Your Complete Guide to Beziers Airport

BZR is the official IATA code for Beziers Airport. Beziers Airport is also known as Beziers Vias It is possible to enter the following GPS coordinates 43.32333, 3.35333 to aid you in your travelling to and from Beziers Airport.

Find below a choice of Airlines, destination and flight times from Beziers Airport.

DestinationWeekly FlightsDistance
Beauvais (BVA)5688 Km (427 Miles)
Luton (LTN)4990 Km (615 Miles)
Brussels Charleroi Brussels South (CRL)3798 Km (496 Miles)
Bristol (BRS)31,005 Km (625 Miles)
Stansted (STN)3980 Km (609 Miles)
Stockholm Skavsta (NYO)21,955 Km (1,215 Miles)
Edinburgh (EDI)21,483 Km (921 Miles)
Manchester (MAN)21,189 Km (739 Miles)
Dusseldorf Weeze (NRN)1914 Km (568 Miles)

Ryanair and Ryanair Sun are the three busiest Airlines that fly out of Beziers Airport; together they cover around 10 routes out of the total of 9. Ryanair is the most frequent with around 24 flights a week out of a total of 26. Ryanair travels to 92% of the total destinations from Beziers Airport. Beauvais-Tille, London Luton, Charleroi Brussels South, Bristol, Stansted and Skavsta being the most frequent destinations.

You can see below a selection of nonstop flights covered from Beziers Airport with approximate times

AirlinerDestinationFlight Time (Est)
RyanairBeauvais (BVA)1 hour 37 minutes
RyanairLuton (LTN)1 hour 59 minutes
RyanairBrussels Charleroi Brussels South (CRL)1 hour 45 minutes
RyanairBristol (BRS)2 hours
RyanairStansted (STN)1 hour 58 minutes
RyanairStockholm Skavsta (NYO)3 hours 7 minutes

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