Low Cost Beziers Airport Parking

Béziers Airport is located in the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon region of France, towards the country’s southern coastline, and approximately 11.5km or 6.2 miles east-southeast of the large town of Béziers. It is an airport that serves some of the most popular holiday resort areas in France, and is found in the Hérault department. There are several transport options for passengers travelling between the airport and the nearby towns and cities, and for motorists arriving in their own vehicles, the Béziers parking area is adequate for short or long-term parking stays. Parking rates at the airport are reasonable as well.

In order to reach the airport parking area, and all the airport’s facilities, the main roads of the D612, D912, A75 or A9 can be used. The airport is located very nearby to the towns of Béziers, Vias, Agde and Bessan, therefore, from these areas, travelling time to the airport is only between fifteen and twenty-five minutes. The D612 provides access from Béziers, and the D912 links to the D612 from Agde and Vias. Passengers travelling from areas north, such as Pézenas, will use the A75 or the D13 Autoroute, while areas to the far southwest and northeast, such as Narbonne and Montpellier, are linked to the airport via the A9.

Once nearing the airport, motorists will pass the Canal du Midi on their right, and then turn to the left and head for the airport. In general, from all major turn-offs, the airport is well signposted. From the ‘left-turn’, the airport is about a five to ten minute drive. The Béziers Airport parking area is easily found, as it is located directly in front of the terminal building. The airport has just a single building, as it only handles just over a hundred thousand passengers per annum, and all its facilities are within easy walking distance of the car parking area. No buses or other forms of transport are therefore needed upon your arrival at the airport. Simply park your vehicle and head for the check-in desks located nearby the two boarding lounges.

Although many of the parking lots at the smaller French airports used to be free of charge, they are now all paid parking areas. The airport began to charge for parking in July 2009. However, the first half hour of parking is for free, which allows an adequate amount of time for dropping off departing passengers, or for waiting for friends or family members who are expected on an arrival flight. At many of the smaller airports, passengers may also be dropped off at the entrance to the terminal building, in what is often referred to as the ‘drop-off zone’. This area is only used for a few minutes at most, and the driver should not leave his/her car unattended. It is also recommended for the driver to remain behind the wheel of the vehicle. Although a quick drop-off of passengers and their baggage may be allowed, this area should not be used to wait for passengers who are not already at curb-side, and, in order to reduce traffic past the terminal entrance, motorists are rather requested to use the half hour of free parking available.

The single parking lot at the airport is used for short-term and long-term parking stays. The following list indicates the average parking charges to be expected:  between half an hour and an hour:  €2.50, from an hour to four hours:  €5.20, from four hours to twelve hours:  €7.20, from twelve hours to twenty-four hours:  €9.30, two days:  €16.50, three days: €23.20, four days:  €28.80, five days:  €33.50 and six days:  €37.10. For a week of parking at Béziers Airport, it will cost around €39.10, and for each day thereafter, an additional €3.09. Passengers may also park their vehicles at the airport for longer periods of time. Two weeks of parking will cost around €60.80, and then €2.06 for each day thereafter, and three weeks of parking will cost €75.20, with an additional €2.06 for each subsequent day. Four weeks of parking will cost €89.60, and for each additional day, €1.5. Three month subscriptions can be purchased as well, for €155.00. Béziers Airport will also offer motorists a free day of parking for each week parked at the airport.

Similar to all other French airports, this one is fully accessible to disabled passengers, and for all with reduced mobility challenges. The terminal has toilets adequate for the use of persons in wheelchairs, and all other airport services are accessible to those in a wheelchair. There are pavement ramps and clear walkways, and further assistance can be arranged with the airline company concerned. In terms of parking, a disabled passenger may be dropped off in front of the terminal building, and there are strictly reserved parking spaces available right next to the terminal. These spaces may only be used by disabled drivers, or by those who are transporting a disabled person.

Upon entry to the car parking lot, motorists will receive a ticket, and this ticket should be kept somewhere safe until ready to leave the airport, as it is needed for payment of the parking period, and to exit the car parking area. Payments can be made in cash or by credit card at the automated payment machines nearby the exit doors of the building.

Further details regarding Béziers parking can be found at the information desk of the airport, which is open seven days a week, at the times when flights are expected to arrive or depart from the airport.