airport, due to its close proximity to the town of Marcillac, and has the official IATA code of RDZ. There are various facilities available for passengers of this airport, including an adequate number of car parking spaces. Since there are limited options for public transport to the airport, many passengers drive, and park their vehicles in one of the parking areas.

The airport is located approximately 12km, or 7 miles to the north-west of Rodez, and 10km from Marcillac. It is also particularly nearby Salles-la-Source, Onet-le-Château, Balsac and Druelle. Nearby Rodez, a commune of the Aveyron department of France, are the towns of Rodelle and Mauret-le-Château in the north, Luc-la-Primaube and Calmont in the south, Laissac in the east and Olemps and Rignac lie to the west of the city. Larger cities in the south of France, and nearby Rodez, include Clermont-Ferrand, Nimes, Montpellier, Beziers, Narbonne, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Montauban, Cahors and Brive-la-Gaillarde. In general, Rodez Airport is a gateway for residents and visitors of the Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Gard, Lozère, Hérault, Lot and Cantal departments. The access road of the airport is the D840. All major roads in France can be busy at times, therefore always leave in plenty of time to find the airport, and to park your vehicle.

Parking Areas

The airport has two parking lots, which from February 2009, have become paid parking areas. However, the first thirty minutes are free of charge, allowing visitors to drop off departing passengers or to collect arriving passengers without any payment hassles. Airports offer this free time to encourage motorists to use the parking areas provided, in order to reduce the amount of traffic past the airport terminal. Motorists may however still drop off passengers at the entrance of the terminal, as long as they do not stop for more than a minute or two. The driver should remain in the vehicle, and no car should be left unattended in this area. The car should be ‘parked’ just long enough to offload passengers and their luggage items. These rules are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all who are present at the airport.

The airport of Rodez recently expanded their facilities, to include a new boarding lounge, and now also has 600 spaces available for private vehicles. The parking area closest to the terminal is generally better used for short-term parking stays, as it is more expensive. It best used for parking of less than a week (seven days). The long-term car park should be used by persons staying longer than a week at the airport, as it will end up as being cheaper. However, either car park can be used for any length of time. Both of the Rodez Airport parking areas are within easy walking distance of the check-in facilities and arrival area within the terminal building.

The following tariffs are applicable in the short-stay car park: €0.50 for up to two hours (first half hour free), €3.00 for between two and twenty-four hours, €6.00 for up to two days, €9.00 for up to 3 days, €12.00 for up to four days, €15.00 for up to five days, €18.00 for up to six days and €21.00 for up to seven days. Between eight and fifteen days, motorists will be charged €21.00 plus an additional €3.00 per day (or part thereof), and for more than fifteen days, €45.00 plus an additional €2.00 per day (or part thereof). Compared to many other French airports, parking on site is therefore very reasonably priced.

For long term parking, the following tariffs are currently in use: First half an hour free, €0.50 for up to two hours, €4.00 for between two and twenty-four hours, €8.00 for two days, €12,00 for three days, €16.00 for four days, €20.00 for five days, €24.00 for six days and €25.00 for seven days. Motorists staying longer than seven days will pay €25.00 plus an additional €1.00 per day (or part thereof). The airport caters for customers who make frequent use of the car parks as well, by providing a subscription which allows for unlimited periods of parking. The subscription is available for various time periods, for example, three months (€99.00), six months (€179.00) and one year (€349.00). This type of parking, also known as season tickets, can be purchased from the airport information desk. Customers may also call the airport and request them to mail an application form for a parking pass.

Upon entering the parking area (which is marked by a blue sign with a white ‘P’), take a ticket from the machine. Keep this ticket somewhere safe, as you will use it to pay for your time at the airport, and for exiting the car park. Quite hefty fines can be issued for lost tickets. Automatic machines will accept cash or credit cards, and often it is also possible to pay by credit or debit card at the exit of the car park. Keep in mind that parking at airports is done at your own risk, and the airport authorities cannot be held responsible for any accident or case of theft which occurs in the car park.

Further details regarding Rodez parking are available at the information desk in the terminal, or call the following number: 33 (0)5 65 76 02 01.