Rodez Airport Taxis (RDZ)

Rodez is small airport in southern France, handling only approximately 140,000 passengers, but is considered as a growing airport, with passenger traffic expected to rise to well over two hundred thousand passengers in the next few years.  The airport is also referred to as the Marcillac Airport, has the official code of RDZ, and is found just 12km, or 7 miles north of Rodez city. It serves all towns in the Aveyron department, as well as those from other nearby departments of the country. This airport has no bus or train services, therefore by taxi is a popular way to travel. There are several Rodez taxi companies available, all ready to take passengers to any nearby destination.

Passengers of Rodez Airport will find that there is just single terminal building on the grounds, with ample parking spaces outside for private vehicles. The terminal was recently extended, to include a new boarding lounge, and is equipped with a nice restaurant/bar on the first floor, offering views over the airport activities, ATMs, a conference room, a few shops, car hire companies and various other useful amenities. The arrival hall is on one end of the building, while departure proceedings are handled from the other. Since that there are no public buses available for arriving passengers, a popular way to travel is by taxi. Even though taxis can prove to be quite an expensive form of transport, many passengers find them to be very convenient, and a quick and hassle-free way to reach their hotel, place of business or residence.

Taxis can be found just outside of the terminal building, and are usually ready and waiting for passengers, especially after a flight has landed. Only official taxi companies should be used, as any other offer of transport could be from someone who is not permitted to offer their services to airport passengers. Do not accept offers from anyone in the arrival hall, and perhaps report any person who has made suggestions in this regard. The taxi drivers will always be waiting at their vehicles in the taxi rank, and expect customers to approach them for their services. The following five taxi companies are available: Go Allo Taxis (06 21 04 33 11), Taxis of Clairvaux (06 83 50 33 98), Durand Taxis (06 83 79 16 76), Taxis Nucois (06 07 19 32 98) and Taxis Roy (05 65 74 95 05).

It is not necessary to book a taxi in advance of your arrival at Rodez Airport, but bookings with the taxi companies can be made if you would like to ensure that someone will be waiting for you. If you are contacting them from a country outside of France, dial the country code of ‘33’, and drop the first ‘0’ of the telephone number. If you have not booked a taxi, and you arrive to find that none are available at the airport, simply make enquiries at the information desk. The staff members there will be happy to call one for you.

The airport is not located very far from the city of Rodez, and therefore, a taxi into the city will cost between fifteen and twenty Euro, depending on your final destination. The trip into the city will only take approximately twenty minutes in normal traffic conditions, but could take up to forty minutes at times of high traffic. Taxis in France are metered, which is advantageous in some aspects. It means that the driver cannot make up an unreasonable fare once you have reached your location, as is the case in some other countries. Your taxi should have a meter which is switched on and in working condition, and this device will record the kilometres you travel, and calculate the fare owed accordingly. Keep in mind that additional charges may also be applicable, such as those for luggage loaded, more than four adult passengers in a vehicle and for the transport of animals. The rate per kilometre is also more expensive at later night time hours, early morning hours and on Sundays and public holidays. It is therefore cheaper to take a taxi on weekdays, between the hours of 07:00 and 19:00. The taxi’s meter may start at a small minimum charge as well, and an airport surcharge could be added.

It is recommended to have some idea of what your trip by taxi should cost. The prices for similar journeys can often be found online, or the details could be provided by the staff at the airport information desk. Regardless, you should always discuss the taxi fare with your driver before leaving the airport, and find out more information about any additional charges. It often helps to learn a little French when it comes to using the country’s public transportation systems! Here are a few destinations and their approximate prices by taxi from Rodez Airport: Pont de Salars about 35km, or 22 miles away – 56.00 Euro, Lacan-D’Ourcet about a hundred kilometres away – 160.00 Euro, and the Rodez Train Station, from where there are railways connections to many parts of the country – 25.00 Euro.

By taxi is a good way to reach your departure flight as well, and are available from many busy public areas in the city, or one can be called to come and fetch you from your location. It is often cheaper to pay the fare for a taxi than fees for airport parking when driving your own vehicle.

Further details regarding the Rodez taxis can be obtained from the airport information desk, or by calling the calling the taxi company you have chosen. The airport’s contact number is +33 (0)5 65 76 02 01.