Buses to and from Beziers Airport (BZR)

Béziers Airport is located in the Hérault department of France, nearby the towns of Béziers, Vias, Bessan, Agde and Marseillan. These towns are found along the southern coastline of the country, just southwest of Montpellier. The airport is recognised by its official code of BZR, and its official name is the Béziers Cap d’Agde Airport, as it is an important gateway to this Languedoc coastal resort. Ryanair and Flybe are the two main airline companies in operation at the airport, with flights to Paris, London, Stockholm and various other destinations. For arriving and departing passengers, Béziers Buses are available for transport, and are considered a most convenient way to travel. Buses are also much less expensive than the taxi services at the airport.

Béziers Airport is not very large, handling only around 130,000 passengers per annum; therefore it consists of just a single terminal building that is very easy to find your way around. All facilities of the airport are within easy walking distance of the arrival or departure area, and include a few shops and restaurants, a cash machine, tourist office, Wi-Fi connections and a general information desk. Passengers travelling by bus from the airport will find the bus stops just outside the arrival area. The bus services are available at the times of arrival and departure flights at the airport, and therefore do not run continuously throughout the day and night.

Two main bus services are available at the airport, and the companies of Hérault Transports and the Béziers Méditerranée operate them. Passengers can travel from the airport to the Béziers bus station on one bus line, and to Vias, Marseillan and Cap d’Agde on the second line. Both services are extremely cost efficient, and the buses of the companies are comfortable and modern. Once arriving at the Béziers bus station, there is a free bus service available to the train station of the town, and buses that serve the entire Hérault department. Alternatively, if you have travelled to Agde, or Cap d’Agde, the Cap’Bus services of Béziers Méditerranée are available to Pézenas and the surrounding beaches.

The Hérault Transport Buses

This bus company has a website at http://www.herault-transport.fr, from where all information is available. Single tickets for travel on these buses are available from the bus driver, and other forms of tickets can be purchased from various outlets within the towns as well. They include a ’10-trip’ ticket and tickets that allow for unlimited travel for 31 consecutive days. There are also various prices available for round-trip tickets and business travel, and reductions for persons with disabilities, large families and children under the age of five.

Part of the Hérault Transport Company is SMTCH, which covers all four communities in the area, including the agglomeration of Hérault, the Montpellier agglomeration, the Béziers agglomeration and the Hérault Mediterranean Tau city.

The Béziers Mediterranee Airport Buses

Bus tickets for transport on the Béziers Méditerranée buses, or otherwise referred to as the Bus Occitan, can be purchased from the bus drivers, and there are single tickets available, as well as books of ten trips. Similar to the Hérault Transport buses, tickets may also be purchased which allow for unlimited travel for one month. They are referred to as the Horizon monthly subscriptions. Free transport is also available for persons with disabilities and for children under the age of six who are accompanied by an adult. To confirm prices or timetables, passengers can consult the company’s website, at http://www.beziers-transports.com.  

A newer service offered by the Méditerranée buses is the Cap’Bus, which is a service specifically developed to encourage the use of public transport. The fleet of Cap’Buses consist of 17 new vehicles, all air conditioned, and with between 15 and 60 seats. They are also equipped with low floors to allow easy access for persons in wheelchairs and those with other physical disabilities. The buses travel around Agde and Pezenas, and during the summers, beach shuttles are available. Further Cap’Bus information is available at http://www.capbus.fr/.

When travelling by bus in Béziers, ensure that you always carry a valid ticket, and that your ticket is validated upon boarding the bus. Keep your ticket for the duration of the journey. Passengers will enter the bus through the front doors of the vehicle, and exit through the rear doors. It is essential that all children under the age of seven are accompanied by an adult, and that no pets are brought with for your journey, except for small animals in a closed basket or guide dogs. Bicycles are not permitted on the buses, and persons on roller skates or roller blades may not board the bus. Travellers with babies may bring along a stroller or pram, but these items will need to be folded if the bus is busy.

Further details regarding the Béziers buses are available from the information desk at the airport, which is open during various hours of the day, seven days a week. The desk is manned during times of flights at the airport.