Beziers Tourist Activities

Béziers Airport (BZR) is located just 11.5km, or 6.2 miles east of the large town of Béziers and in the Hérault department of France. Although a smaller French airport, it is an important gateway to the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon region of the country. Nearby, famous coastal resorts are within easy driving distance, such as Cap d’Agde, and the town of Béziers itself holds many attractions for its visitors. They include an adventure amusement park, an interesting collection of museums and the Canal du Midi, which boasts some ancient bridges. Béziers is charming town in southern France, and its airport is the perfect arrival point for thousands of tourists each year.

The Languedoc region of France consists of many lovely towns and cities that are enjoyed by tourists, and a spectacular coastline that is excellent for sea-related activities. However, Languedoc is not as tourist-ridden as the Mediterranean and Pyrenees regions, and is therefore often even more pleasant to visit. In general, it can be a holiday destination, which is a little less expensive than others as well. Some of the larger cities in the region include Montpellier, to the north-east of Béziers and the capital of the Languedoc, Perpignan, to the south-west of Béziers and the most southern of the major cities, Carcassonne in the Aude department and Nimes, featuring a restored Roman arena hosting regular bullfights. From Béziers Airport, tourists can easily reach any of these cities, especially if they have rented their own vehicle. Each of these cities, as well as all the others not mentioned, exhibits their own special attractions, and is well worth a visit.

A hired car is also a wonderful way to appreciate the Languedoc’s contribution to the wine industry. This is the region of France that produces more wine than any other part of the country, and consists of more than a third of the entire country’s vineyard acreage. Languedoc produces a large portion of France’s table wines, as well as almost all of the country’s country wines. Limoux, to the northwest of Perpignan, is even said to be from where the true sparkling wine originated. Here the wonderful Limoux sparkling wine can be sampled, or otherwise referred to as Blanquette. Grapevines dot the landscape throughout the Languedoc wine country, and can be explored on your own or as part of a tour group.

For those staying in the vicinity of Béziers Airport, the town of Béziers offers its own selection of attractions, and is a very appealing place in which to shop, relax, eat and explore. The Canal du Midi is an interesting aspect of the town, passing along the west of its main suburbs, and also alongside the railway station. Béziers attractions along its watery parts include the Pont Vieux, or the Old Bridge, built across the River Orb. It has long since been one of the iconic images of the city. It was constructed by the Romans, back in 1134, and although with a few modifications made over the years, is still standing through floods and invasions, in just about its original form. The view from the bridge over the old city part of Béziers is well worth a few moments. Along the Canal du Midi are also 63 locks, of which the 9 closely grouped Fonséranes locks are amongst the most famous, and by far the most picturesque.

Museums in Béziers are plentiful, and are often highlights of the tourist’s visit. The Muséum d’histoire natural, or the Natural History Museum, contains some remarkable collections of birds, insects, fossils and minerals, and is an excellent museum to visit for both adults and children. The displays mainly focus on the natural world that surrounds Béziers, and give information about the many changes that have occurred over the thousands of previous years. Located in a beautiful mansion is the Museum of Fine Arts, and it exhibits an impressive collection of works by artists such as Degas, Rodin and Valadon, while Espace Taurin has an exhibition that tells the story of bullfighting in the town. Real bullfighting events are held at The Arena, or the Béziers Arena, which opened in 1897. It is modelled similar to a Roman amphitheatre, and has become a popular sporting venue for the local people. The Arena is considered as one of the top seven bullfighting venues in France, and also hosts many opera and music events. Other museums in Béziers include the Hôtel Fayet and the Biterrois Museum, while further performances of all kinds are held at the Béziers Municipal Theatre.

Béziers attractions include a number of impressive religious buildings, such as the Cathédral Saint Nazaire standing at the top of the city and the Madeleine Church. A nice walk can be enjoyed as well through the Jardin des Evêques, a truly ‘French style’ garden found next to the old quarters of the bishop’s of Béziers, or at the Villa Antonine, which is a small villa surrounded by some lovely gardens. It is the summer home of the great sculptor Antonin Injalbert, and some of his works can be seen between the maze of flowerbeds and trees. Béziers is also the wine capital of the Languedoc region, and features a centre known as the Terroirs et Cépage, where various wines from the area can be sampled. A little more about the history of the winemaking process can be learnt as well.

More modern attractions in the area include the Béziers swimming pool, with a large open air pool for the summer and two undercover pools for the winter, and the new Adventure Park Béziers, which is an amusement park of a slightly different kind than usual. It has ten adventure itineraries for everyone over the age of five, and its highlights include an overhanging climbing wall, two zipwire trails, monkey bridges and much more. The park is equipped and supervised by professionals, and a great way to get the kids (or yourself!) some exercise.

The tourism office at the airport can provide further details regarding all Béziers attractions, and provides assistance with tourist transport and accommodation.